Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mad Anthony Sank for Days EP/DL/CD

It's not just a street in Northside anymore! I remember Ambassador Mark "Zero" Dunbar, long-time Northside resident (Pre-Gentrification), rambling on social-media, or maybe in a Northside alley; about [General] Mad Anthony and some sorts of fierce battle that did not turn out well for the indigenous population (as usual).

This is about the other Mad Anthony... The one that's releasing 12"EP (and CD) from Phratry Records who has yet to compromise their aesthetics when it comes to sound. Phratry Records have their standards that are attainable thru hard work and honest virtues. Verily commendable!

Sank for Days is Mad Anthonys fifth release. Supposedly these songs are NOT a concept release but you just can't deny that they are steeped in tragic circumstances... The kind that comes with rigorous touring and surviving. There's something to be said when a word like survivors is used.

Sank plays well. There seems to be quite a story going on that you can pick-up on as you listen. It's understandable that life's tragedies automatically works into a band as a unit. I recently seen The Afgan Whigs on Later... with Jools Holland and they were great! As much as I wanted to deny it, the truth becomes clear. Afgan Whigs is an awesome band! Sank brings to mind a sound like Greg Duli fronting Fugazi as a backing band. The 'Phratry Records' sound is there reminiscent of Shane Johnson and his mouth-action from Caterpillar Tracks which, ironically enough, is a Phratry band.

You, the listener, are taken on an emotional ride up and down throughout the release which reeks of satisfaction by time you get to the end. Mad Anthony remade themselves during the writing of these songs. These songs are a set... A story told with words and sound. Looking deeply into the lyrics and feeling the desperation. Singing every song with a desperate, but urgent feel... Like every song may be the last song they play... Like their life depended on it. Sank hits your ears and heart ringing of true accomplishment... Of Victory... and surviving!

Before you go and buy this, just a quick mention of the packaging. The 12" is on clear wax and one sided. On the flat (non-anchor) side, there is a screen printed Octopus with wild tentacles... Yeah, another nautical themed release for Phratry (see The Shanks LP). The record comes with free digital downloads and is also available on CD so all bases are covered. Grab you life-jacket.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Someone Saved My Life Tonight Swami-Bear!

I seen the mail-carrier Post-Lady (or whatever the kids call it) drive down the driveway to deliver mail. This ment that my copies of The Great a Dismal Swamis newest release, Phantom Tollbooth, was here! Finally! The same record I'm credited as a bona-fide designer (or whatever the kids are calling it now)!

Jason Rowland, had confirmation from mailings that Dismals in Los Angeles had gotten their records but not me... Jason had no answers, but I did.

I went out into the thick, Cincinnati/Sputh-Western Ohio climate. Dew-points were reaching 74 degrees and that's bad. Real bad. Since I was already on alert for a unrelated package from FedEx I went out to greet the mail-carrier. I could tell she was feeling bad and although I had never seen her a single day in my life before, she wasn't right. 

She was sweating profusely. She was breathing shallow. She thought she might be having a heart-attack. she claimed she hasn't taken her blood pressure medicine... Like lightning my wife, daughter and in-laws visiting from Florida kept into action.

It turned out that her blood-pressure  (taken with a personal at-home apparatus was 179/150... The highest blood-pressure I have ever seen taken. This story is much more complicated than I care to really get into but under tear-field eyes she acknowledged her failing health and said I saved her life. This affected me deeply. She had no family she trusted so I sat and listened while the hospital doctors did their thing. I listened while she was discharged. I listened as we walked to the hospital pharmacy and while we waited for her new medicine.

I listened as I drove her around to find a fellow co-worker who she trusted to hand her keys to and then back to the Post Office.

"If they see that I can walk they will force me to work..."

She was ravaged with anxiety... My heart truly ached for her and her co-workers who live under never ending scrutiny. Despite being unionized, incidents that clearly seem as manipulative and horrendously cruel, were regularly committed...

So I listened to her and her life that she felt was crumbling around her.

"If it wasn't for you getting that package today I would have went on with my day and died."

That package was copies of The Great Dismal Swamis records in lieu for my cover design. It's strange how peoples lives become inter-connecting at times, and everyone is where they need to be after all. 

My batch of Swami records, in essence, saved a persons life today.


PS: I could go on and on for thousands of words that would include a recent post on THWART...!

If you haven't read The New Bolsheviks and the Next Red a October check it out below.

I can't say more about The Great Dismal Swamis record that wasn't already said by THUGBARIAN Blog

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cryptic-Captions: A Decade Old Mystery!

Mysterious symbols/numbers such as these (see pictures below) have been appearing on household TVs since about 1995.

I now call them #CrypticCaptions

Unlike the televisions closed caption system for the hearing impaired, and without warning, numbers, letters and symbols appear at random on the TV screen. Cryptic-Captions has been witnessed over four different TVs, and three different cable and internet providers. Since it's inception.

Once, approximently around 1995-96, the TV went totally blank... You could still hear the programs audio but the TV began scrolling through the television stating "Hi Shawn" over and over until the TV was unplugged. The cable provider at Time-Warner Cable was called and no explaination was given for the occurances.

In August of 2014 I re-opened my faux-investigation after deciding to document the phenomenon. Using social-media outlets like Instagram which pushed the pictures further to Twitter and Facebook is a big help to spread the word.

I created a PAGE on Thwart Blog coinciding with this introductory blog posting, in hopes to further the incidences, their documentation and leave the question out there for some one smarter than me to answer!Send E-Mail to ShawnAbnoxious@Gmail .comREMOVE THIS

What the fuck is this?