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™The Big Game™

™The Big Game™

™The Big Game™


Nearly forgotten photos from my P&S Camera... What a great show...

Zach Gabbard 'getting It'
Zach Gabbard/Buffalo Killers "Getting it" @ Canal Street Tavern. Dayton, Ohio (Feb. 2012)

Zach & Andy Gabbard
Warning: Buffalo Killers (Feb. 2012 @ Canal Street Tavern. Dayton, Ohio)

WUSSY @ Canal Street Tavern
WUSSY @ Canal Street Tavern (Feb, 2012 Dayton, Ohio)

Friday, October 26, 2012


Hoped Destinations cover artIts simple... It always starts out simple. The basics of the basics. After all, it takes the basics to have something to build upon. DINOSAURS AND THUNDER (D&T) first grabbed my attention concerning their name. It caught my eye and grabbed my attention.

“We've been somewhat tight lipped thus far about the origination of our name but I guess it's about time…” writes Jonathan Stout. A principal force behind D&T as well as the …Thwart! liaison that I have grabbed and shook-down.

“It actually comes from the Zach Galifinakis stand up disc 'Live at the Purple Onion'; when he's telling his audience he's filming a DVD and needs them to be more interested...he says he needs "Dinosaurs! And Thunder!"

Hoped Destinations exhibit a shuffled kick-it-in layered dip-taste of dissonant desperation bringing to mind late 80's-mid 90's alternative/Indie sounds of DINOSAUR JR. and BIG DIPPER latent bloody musings of ROXY MUSIC (i.e. "Apocalypse Rock") even vocal styling of WU LYF (please reference "We Bros") and even the varied never-know-whats-coming-next ship that ONEIDA pilot so well. In every crowd of locals there are those that are paying attention, D&T have paid attention. I can see that because I too have paid attention. I can hear elements of WUSSY there in and with the use of the inter-laced instrumentations, AMPLINE shining thru. Hoped Destinations is revealed to have a bigger, conceptual design. Jonathan Stout, in an attempt to explain D&T’s vision further reveals more:

“…There was no overall conceptual reason for the instrumentals, even though I suppose it would sound more interesting if I said there was. We kind of started out a primarily instrumental band, but then as we grew more comfortable, started writing songs with lyrics. When it came time to record [Hoped Destinations], we were trying to lay down everything we'd written basically for the last two years, so it ended up being a mix.”

The result is a blazed path of glory. Hard hitting songs that invoke the full gambit of rebellious notions and other moments of brief introspective contemplation. Highs and lows with the nervous middles.

"Resses Thesis" the song that should be playing when California finally succumbs to the ocean. Don’t forget, WE were promised that. Don’t tease us, your such a tease. Does it rock or shred though? “Reeses Thesis is most likely more rocking than shredding; kind of a collective momentum fueled by manic guitar noise.” Stout humbly enough declares. I quickly decide to ‘take that’ for what it is, we got more ground to cover before the big review tie-up.

If  “Resses’ one doesn’t work for your personal disaster, then during "Denial and Error" you shall be delivered your wildest dreams of catastrophe. The controlling bass-line of "Desperado Dressing" takes you on a journey to a 'mind-land’ full of creature sampling from every war. You are a passenger. You are helpless. You jokingly say you’re along for the ride but you had a dream where you bit into an orange and the fruit screamed like a dying raccoon and hissed at you like an opossum.

In fact, Hoped Destinations could play well as a Tiberius Records band. I feel I must also mention Greater Cincinnati bands SLOW BLIND CORNERS and THE ATRIUMS here, now. Not as 'influences' but to prove I too am out-there... ANOTHER face in the mad crowd brandishing a tanto spring-loaded blade because the situation calls for it. I’m right there paying attention and appreciating what I hear. I want the danger, or I will create the danger. I ask what motivates D&T. what they have paid attention to themselves.

“ Just like most creative musicians, the question of what we sound like is somewhat vexing. I know what inspires us, but I don't necessarily think our end result is always derivative. I guess it's a mix of shoegaze/post-punk/heavy stoner rock. We've joked around in the past by calling it 'Fugazey', which sums up the post punk and shoegaze aspects. I guess the strongest collective influences would be (old) Modest Mouse, Fugazi, Black Angels, Built to Spill, Pixies, Torche... We all listen to all kinds of stuff on our own. It might be cheesy but Rob and I are basically the two biggest Beastie Boy fans you'll find. We were always inspired by how they could jump genres; basically do whatever they wanted, but still sound like them. That's why we've never set out to make a certain kind of thing/genre but a broad representation of our influences. We know how to approach it and generally what kind of tones and sounds we want, but try to leave it open beyond that.”

I may look suicidal just waving a knife around, it may be making the others nervous but I’m no threat to them or anyone else. The knife’s brandishing is the new 'clapping'. It’s a warrior’s embrace. The cut cuts. This cut bleeds. Don’t be scared, be afraid. Let it fuel and motivate you. I’m out-there... Paying attention is the only wealth I have left. My ears are yours. I understand. I am, after all, a professional. I understand that you can survive with bruises, I am a testament to my ancestors survivability and my own. Bruises, they hurt, but they wont kill. Personality-makers. On Hoped Destinations, D&T leave yer mark. Their disease has been introduced.

Dinosaurs and Thunder Hoped Desperations on bandcamp

Dinosaurs and Thunder will be playing 
at RAKE'S END on Oct. 28th 
and/or the MADISON THEATER on Nov. 7

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If you dig VEGETBLE...

Gilgongo Records...

Erase Errata...


You ARE hungry.

The time is now (strike),




NOTE: Originally this post features a link to the bands website and a PAY WHAT YOU WANT embedded download from the band. Well, now there are three releases there all having a cost...  Still a great band but not necessarily what constitutes a true HUNGRY EARS EAT installment.


