Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Joe Annaruma - The Doom Swooner

Man is Doomed CD

By time I was first introduced to Man Is Doomed (MID) it came by way of a new connection via a FB group called BAG... Joe Annaruma... A name that many of you may remember from another past musical group that Joe fronted called Throttle. Joe is a busy, busy man then, just as he is now.

Joe is a librarian in the tidewater region area of Virginia, where he currently operates a blog called The Thugbrarian Review. On this blog Joe expertly delivers regular book and music reviews that are well-written, solid, in-depth breakdowns of the material he features. Joe is still into music projects that tend to stay more on the solo side of things. Isolated Cockpit is one of those efforts that exist in two fields: audio and video. Links are provided below so leave Google alone for a bit...

On The Dream Killer from MID you will find similar overtones and expansions of themes first heard this on Throttles New Freaks on The Block. Imagine if The Rollins Band had less of that Sub Pop sound and a lot less attention... Because there are good, rocking music and bands everywhere. MID is one of those bands and really, somewhere, that matters.

Just as Throttle had beget MID, I'm anxious to see a small selection of what I hear friends m The Dream Killer and how it will work its way into Isolated Cockpit... This writing about MID isn't so much about the band, but really about Joe and his presence in the isolated cockpit of existence. Out there, on the fringe of the fringe there's guys like Joe Annaruma doing it in the small nooks and crannies of mainstream society where they can get stuff done in the fewer, diminishing minutes that a person can steal for themselves from life's carried sources. 

I've always said that the best musician, artist, performer, poet or whatever that's alive is someone that has locked themselves away and n their back porch or a hot studio apartment or someone who society has locked away. Well, now I know that be of those greats.,, His name is Joe and by no means is he a regular.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Distruptor by The Night Divided

Hailing from the wasteland of Greater Cincinnati, The Night Divided are a fem-fronted dystopian punk-band who would be the first to go in a future ruled by individualism and false-fronts. Disruptor, their first full-length, is impressive from the start. Yeah, there's records... But every now and again within the re-discovery of a previous re-discovery which was really just the continuation of the interest in vinyl... There are RECORDS!!! 

In today's record market (or 'Industry' to you newer fans) an emphasis is in place that elevates the importance of the release as a whole. Especially when it's a vinyl record... Disruptor is a fucking beautiful product! Die-cut sleeve heralding a sculpture titled EXTENT by Australian Abstract Expressionist and Minimalism sculptor Clement Meadmore (1929-2005) which was installed at the artistic anomaly known as Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park located in Hamilton, Ohio [Butler County]. 

The die-cut cover reveals a small look of the impressive high-gloss inner dust-jacket that provides another look at Meadmores Extent...The sculptures reprise adds to the mystery, drama, and desperation that brings forth even more speculative pondering. These qualities, however, appear again and again as the music plays in never-ending combinations. As you dig deeper and deeper into The Night Divideds songs, the album grabs you and refuses to let go. You become a hostage... Disruptor plays as a deep, sonic soundtrack of rebellion itself... Disruptor hits you where it counts. Being of an artifact-grade quality form start to finish, I hereby issue yet one more beard-nod to the introspective element... Like, as-if watching Kubricks cinema masterpiece 2001: A Space Oddity as Disruptor unfolds in celebration of the moment as a blueprint for now... It's hard to notice the revolution until it gets in your ears. Disruptor gets there with ease.

I turned Disruptor about six complete times until I held it up to the light so as I could get a good look at any etchings near the record label before I realized that the record itself is on transparent purple vinyl! This record is yet another great record on several levels. Disruptor is as pure sound-treason... Disruptor could be a record from a band straight from Philip K. Dicks book VALIS... This record could easily be passed for a new SELBY TIGERS release or even (perhaps) lost album by UKs PENETRATION wedged in-between 1978s Moving Targets or its 1979 follow-up, Coming Up For Air.

Disruptor is the perfect result of metered focus, determination and skill. The revolution is somewhere out there. Looking for you... Waiting for you... Disruptor plays from behind the shadow-lines of insurrection. 

See you soon.

The Night Divided:

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Saturday, July 18, 2015


I have great concern about the rise of Donald Trump. During my work as a machinist I was surrounded by fellow co-workers who believed that housing, jobs and healthcare were rights and not privileges but would repeat the sentiments of the political right and blame the Great Socialist Obama for whatever hot-topic FOX News were feeding them that day. Basically, I'm afraid that the the upfront, bare-bones, uncmpassionate stupid shit that rolls so easily out of his mouth, may be heralded as 'real talk' to factory workers like the ones I once worked with. The news that talk like the Bolshevicks at work, but go home and are too tired to actually learn something about political parties or viewpoints.

I would like to see what Trump thinks after a month of pulling himself up by the bootstraps, running three screw machines 40-56 hours a week under 95-103 degree heat. 


Got a short update from Dan of SWIRLEY IN THE FRYER about upcoming releases.

If you have news about your project, send it to

"We just finished recording an LP with treehorn at PMS and will hopefully have a 7" sampler out before sept, that we will gladly send to you! Hope to be back in cincinasty before summer's end(without any mechanical tech-dif). Cheerz!"