Monday, December 15, 2014


When I listen to The Love Triangle I'm taken back a good ten years (approximately) when The Fuses stop in a Cincinnati basement venue called The Maxi-Pad... Amoung the normal basement fare of washers, dryers, half bathrooms and kitchen sinks, The Fuses ripped thru their set in master form with only minimal breaks for swill or breath. The Fuses brought it in the strongest sense of the phrase. The Fuses 2005 release Eastern Cities on Shit Sandwich was before its time even though The Fuses had mastered its sound before-hand. Static Shock Records 2013 release of Clever Clever from The Love Triangle has everything I look for in punk-rock; Explosive, Confidence, Seering vocals and cryptic allegory spouting danger, uncertainty and the tricky business of mental survival. Clever Clever could be the newest, anthemic Shock Troops-esq release of the past 5 years (maybe more if I really consider it) and, I will confidently say, the next 5 years too! You dig Fuses, Cocksparrer and stop-n-start wanky 00'sGarage-punk? Get on board if you wanna live!

The Love Triangle is available on Bandcamp. Check Dis-Cogs for Fuses

Saturday, December 6, 2014

BIG DUKE SIX.4 - Now With Lower Calories

It seems like a lifetime ago... I think it was 2003, The Socials were hitting Akron Ohios Lime Spider on a short lil' 4/4 tour (4 shows/4 nights) excursion. One of the bands we played with there  was Human Caveman of which I was lucky enough to not only witness, but later became the official holder of a song-title less CD-R (I named the track you hear). Human Caveman were a three piece that included Scott from Sexual Tension, a keyboardess named Dyani and the infamous Rob Radar from Radar Secret Service. In preparing for this episode of Big Duke Six releasing-- as if the eyes of a drone were upon me-- I get a FB message from Rob Radar asking for my current address to [probably] send something to listen to! Shit gets wierd, shit stays wierd!!! I didn't let Rob know what I was planning for this installment, but did ask Elias [Sexual Tension] who was there during thelifespan of Human Caveman for comment. Elias is now a pro-grade busker in Greece (the country, not the musical) and demanded that he bathe in the same springs his ancestors, The Spartans, bathed in before the Battle of Thermopile of which is next to a bus-stop now... Maybe. Elias' assignment is not mandatory so this episode may receive a re-posting at a later date... Just in-case your wondering, You can find Rob as a current, active member of noth-east Ohio band DAVID BAY LEAF.

Breakaways, Piss Test, Human Caveman, Rakes, Grow Horns, Black Frances


Friday, December 5, 2014

Thwart...! - It Is What It Is

I sit on a couch in my boxer underwear and t-shirt, sipping coffee that the coffee-maker assures me that it  will keep the coffee warm for four hours. Oh, I also have one sock on. I just realized that, which, is really not relavent to anything Im planning on saying, nor anything I have already said. All I can say is that It Is What It Is... People like to say that thesedays as an answer acknowledging how futile everything is... As an answer to a not-so-easily answered happenstance... As a way to say "Shut up, I'm tired of hearing your mouth."

"Hey, a cop killed somebody, somewhere."  It is What It Is.

"A tribe of nomads were accidentally killed in an Un-manned drone strike." It Is What It Is.

"Someone stole my lunch from the company break room refrigerator." Yeah, I'm that ducks but It Is What It Is.

In the memorance of the Borg, from Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Resistance Is Futile"... It really, really is! It Is What It Is, is an excuse, not a reason. An excuse saying that you, or someone or something else, is respobsible and free of punishment or reasoning. An escapist attitude is slowly devouring even the most stalwart of its defenders thesedays. The believers have been widdled down to disposable twigs ready to snap and heading for flawed re-education.

I use to say, and even believe, that apathy is a weapon. If nobody cares, then laws and attitudes will naturally change, because nobody believes in them... The truth is, even I-- in my own fictitious world I live inside my head-- is wavering in my own participation of society. Everytime I step out of the house, I'm surfing a violent tide of rage. Everyone has a chip on their shoulder and are nervously waiting for others to knocking that chip off. Everyone is waiting for a battle... Waiting for a reason... A thought pattern that is not only flawed but dangerous. I know this, because I use to be this.

Now though, like many others, Ive been shaved down to a thin tooth-pick ready to break under the weight of society. Maybe Im looking too deeply into things. I'm not closed to the idea that it's all in my head, maybe I still have that chip on my shoulder waiting to be knocked off. Maybe everything isn't futile or completely absurd... I will admit it, maybe it's me and my flawed reasoning. Initially, I was wanting to write something different today... Something about inspiration in forming a band or doing a zine. This 'dispatch' just came up, out of nowhere between two cups of coffee and a good bowel movement... The ever loosening of what I wanted and committed Thwart...! to be versus now, what it has become, has been a natural thing. Despite the digital-ness of blogs, I'm trying to make this blog tangible. I accept that, in the seeking of it all, I have failed to do that, but then again, this post in its spontaneous nature has maybe accomplished this/that. Regardless, It Is What It Is.