BOOK PILE: Cute Eats Cute by C.B. Murphy

One day I noticed that I got 'followed' on my twitter account by a guy named C.B. MURPHY... I looked into who exactly this person was thinking at first it was an old elementary school friend (Charles Murphy) reconnecting with me (it wasn’t) bur none-the-less became someone I follow.  On his twitter account he mentioned on his account about him being an author and it led to me buying his offering, CUTE EATS CUTE. As with my other Nook Books, I started with the sample that really reeled me in. Instantly CUTE reminded me of a mix between Brock Clarke’s work (ARSONIST GUIDE TO HOMES IN NEW ENGLAND), some of Matt Ruffs work (SET THIS HOUSE IN ORDER) and Walter Kirn’s THUMBSUCKER; a book that I enjoyed verily much. In the CCUTE EATS CUTE sample I was subjected to an uneasiness that is hard to get from words... just words... I felt like a voyeur when reading CUTE, a fly on the wall of another dysfunctional UltrAmerican™ family (which itself is a trick because they [we] are all dysfunctional to a degree), which is different for me to readily notice from the confines of a book so easily. Like I was looking in not, from the outside, but a top someone’s shoulders. I don’t know much about C.B., just what I read on twitter and such. He seems like a creative and interesting dude. He looked as if he may have been wearing a backpack in the profile picture he posted on twitter. I’m not sure if it is a backpack (or something other) or really, what a profile picture of someone brandishing a backpack means to anything resembling the bigger picture (or even why I point such an observation like that out) but I seen the need, in this space, with these words, to mention that tid-bit of information... CUTE EATS CUTE could verily well be the next big book that I cant shut up about and make it a point (to maximum levels of uncomfort) that its everyone’s civic duty to not only read and enjoy, but to be equally serious in levels of endorsing. We'll see. [wheel sea]…

C.B. Murphy on Twitter

BATT LION "Casual War" CD


Its all BATT LION's fault!

No sooner had I put in Casual War, which I suppose was their 'debut' release (I’m gonna 'Merican-out and NOT look it up-- just assume), than Julie excitedly proclaims with a deep gasp leading "The dead cat! Its Gone!!!"

She was right. It was gone... After a slow moving weather system promising additional accumulation to our already substantial rainfall totals for the Tri-State region (Ohio, Kentuckee, Indiana) had began dumping its wetness, I stumbled out to retrieve the garbage cans... Sure enough...The dead free-range cat that had set out for two days next to the curb after being struck by a car, was moved. The spot, which is a weird area that has seen multiple road kills and is clearly (for whatever unknown reason) a danger zone of sorts for creatures crossing the busy four-lane road. The dead cat was gone... Moved... Now the creature was about 20ft away from the area it had set for two days, it was now on the driveway. I settled on the commitment of maybe getting a shovel the next day and shoveling the carcass back into the road. Julie and I had no logical explanation how the dead cat could have gotten to the new location on our driveway... It was a mystery that was ultimately replaced by the second mystery of where it went. It was completely gone...

So... I blame BATT LION. Dark, mysterious, evil, magical BATT LION…

Listening to Casual War I now understand how parents were afraid of the imagery and mental fucked-ness of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, or Led Zeppelin,. Listening to BATT LION you feel criminal. You feel like you are doing wrong. It feels familiarly good. You are right where you should be... Walking upon a scene in the autumn woods where moments before there appeared to be some sorts of dark ritual. There’s blood. Lots of blood and recently extinguished candles and remnants of a smoldering fire. The whole place smells like a concoction of your hippie next-door neighbors house that always has incense burning. Strange symbols are painted in white paint over surrounding trees and rocks. You don’t notice the symbols, they look like scribble to you but you do notice the clearing you have stumbled upon has a large pentagram at its base. If you try you can proly catch up to whoever did this. You see signs of occupancy including and multiple sets of footprints... You can find them and ask them what they were doing, what it all means... But you decide not to. It doesn’t matter anyway, cause looking up, you discover they returned. BATT LION is the soundtrack.

Scratch that.

Casual War plays like the soundtrack of Naked Lunch the book or the movie if it was either readable or watchable (nice try). Casual War syncs up with Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory if you put the CD on continuous loop when you hear the third lion roar in the movies opening credit, even better than PINK FLOYDS Dark Side of the Moon does with The Wizard of Oz. Actually, the concept of Naked Lunch or even William Burroughs isn’t as worse than the actual product itself. Conceptually Naked Lunch is amazing. Amazing the way that Casual War is amazing... Theatrical, dangerous, cryptic... Pure Fuck Rocking. It’s all in this CD's available tracks. One twisting stab of the dagger in your eye after another each time going deeper than before causing irreversible life ending maximum damage. There is an air of seriousness to the music’s pitch. Finding a broken bottle on the sidewalk outside a room that calls itself a bar that had only two choices of beverage beer or whiskey, you are convinced by the music that everything is dying. Each breath may be the last... On Casual War, BATT LION will make you believe that your heart isn’t pumping blood, its pumping pure rage and its time to get go. Casual War may not be for you. Honestly, I’m not sure if you are ready. I'm not sure I want you listening just yet. I’m not sure if you’re worthy or if you will ever be worthy. Have you proved yourself? Do you think your ready? Will you willingly allow yourself to be pushed over the edge with a promise that you will not die when you hit the bottom? Do you believe in the fragile boundaries between this and that? BATT LION strike with the viciousness and reality of FLIPPER with slight pioneering IRON MAIDEN-ish metal leads mixed with AMERICA or GORDON LIGHTFOOT leanings in soft rocks heyday. BATT LION is soft rock hard. BATT LION are hard rock heavier. BATT LION are the answer to a question you not only are afraid to ask, but a question you didn’t even know previously existed.


BOOK PILE: Burning in Water Drowning in Flame by Charles Bukowski

It’s not really important how you buy a book... With enough money you can get anything you want just about... But what is important is why you bought that book in the first place.

I chose BURNING IN WATER DROWNING IN FLAME by Charles Bukowski because of the expert storytelling that I witnessed in the sample portion of the novel that was just an Authors Introduction... Amazing stuff! I fell in love with just this beginning section of the poems as Bukowski was explaining the varied chaos behind the books contents. I got hooked on this section of the book by itself. The free sample ended before it even got to any of the poems... I have read through several books of Bukowski poems before. Enjoyed them too. Inspiring stuff. So when I enjoyed a brief, explanatory section of the book, like I did and already knowing how much I already enjoyed his poems from other books... Well, this book ended up right where it needed to be. The funny thing is I have never read any of his work besides his poems... Gonna have to rectify that situation soon!

