Saturday, November 22, 2014

Northside Record Fair Three Pictures

Had a great time at the 3rd Northside Record Fair... I like selling records, buying records, listening to records... All that shit, but what I really dig is networking! Meeting people... Throwing ideas around... I could never put a price on that.

LOTS of music made it to me this Fair... Stuff that I will proly be investing for quite sometime... But below you can see a few pics I captured.
Northside Record Fair sponsored by  @TornLightRecords 411 Fairfield Ave. Bellvue KY. 41073
Great stuff from LO-FI CITY! Tight cover designs by Rob Santel need a mention here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fleetwood Mac - The First Riot Grrrl Band

Reports are streaming in that Fleetwood Mac singer, Stevie Nicks has successfully cloned herself. Her clone, Stevie Nicks 2, is said to be in contractional talks to form an all-Grrl group called THE BLADIES and begin touring immediately.

Currently, I'm reading a book given to me by trusted ally to the cause, Troy "The Turner" Turner. I am throughly enjoying ET TU, BABE written by Mark Leyner and must say if you like Palahniuks Fight Club and appreciate Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, then definitely put this book on your 'to read' list. Wild, vulgar and descriptive, Leyner provides a definition of the difficult with expert word-crafting. I've accused the Turner of ghost writing this book under the name of Mark Leyner, which he denies. I refuse to believe him in his denial but none-the less, get this book... Read this book and enjoy it, babe.

I stumbled upon THE COATHANGERS while stealing time from my employer. 'steeling time' is the first step toward Class War... Anyway, don't mean to veer away from the topic at hand. For that, my apologies. The Coathangers Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squezze Records) is this bands fourth full-length. The inescapable music scene of 'now™' can still reveal gems such as The Coathangers... Comparisons to Sleeter-Kinny and Wild Flag aside, Suck My Shirt brings to mind Kleenex/Lilliput, and to a lesser degree The Rogers Sisters, Buzzcocks, even a touch of The Spits! Jammed front to back with seething bluesy, rather vicious, aserbic bites akin to what was witnesses in the Riot Grrrl movement. Looking back in hindsight at the whole Riot Grrrl 'thing' I was, and still continue to be influenced by the sheer go-and-do-it attitude behind Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Tribe 8 and many others. The Riot Grrls still yet, will have their day! Anyway, an amply charged gift certificate from Amazon begat this purchase which worked with an Amazon application that enabled me to instantly listen to 'my' music! So with the so-called holidays approaching, be sure you get that app and take full- advantage of what your 'smart device' (phone/tablet) can do!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hit The Right Spot - Record Fair, Killii Killii, Suds, S H I T

It was at the very first Northside Record Fair that I learned about 'record spotting, which was by total accident. I was looking for a copy of Black Sabbaths "Paranoid" album that contains my favorite song they do, "War Pigs." Even though I found a copy and actually had the cash in hand when I noticed something on the cover. "What's this stain on the cover." I asked innocently enough scratching the spot and removing small flakes of the unknown substance. "Well, it's a 'spotted' record" he said bringing to notice that the record was from a certain, small section of LPs labeled SPOTTED "What the fuck is a 'spotted record' and why are they so special?" I asked this question still holding the cash in my hand and the record resting on a crate of records. The tale he told, exposed a very seedy underground ring of weirdos. Well, the spot as it would turn out was actually jism. There's a small sect of record collectors that use the records for an 'inspirational listen' and climax upon the record. Each record in the section had similar 'spots' most of which, but not all, were originated from the record seller according to him. Upon finishing his tale, I rplaced the money in my pocket and immediately dispatched myself to the restroom to wash my hands. So yeah, see ya at the Third Northside Record Fair!

Shortly after a blazing show in Louisville, Kentuckee featuring The Socials, OPPOSABLE THUMBS and Noise Pollution Records artist MADAME MACHINE -- who completed recording a full-length for Noise Pollution which included a by-gone cover of GREEN FORMICA TABLE -- the band disintegrated. Long story short, Salena and Forrest formed a new band who, according to Salena, are beginning to do shows. The new band is called KILLII KILLII... Just in-case your wondering, Killii Killii is the call of the American Kestrel of which is the smallest of all of the falcons according to expert 'Avianologist' Salena Filichia goes on to explain: "It's [Killii Killii] louder than Madame Machine... Musically, it is like complicated pop rock, I guess... With a lot of noise" you could expect sightings and shows of Killii Killii in the Louisville Zone frequently and probably in Cincinnati into the spring -- if we survive the winter...

Don't call it a come-back and actually, don't call it a 'real' release either. THE CINCINNATI SUDS, premier goblin-fighters have a four-song CD demo supposedly, exclusively, available from BLACK PLASTIC RECORDS in Northside. I say supposedly because according to Suds spokesman, ALL the copies of the CD has been 'distributed' and, in fact, only a stray amount of CD's are possibly available! Chock full of garage rock-n-roll madness, the four songs leave Ya wanting more which was sorta the mission of this 'sampler.' Recorded by Lance Kaufman of the rock-a-billy ambassadors The Star Devils, the intention of the band is to create interest for a vinyl release. Apparently besides the debut of In Your Bedroom, The Suds have several full-lengths of original material that remains un-released.

There's not many bands that would sound at home on a installment of Killed By Death, Punk & Disorderly and/or This Is Boston Not LA, but Toronto Ontarios S.H.I.T. is one of those bands! Out now on Static Shock Records (link below), their latest dingle that's now available on limited-run vinyl or you bandcamp (you name the price), "Feeding Time" b/w "Private Lies" reminds me of street-punk drums and blazing buzz-saw guitar of The Freeze, FU's and UK's Partisans rolled into one. So maybe it does lean a bit to the Boston HC side. Regardless, it rages and deserves your attention.