Morte Treehorn from KILL THE HIPPIES (Interview)

Still running... Recently, I was asked to contribute to a new Cincinnati based zine debuting in December about a particular record and a band that defined a moment. Well, 1,125 words later I was finished describing what Kill The Hippies Will Not Over Stimulate EP was to me... It also got me thinking what KILL THE HIPPIES were up to so I contacted Morte Treehorn, founding member/life changer of a band I once described as the best band that ever lived... KILL THE HIPPIES a band single-handily responsible for defining what punk-rock was, is and continues to be for me.

Questions by Shawn Abnoxious, Answers by Morte Treehorn (seen above) Photo by Mara Robinson

Morte... Firstly, give an update on KILL THE HIPPIES. What’s going on?

We moved base camp from Kent and are now headquartered in Lakewood, OH. We still play about three shows a month - but we haven't been able to travel as much as we used to. As far as having any new music to offer, we are about to finally release a CD of some stuff we recorded about 6 or 7 years ago. It has three different drummers! Right now we are feverishly learning cover songs for Halloween - we're gonna be The Freeze.

Is the whole 'punk-rock' thing still important in your life today, as it was when you were 18?

As far as music goes - yes. As far as feeling that I need to impress people in a scene goes - no. It really wasn't until my late 20s that I gave in to a complete obsession with music/style/living arrangements. When I was 18 I was pretty much a nerdy hickoid with some dubbed copies of the Angry Samoans, living at home, and going to school. Now I work full time and have to get up early - so I guess I'm back to the level I was at 18 - but not able to heal as quickly? Not as good looking? Better breath?

So, you admit to infringing on Angry Samoans copyrights? Pirating music?

I suppose I've been a bit, shall we say, insensitive to Metal Mike all these years. My cousin bought the tape though, so we kept it in the family at least. I suppose you could say that my family has invested in the Angry Samoans since the 1980s. Wow, the only Samoans stuff I actually bought was bought used - no royalty checks there. They played at the WCSB Halloween show last year - and I attended - but it was free. A friend of mine burnt me a copy of Back From Samoa back in the early 2000s too. Another friend made another tape dub of Inside MY Brain too. Oh yeah...there's that VCR tape that dubbed - copied over a Rocky IV in store promotional loop. I don't think much of my money has trickled down toward any one of the Angry Samoans over the years - except what I pay into Social Security. Do you think this will hold up in court?

Morte, your fucked... IF they get you... Stay running... Since were on the subject of 'music piracy' Would buying a used record be the same thing as 'stealing music' in some ways? No royalties are being issued for a produced product... Is it, in your opinion, 'stealing' from the 'industry' buying a used record? How do you feel about 
someone 'stealing' some KTH mp3s or something from a blog or friend?

Ha ha ha - products and commerce. That’s what I like about vinyl records they're sculptures. Works of art. No one gives a fuck about the painter just who owns the painting. I'm going nowhere with this. Anyway - go ahead and share the KTH magic. I wouldn't be mad if we got played on the radio, so why would I care about some mp3s? Now - someone needs to figure out how to copy an LP on a 3D printer. That’s some piracy I'd like to see.

Morte, are we wasting our time with 'punk-rock' or are we a part of something that is really worthwhile?


Can you elaborate or does vagueness count for something here?

Sorry, just being cheeky. You know I've always had trouble with absolutes. So I'm answering yes to both. As far as the punk rock goes, I really not sure if I'm wasting my time. Sometime things click all at once and its as close to perfection as I can get near to. The idea of wasting time seems to denote that we're supposed to be moving toward a goal. Some sort of defined success. Punk rock (and some other things) first attracted me in that it seemed removed from the things that middle class society seemed to be pointing me toward. A place where the finish line didn't matter. I have trouble being in the moment. It's one vehicle that put me there. Still does when it's right. So does jumping into bodies of water. Maybe it’s just a good place to waste time? Burn it up and not give a fuck about it. One of the last places I still can.

What can the readers of ...Thwart! Expect to see from KILL THE HIPPIES in the nearest of futures? What’s the big plan? What do you want anyone to read this to know about you, the band or your habits?

We have the CD of previously unreleased tracks coming out - we're really excited about it. Its called The Band Nobody's In and will (basically) be two albums for the price of one. We have another full length in the can as well. Just welcomed a new drummer to the fold - Joey Pepperoni. He's really making us work! We are 40, he is 21 - back to hard-core for KTH. He's also in one of my fave current bands - Swirly in the Fryer - sick shit! What can readers look forward too? More freakin recordings, more shows. Hopefully a trip to Cincy? We miss you man! This summer involved a lot of gardening and canning. Really into making pickles - and eating them. Most importantly, folks should be on the look out for our new corporation: Phoenician Micro-systems. KTH is our flagship product. We also house the Audio Sculpture division right here in Lakewood, OH - a four-track studio! The promotions department has been mothballed for about a year - but were are about to ramp up production.

Sounds interesting indeed Morte. Just before your beheaded as an enemy of the state, because we all know where this fucking trains heading, would you chose a last meal or last sentence? What would it be? Thanks Morte. You are a true titan.

Last sentence!

Such a beautiful smart-ass. Thank you again.

Any time, sir.

KILL THE HIPPIES on facebook

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go Ahead, I D.A.R.E. Ya! (Treatise)

“How ya doing?” they asked as I went in. I should have ignored them, or maybe insulted them, but I’m not the sort of guy who insults people to just be insulting them. So I responded

“Nothing. What’s Up?” then went shopping.

They tried to corral me as I prematurely exited once to make a phone call, but on the second exit, after I was done shopping, I opened myself up to them.

They were representatives from a D.A.R.E. program wanting me to buy cheap overpriced toys that looked like the sort of thing you figured Chinese Lead paint was used on, with the proceeds going to the D.A.R.E. program to keep kids off drugs.

Help Fight the War, On DrugsI told them I wasn’t interested. Nicely too. They were persistent. I told them, politely once again, that I wasn’t interested. They were MORE persistent. So when my third attempt arose, I told them how it was absolutely impossible for me to support them in any way because I don’t believe in their program.

I explained how, when I was a teenager in high school, things were rough for me and it wasn’t until I discovered the joys of weekend marijuana use that leveled me off, gave me something to look forward to, made the drudgery of the week and its various forms of mental, and physical abuse TOLERABLE until the weekend when I could smoke some pot, cut loose and enjoy the few moments I had away from school.

I went on to say if it wasn’t for the so-called drugs they wanted to protect the youth from, and then I don’t know what I would have done to myself, or others.

They said nothing. Both of them. They stared at me and said nothing. No Response. Finally, I exited in peace and quiet and went about my day.

War, On Drugs (In Action)Drugs. The War on Drugs (The War, On Drugs). This country loves eternal, non-defeating enemies, especially against concepts like ‘Drugs.’ Smoking pot, and let me assure you, that was the worst of my ‘experimental’ phase, was a thing for me that really came about at a good time for me. Pot saved my life, I believe that, and by time I was in my early-mid twenties I made a conscious decision to stop smoking pot when I had to o for a drug test and tried to mask any trace of marijuana in my system by drinking water.

I ended up shitting my pants because I drank so much water. I passed the drug test and never smoked pot again. I don’t miss it, or crave it anymore. Smoking pot was my YOUTHFUL INDISCRETION. It was how I medicated myself and how I dealt with a rough patch in my life. I have outgrown it, but I will never outgrow my beliefs.

I can fight the truth, but it’s a battle I’m NOT going to win.

Pot saved my life. I truly believe that. That and yeah, shitting your pants is NEVER a good thing.

I said NEVER.


Monday, October 22, 2012

THE MONGROLLS "Truth or Dare" CD

The things that appealed to me about punk-rock are pretty basic. Varied, but verily basic. Two of the most basic concepts are that ANYONE can do punk-rock and it doesn’t take TALENT to do punk-rock, it takes ample amounts of DRIVE, CONFIDENCE and ATTITUDE. Thankfully, I excel at being ANYONE (check), having no talent (double-check) and having ample amounts of that other stuff. (FUCK YOU! -- See what I’m talking about?). That’s why when THE MONGROLLS Truth Or Dare arrived at the famed, SOCIALS MANOR aka Neus Subjex Compound aka Mt. Tufff (yeah, 3 f's in TUFFF) it was indeed music to my ears.

On Truth or Dare you are instantly attacked with sound... Surprise you fuck... You have been out maneuvered without noticing. You are surrounded on all sides. You will die soon but stand strong, your being taken out by the best of them. There is honor in your death after all. Remember all those Killed By Death records? Killed by Death (KBD)#'s2 and 3 were bought by myself on the same day back in 1990. I knew they would be good. Those records molded my impression of music more than any two records have since. If not for KBD records, specifically #'s 2 & 3, things would have turned out terribly different. I had that 'feeling', a 'hunch' that day with those records that could only he described as a Spiderman type of spider-sense... Well, Greg Mongroll, DBA THE MONGROLLS is the embodiment of everything KBD stands for philosophically... Upon immediate delivery if Truth or Dare, I had that hunch. That tingle... Was a brick being thrown at my head? A masked villain behind me pointing a revolver at me? Well, it was danger. Danger in the form of music... The Mongrolls Truth or Dare.

All that bullshit I slang back in the first chapter about punk-rock concepts is in Truth or Dare, that whole KBD unstoppable ripping punk shredders thing plus a lot more shit that I could go on and on about that you obviously understand to the degrees needed... That, OR your job is to read through things like this searching for and assessing threat levels of outlier thinkers such as myself or The Mongrolls. Congrats! You hit the gold mine. You have found the center of resistance. Welcome... See, I am not without my paranoia’s but 'dusting-off' will take the edge off this descent, so pardon me a moment...


There. Ahhh... That’s the stuff!

That’s better.  So now... Where were we? Oh yeah...Truth or Dare is one of those efforts. Greg Mongroll has paid attention to all those records and listened to what all those fucking freaks have said and taken it upon himself to leave his unmarked package in a discreet corner of a public building doing his part for the cause. Listen and hear on Truth or Dare eighteen (18) KBD punk rager’s with a 90's pop-punk influenced Wimpy snarl (THE QUEERS) mixed with a more RAMONES charged version of THE MAD or THE EAT... The Mongrolls are for punk revivalist who dig what they hear with THE SPITS and THE REATARDS... With a few of those tracks being from UNNATURAL AXE, MENACE, LOLI + THE CHONES and THE MINDS. Bouncing punk with mean drums, mean guitars and mad, struggled wavering vocals. Crazy mad as well as angry mad... Both kinds of mad! I will go ahead and throw in a THIRD kind of mad that I necessarily cant identify right now. A yet to be discovered mad that cant be seen as anything productive to 'normal' society hence, right at home with punk-rock.

Some people feel they have moved beyond bands or sounds like The Mongrolls but don’t get cocky you sons of bitches. You can wake up one day and find that the ones you discounted as meaningless leave behinds have got your fucking head on the end of a rusty spear, and drinking all your expensive beers (1) Rule number 203 of punk-rock is 'Don’t underestimate punk-rock' songs like "Telephone", "Johnny’s Dead Again", "I Tell You" and "Not Right" don’t get mad, they get even.

The Mongrolls capture a certain glory that many, even punk-rock fans new and old will just miss out on. The Mongrolls could easily be dismissed for any of the reasons that I think makes them unique, dangerous and just as important as any other bunch of anti-heroes. I believe that, I really do. We, fellow believers need bands like The Mongrolls to keep us viable... To tell us that it’s still ok. To tell us we are not alone. To tell us there is there is hope. Preaching to the quire is ok. It gives us the power to move forward... Truth or Dare is a chapter in the bible of punk-rock that tells you your life does in fact suck. Maybe even sux at rimes- that’s like SUCK multiplied! But at least it has a fucking great soundtrack.

The Mongrolls on facebook

Read The Mongrolls interview with Greg Mongroll on …Thwart!

(1) I have been know to pour parts or even whole drinks out for 'the heroes that cant be here'

THE MONGROLLS: Mission to Ruin Rock and/or Roll

Learn more about THE MONGROLLS. Questions by Shawn Abnoxious, answers by Greg Mongroll.

What is the principal mission behind THE MONGROLLS? You got a 'mission statement'?

Let's see. A principal mission behind The Mongrolls? Yeah, I got a mission statement alright. A mission to ruin rock and roll.

Ruin Rock and Roll? Does it really need help? Whats the biggest 'threat' to rock and roll in 2012. Is disco still a threat? Can we like the BeeGees now? Are The Rolling Stones a threat?

Truthfully, no. Rock & Roll don't need no ruining. I just like to help out now and again. Let's bash the dub step scene instead. What the fuck is dub step anyway?

What's the biggest 'threat' to rock and roll in 2012? 

Disco is no longer a threat to Rock & Roll. I'd say Dub Step. What the fuck is Dub Step anyway? Give me The Bee Gees any day. Well, just their early years for me... Speaking of rock & roll, have you heard the new single from The Rolling Stones. It's surprisingly good!

I have, its great… More on that in a minute…. I 'get' how in the song "1977" by The Clash they say "No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones" due to their music being mainstream and 'threats' to complacent rock attitudes... Also, I have no idea what Dub-Step is but I have google. Don't make me use it.

OK. I looked up 'Dubstep' and I'm fine with it being a 'threat' if you are. Can we agree that 'Dubstep' is horrid and therefore an enemy?


But… are the Rolling Stones STILL a threat? Cause you turned me onto "Doom & Gloom" and I love that song.

Nah, The Stones ain't no threat to R&R. They are R&R! I don't think they were ever a threat to R&R. Well, maybe a little bit, but don't tell anyone. Let them find out for themselves! "Doom and Gloom" is proof that the Stones still have something "under their thumb". Let's hope they record more shit like this. In August 2012, I read they were recording, but had no plans to do a full LP. Alright, don't record a full LP, that's okay. Put out an EP. Why the fuck not? You guys put out an EP, and The Mongrolls will put out two LP's this year. It'll be even then.

Truth or Dare is the second Mongrolls release right? 

"Truth Or Dare" is The Mongrolls fourth release, but but the third full length.

Tell everyone about The Mongrolls.

Here's a quick lowdown: I started The Mongrolls and Hideout Records in April 2006. I self-released "Let's Go!" four months later. "Five Live Mongrolls" EP recorded 12/5/06 at "Slopfest" was released in December of 2006. Then came the second full length, "The Sounds of Now" That was released in May of 2007. A "Fan Club Edition" of previously released material of only 33 copies sold out in a few hours in the fall of 2007. (This release compiled a sort of "Be
st of..." from the first two full lengths). Now those are available again, but with different artwork & tunes. August of 2008 saw The Mongrolls debut on VINYL! I submitted the track "Three Chord Rock" for the tribute to Boston's legendary punk gods, Unnatural Axe for the "Ruling The World From The Backseat" 2xLP compilation released on Lawless Records. After several delays, "Truth or Dare", the third full length was released in the fall of 2011. 2012 has been a crazy year, but The Mongrolls plan on releasing two more full lengths before the end of the year. "Get Dumb", the fourth full length & "The Mongrolls Do The Girls", an all covers release of female fronted bands. The 'Covers' release will be the first to feature a full band!

All releases are always available and I recently got in a second batch on t-shirts and stickers which are currently in demand. Stick around. The Mongrolls ain't going nowhere. Literally...

So the 'one man band' thing isn't something you have tried to hide? 

Absolutely not. Most folks think The Mongrolls is a full band. When I tell them it isn't, they all seem quite astonished.

How will the transition to a FULL band go ya think?

I think the transition, which will be just for the 'covers' release, will be simple. I've recruited Danny Harrington on guitar who I have worked with on many projects in the past including No Gag Reflex, The Greg Trip Band ect... We've also worked together numerous times fucking around with acoustics. Yes, it's been many years since we've done this, but I am sure, it'll be just like riding a bike. On Bass will be Sean Soares who has been rocking with Danny the last few years, but would most notably known as the bass player for The Johnnies. I will be playing drums and slurring the vocals the best I can. Sean mentioned doing some shows. If that were to happen, I'll just be singing and hopefully we can get Cory Talyor (The Midnight Creeps and he's also pretty much the East Coast drummer for M.O.T.O.) to play drums. Right Cory?

I'm not Cory Greg, I'm Shawn Abnoxious.,, How do you come to a decision to do a specific cover?

For the most part, it's pretty easy when deciding on a song to cover. Usually it's a song that has had some kinda impact on me. Something that really moves me. A lot of the times I try to pick something that's a anthem of sorts. Sometimes that's not the case.

I was at work and kept hearing Christina Agulaira's "Beautiful" all the time. I started thinking about the structure of the song and thought, why not speed this fucker up and tear it a new asshole. So I did. I'd do it different these days. Maybe a little more tighter.

Then folks like Randy America saying someone (The Mongrolls) should cover "Two Headed Dog". I thought for 2 seconds and said yeah, consider it done. So within 22 hours or so after his suggestion, I recorded it.I think it actually came out pretty good. Thanks Randy!

One of the things I wrestle with myself is 'Am I wasting valuable time and money with this punk-rock bullshit,' Do you? How do you view it? Cause I know at best yer 'breaking even' with the HIDEOUT RECORDS thang.

Nah, I ain't wasting no time. I do it cuz I love it. Money, well yeah, I ain't making shit. I'm losing, but my fans are gaining. Half the time I'm giving CD-R's away. When I first started this in 2006, I sold 50 CD-R's of "Let's Go!" for $6.00 each within two days thru myspace. Each copy of the original CD-R's all had different artwork. Man, that was a task! Some ended up being a little more elaborate than others. By the time the "Five Live Mongrolls" EP came out, no one was interested. I don't even have a copy of that release anymore and the original tapes were destroyed.

Up next came "The Sounds of Now" which flopped like a 4lb turd spewing out of one's anus. It took fans a while to realize that this was the Mongrolls CD-R to own. I gave most of the original hand numbered copies of that release away. Only a few select bought that one. Still to this day, it's the most requested release from people that are interested. I, myself like a lot of "Let's Go!", but then again there's some throwaway tracks on there, IMO.

Truth or Dare hasn't sold very well either. But I don't give a shit.

So, another question I ask myself and now you, why continue?

I'm doing it all for Rock & Roll!

What are you looking for to accomplish/gain?

I'm looking for danger! I'm looking for action! I'm looking for you!

What's the end result?

You'll just have to wait and see!

Me? You lookin' at me? So anything else you wanna tell the readers of ...THWART! before the big, last question that you just know I have to ask?

Feel free to contact me anytime for CD-R's, T-shirts if available, stickers. I sell this shit cheep!

Greg, Truth or Dare? You lost your virginity whilst listening to a Disco record.

Actually, it was The Dead Milkmen - "Big Lizard In My Backyard" LP.

You chose the TRUTH? Kind of a disappointment...No danger in the TRUTH (or the most danger... TRUTH is relative so I WILL allow it) But BIG LIZARD IN MY BACKYARD? Wow, kinda controversial.. Were you the 'big lizard' IN the 'backyard' or were you the backyard?

Oh yeah man, I was in her backyard alright. Never saw her again...

Did you climax on side A or side B? Did you get up and flip the record?

Side B!

Ladies and gentleman.. and readers of Thwart! (whatever your case may be) It takes a REAL man to leave the ‘warm pocket’ to get up and flip a record whilst 'surfing the good hole'. Listen to Truth or Dare by The Mongrolls NOW!!! No pesky record flipping needed!

Read a review of TRUTH OR DARE on ...THWART!


Friday, October 19, 2012



This review concludes my initial coverage of every release made available by Youngstown Ohio’s LIONS CARE RECORDINGS (to date). I’m gonna call it 'all caught up' even though I wasn’t left behind. If you were wondering and I just know you are, I must say that I haven’t been as loyal to any label like I am with LIONS CARE RECORDINGS since Greg Lowery's RIP OFF RECORDS. LIONS CARE RECORDINGS is 1000 times cooler though because 1) Its from Ohio and 2) Has nothing to do with Greg Lowery (*) and 3) Has nothing to do with Greg Lowery (**).

I see LIONS CARE RECORDINGS as like a modern day DANGERGOUSE RECORDS... LIONS CARE, like DANGERHOUSE, has featured bands and talent from a specific area, Northeastern Ohio, proving once again and still, Ohio is a force to be reckoned with. I’m talking about the same part of Ohio that begat Pere Ubu, The Pagans, The TKO's, Bippy, and lets not forget Kill The Hippies the BEST band ever! Imagine if modern technology existed back then, during DANGERHOUSES time. You would be many similarities to how LIONS CARE RECORDINGS operated today and DANGERHOUSE spread their disease then.

Fishwives are another one of those bands blazing a charred path of sonic rightousness. Death and glory are side dishes for their last meal.

There was some initial confusion with this release. Was it a CD with a cassette or a CD/Cassette release? The CD, as all LIONS CARE RECORDINGS CD releases came in a plastic reseal-able sandwich bag with artwork to fit. Really cool packaging that makes a CD storable with your 7"s. The cassette was included with the bag. After a listen of both, they did in fact, appeared to be different formats of the same release. The cassette version has an added, rather bonusie, non-CD version sound clip at the front of the release. I got to the bottom of that mystery right-ch fucking quickly... You should also take note that my VCR isn’t blinking 12:00 anymore either...

Still though, I was surprised to learn FISHWIVES are a two-piece... Very thick sound for a two-piece unit. Loud, angry dissonant hardcore. Sort of reminds me of a band I recently got introduced to via WFMU and the FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE called GAY WITCH ABORTION... Loud, noisy, fucking rocking stuff here with FISHWIVES... Yeah, a bit screamo-y... But angry and dynamic enough to keep the edge cutting, keeping the blood flowing. Fishwives remind me of SOULSIDE ("KTTK") and SCREAM with touches if RITES OF SPRING but a harder, modern hardcore punk edge really shines through frequently... FISHWIVES would be a band that KBD punk fans, hardcore punk fans, metal and screamo fans could all get into and walk together/rock together with. This release features four or five songs depending how you define the (/)ing of the releases final track. FISHWIVES are a verily interesting member of the collected LIONS CARE RECORDINGS family or gang or catalog or whatever you wanna call it. One of those bands that sound like they don’t fit on certain bills but that’s your definitions getting in the way. FISHWIVES are also one of those bands that shine and stand alone as part of any show, or label. FISHWIVES are odd, interesting. A band you cant, nor shouldn’t, take your eye off of. There’s something happening in Youngstown, something bigger than Youngstown. Bigger than Northeastern Ohio. With this first handful of releases LIONS CARE RECORDINGS has established itself and started big... I’m excited to see what else FISHWIVES have up their sleeve independently and as a member of LIONS CARE section of the musical zoo. There’s not a fear your gonna feed the animals. The secret is, you are the meal-Shhhh... You are the main course with large, family-sized side dishes of death and glory.


*Circa 2000-01 Greg Lowery, while I was doing a stint with Joe Domino's BLANK GENERATION, wrote me an inflammatory e-mail when he thought some of my writings were dissing his band The Infections... I wasn’t talking about him, or his band. In fact Until his e-mail I bought every Rip Off Record I could get, yeah, those one sided 7"s... So he never addressed his mistake of falsely accusing me, so I politely dismissed myself from buying any other Rip Off Records releases.

**Yeah, I’m still fucking mad.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

HOMEMADE DRUGS "Live at The Comet"

Live at The Comet cover artThis release features entire live set of their performance is cut into two tracks (5 songs each 'side'), which are available for download purchase, and, I think, also available on cassette. The song "Walking" covered earlier on ...THWART! is included. Two songs (*) from the ten song set represented on this recording (see included set list provided below) are tracks not recently recorded for an upcoming CD release in November of this year... So these recordings serve as a teaser, a taste... A slap across the face for a full-blown kick to the guts that’s coming in November... The set itself is good and verily listenable. You can definitely hear progression from their earlier '666' recordings... HOMEMADE DRUGS remind me of THE CLEAN mixed with THE FALL. Even WIRE from "Chairs Missing".

HOMEMADE DRUGS are the type of band that is the vanguard attack of a resurgent wave. Your either riding the wave or being suffocated by it. Hang ten fuckers.

Homemade Drugs Live ay The Comet
Set List
(Track/Side 1)
1) a song for philip glass *
2) walking
3) no gold in china
4) dog food
4) man of war
5) dead pets

(Track/Side 2)
6) i shot mary
7) Got no soul
8) im the president*
9) crash on the interstate
10) unicorn snare

Homemade Drugs “Live at the Comet” bandcamp

Homemade Drugs Blog

Look for an upcoming article in featuring HOMEMADE DRUGS on November 21st preceding their CD release show on November 24th at The SGHRevival which will also serve as my reintroduction to the pages of City Beat Magazine.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Universiale is Yours!

Notes on Situationisms Return.

Like many, I didn’t really know what or who the Situationist [Internationale] (SI) was before I heard about it/them in conjunction with Jon Savages England’s Dreaming book or The Sex Pistols music (via Malcolm McLaren) but my interest was officially sparked... Throughout the years I have learned more and more about The Situationist with the Internet considerably boosting my knowledge. The more I learned and discovered situationism the more I felt justified in my 'out-there' ideas, opinions, views and even production of personal art. There wasn’t a single moment I declared myself a situationist all official-like because there was no place to join. No line to sign. The SI had 'disbanded' in 1972.

Detonate #1My contribution to the DIY zine scene, The Neus Subjex (circa 1996-2006), was not only inadvertently inspired by punk-rock and situationist ideas, but even a vehicle for its spreading whether I knew it at the time or not. In fact, the more I learned about situationism and the SI, the more it looked like the 'real thing' for me despite dabbling in anarchist, socialist and communist philosophies. More importantly though, the hobbies and projects I was (and continue to be) involved with; writing and performing music, art (flyer making), zine publishing and even personally in my own mannerisms, were further extensions of SI ideologies. It was as natural as breathing to me and became more evident the more I learnt.

On October 8th, a 'Football American Sunday', after joining a e-mail reading group via twitter, focusing on Guy Debord’s Society of The Spectacle (premiere text encompassing situationist examples and ideas) I examined deeply into the demise of the Situationist Internationale and asked myself "Why did the 'movement that was not a movement' have to die? How can a group that wasn’t really a 'group' disband? How can 'ART IS OVER' be over?

Detonate #2
Its easy to explain it being over, its not! You just have to re-realize the concept that situationism is. It’s still around me, you or anybody else if you want it to be. If you recognize it. That October day I felt as if I had unlocked the greatest secret of situationism, the secret of the spectacle itself... I Grasped an understanding about situationism that I felt hadn’t been understood fully by fellow situationist thinkers, even Malcolm McLaren himself, since its 'official disbanding'... If it has, which is possible, it hasn’t reached me yet. I decided right then and there to re-establish the Situationist Internationale into the SITUATIONIST UNIVERSIALE (SU) The group and movement that wasn’t a group and movement was once again a (not) group and (not) movement.

Detonate #3All it took was the REALIZATION that something existed to exist... Action is the greatest weapon of any situationist. Now is now. The future is history and the Past is now.

I shared the concept of the SU with the founder of the e-mail group urging him to take up the call and use his fledgling group as a network for the all-new, all-'different' SU.

"Lets see how the reading group goes first" he said... This was not acceptable to me. The time for action is now!

So NOW is now... The SU was realized, so it is so! What gives me the authority to revive situationism with the SU? Am I an expert authority on situationist thinking? No. I’m no one special. No great thinker. I’m one guy with an idea, an understanding. I am a living, breathing weapon that you cannot stop. I am an authority. I am my own authority! I have the authority to do what I do because I say I can.

Action is the greatest weapon of the situationist! Say its so and its so…






Below you will find a three-part documentary about Situationism and other links. Included in this manifesto is three personal examples of Situationist Art done by myself. Are you interested in becoming a member of The Situationist Universiale?

It’s easy...

Say this aloud (or don’t, do YOUR thing) "I am a Situationist. I am the spectacle. I am universal, without boundaries"

You are now not only a member; you are its leader too.

Congratulations. Art is still over.

Read about The Situationism and The Situationist Internationale

we all gotta start somewhere
this is as good of a place as


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My exploration of WFMU's shows upon THE FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE keeps me supplied with free music for my hungry ears... Hungry Ears have strong appetites…Hungry Ears Eat... THE DIKES OF HOLLAND, from Austin Texas, hit me like a fucking brick to the head with their outright angst ridden garage rock. I miss THE MOTARDS... I miss THE REDS... DIKES fill the void. Imagine if THE KIDS were touched ever so slightly by LA's X and THE CRAMPS... Mostly male vocals w/fem backings but not exclusively so... Sometimes it’s the other way around. Surprise. Their bio on FMA mentions something about an LP fully called BRAINDEAD USA being available but fuck it, that takes money. This session, like everything else on FMA is rockin' hot and free... It’s almost even criminal. That’s my sort of criminal!




Monday, October 15, 2012

BUFFALO KILLERS "Dig. Sow.Love.Grow" LP + More!

(including "Baptized" b/w "Nothing Can Bring Me Down")

I Cant Put A Price On Love.
Love Has EVERYTHING To Do With It.

Seriously. I’m wayyyy to close to this band to even be somewhat objective about any sort of ‘review’ you think I’m gonna write, or you would expect from me concerning the fourth fully from The Buffalo Killers, Dig Sow Love Grow. I have a strong, unfaltering UNCONDITIONAL alliance with, and love of The Buffalo Killers. We have watched each other commit crimes against our society. If you look on the bands promotional posters or the reverse side of the LP you will find a belles-lettres piece of writing by yours truly. Yeah, a 'poem' a 'pome' or whatever the fucking intellectuals are calling it these days (fuck those guys-'intellectuals'). On this, their fourth fully, The Buffalo Killers once again strike deep. They bring you down with one swiftly fatal shot, "Get It" which is one of those songs you can really get behind and inspires thought provoking action. On Dig.Sow.Love.Grow there is a newer comfort found only hinted at (after all it was a preview on 3). During initial early listens confidence shown brightly... The Buffalo Killers are blazing a new path and you with them or your left behind. It’s only up from here... Dig.Sow.Live.Grow plays fresh and recharges the batteries. Simply enough. Get it? Get out and Get it!

Recently The Buffalo Killers released a 'pay what you want' single in conjunction with their blog... These 'pay what you want' singles bug me... They make me feel uncomfortable because a band like The Buffalo Killers is one I REALLY like despite the closeness I have with the band, Its hard for me to attach a value myself to something I know I like and unconditionally support. I feel 'pay what you like' isn’t free... Even though you can choose to pay nothing. I feel if it were intentional for myself and others to have it for free, there would have been prompts to download it for free... But that’s not the case. Yeah, I realize I may be aver analyzing such a thing and I have declared that 'pay what you want' philosophy’s is a form of 'guilt driven' pricing methods and I will admit, I may totally be wrong about that... That’s unconditional for you... Unconditional means no matter what and I unconditionally support The Buffalo Killers. No matter what.

These two tracks are worth more than $0.00 to me. They’re worth more than $1.00... These tracks, and this band, are priceless. But then again, thats me and my biased opinion. Dig?



EAR WORMS (get the digital single)


Sunday, October 14, 2012

So a Lawyer, a Doctor and a Truck driver...

are sitting on a couch

#Kill #Me #Now

#Kill #Me #Now by The Big Drop
#Kill #Me #Now, a photo by The Big Drop on Flickr.
Part of an art-show for June 26th that never happened

Friday, October 12, 2012

WHITE WALLS "The Milk of A Lonely Man" b/w "Lady Parts"

I would like to take a minute to reveal to you what the (b/w) you commonly see in reviews means... I’m doing this because I feel as though someone will read it and GAIN knowledge and PASS that knowledge on because they might be like myself and had bought records fir about five years before I finally asked the right person what it means. B/W= 'backed with’. This 7" single is one song backed with (b/w), teamed with t/w) or paired with (p/w) one other song. I know for a fact that WHITE WALLS (WW) share members with the defunct Cincinnati hardcore bands ORDER 66 who rose and fell in the blink of an eye, as it seems, a practice run for what would become WW. In fact, ORDER 66 member sharing with WW is the number one reason why I wanted this 7"! Almost guaranteed to ROCK! No, two songs from this band is not enough. This shit is from 2010... Here we are closing in on 2013 and is anything else available? This 7" is a fucking tease.

WW play aggressive dissonant hardcore punk at its finest! Music like this can inspire a whole new legion of bands and listeners own tight knit sub-sect of a scene. In fact, maybe WW has tons of stuff out but I’m just not part of that sub-sect... I recently compared another band to early POISON IDEA and I’m gonna do it again. I got POISON IDEAS 'Pick your King" and "PI" 7" EPs the same day a long time ago… I compared Virginia Beaches HONOR CODE to "Kings" and I’m gonna compare WW to POISON IDEAS "PI". There is no reason why WW aren’t rocking the fuck out of some dank hole in the wall place where each show is better than the one before. WW play music that is supposed to make you feel like you are missing out on something bigger, just under the surface. I’m old; I’m out of touch... My time is over. That’s OK. In fact, beautiful even… This time is a time for the basics of what its all about to return to the front. This time is White Walls’ time.


Video Disease Records


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Self 11-20-10Dave Fitswell/Fishwick is a photographer from the Cincinnati Area. His pictures have appeared in many places including exhibits and publications like The Neus Subjex and CityBEAT Magazine. on Saturday, October 13th, see Dave's photographs as part of the Misfits With Cameras Exhibit at Arnolds (Flyer Below) 

Questions by ...THWART!, Answers by Dave Fitswell (thanks Dave)

What inspired you about photography ad an artistic medium?

The most inspiration comes from being at one place or event that I may never see again. So the answer is travel wether it be watching the sun set and the moon rise at the same time in the Arizona dessert...or just listening to some random stranger in Columbus Ohio talk about going home to dust off the woofers (AKA) Speakers and just rock out. People and places are very interesting and trying to understand someone’s different perspective on life always ends up with a good story or photo.

5-12-12Do you consider yourself an artist?

Do I consider myself a Artist? NO! I don't like the label of being called a Artist for myself. The meaning has lost touch with can call me creative and leave it at that. Photography has never been about me expressing myself or trying for others approval. Some call composition a form of Art regardless of skill behind the camera. Well everyone has a camera w/ them at all times these days w/ modern cell phones, but there is no skill and no real editing after a photo has been taken. Instagram is cool and dig some of the photo's from it, but it's just not me. I choose skill over Art anyday, but that’s a debate within itself that many don't agree on.

4-9-11Plus...with modern cameras there is always some kind of post editing. So maybe I'm not that skilled anyway.

Anyway you look at it these are just tools in my hand. The Camera...then the software.

Do you believe every picture is worth a thousand words? 

1000 words might be stretching it. Usually for me if I like someone else's photo I might give it a comment, but usually I think about it and try to figure out exactly how they did it so I can try it for myself. 1000 words usually ends up being (I really Dig it) or (Cool Shot).

Have you ever gotten in trouble taking pictures of people, place as or things? How important are others boundaries when it comes to you taking a picture or capturing a moment?

GEARSI really try not to push myself into getting into trouble, but I will go past some boundaries as long as I know I can get away with it and that it is approved by law so I don't end up in jail. If I ever end up in trouble for taking a photo...that photo would be a story worth 1000 words, but probably not a 1000 word photo.

You have worked on a professional 'wedding level' as well as on the artistic side of the medium. If you could be successful at one or the other, which would you choose? How do you define success within photography?

3-11-12 AftermathHaving the opportunity to even be asked to shoot a wedding is success in my eye's, but I don't really own the correct gear to do it on a daily basis and that becomes very stressful. I would not want to become a wedding photographer simply because without the proper gear you still only get one chance. From a artistic side...I can think about what I want to do way in advance and know how to execute the project before hand and I wont have to worry about only having that one chance. Trust me...I have gone back to projects more than once because I just wasn't happy with the results. To define success for me would be getting the shot the first time and being able to move on to the next project. I will probably never call myself a professional because I will always try to find a way to make it better. Once again I believe in skill and experience, but I will also always feel like I'm in my infancy with photography...and that keeps things more interesting.

Where do you see yourself in the future of photography where you wanna ride this horse?

Really I would like to just travel more and capture the amazing places that I want to it's kinda like a bucket list and I would ride that horse till it's dead.

All Photographs by Dave Fitswell

See Dave's Work as part of the Misfits With Cameras Exhibit

Photo: Myself and five other photographers are showing our work at Arnold's Bar and Grill this Saturday from 5-10 pm

11-27-114-27-12              3-25-12                 Escape

Various Works from Dave