Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Revenge of USA BOOBS

Gosh... I have so much to say and not enough patience and/or time to properly say everything I want to say... I would like this 'dispatch' -- or whatever the kids are calling it thesedays -- to start by explaining that despite what the movie trailer is trying to acomplish, GONE GIRL starring Ben Affleck is NOT a 'date movie.' Well, not a 'date movie' AFTER that steamy cunnilingus scene (yeah, Im surprised I spelled that right too) that popped pretty early in the movie, but none-the-less, its a decent movie and has, at least, the illusion of being well-written and as enjoyable as a murder/crime movie could be.

Or is that just my boobs talking?

You go ahead and laugh, but Im being serious here... One of my favorite 'art' pieces, personally, that I created was drawing a rack of boobs on the star-spangled banner. In the Immortal words of Kurt Vonnegut ala Breakfast of Champions, the art piece looked like this:

Well, finally, as it would turn out, my 'American Boobs' or 'Star-Spangled Boobs' -- whatever the kids are calling it thesedays -- was ultimately out-done. The American Zeitgeist wins. I paid the price... American Boobs got even... The Star-Spangled Titties hit back at my very man-hood itself. They say that vengence is a dish best served cold... Cold... And perky too! I had noticed over a weeks time the that I was developing breast! I began to become self-consious and i felt strange about the whole situation. I wondered if I was destined to become a Fight Club/Robert Paulson 'Space Monkey,' but made the best out of it. If you arent able to laugh about it, and make others laugh, then whats the point?

When, at the BUFFALO KILLERS release show for their latest slab-o-wax, Fireball of Sulk... At the recently (?) re-designated CANAL PUBLIC HOUSE aka 'The Canal Street Tavern' in Dayton Ohio, when the essance of Dayton poured into a small group of fucking idiots that had boasted under their breath that someone in their group was a 'Body-Builder' and another knew 'Karate'... Dayton forces, and supports, completely illogical thinking. Dayton wants you to make bad decisions. Dayton thrives on bad decisions. Dayton feeds on darkness, despair and violence. You walk a fine-line in Dayton between bad and really bad. Danger surrounds you in Dayton... Dayton will give to the fuse, and give you a match for the fuse, but you gotta bring the flame. You got to light the match. This well-dressed hip-shaking band of derelicts had a huge chip on their soldier that they eagerly waited to be knocked-off... Looking for a reason to fight. Not necessarily a fight that they knew theyd win... After all there was a body-builder AND karate fighter on their team... The group wanted not only to fight... If they win, they win, but if they lost, they were fine with that too! THAT is a form of 'crazy' itself, but they would each find their match yet.

This group actually expected no-one to stand in front of their view of the opening band. Trust me here on this, when Andy Gabbard was tapped on a shoulder and told to move... Well, things got hairy... Lines were immediately drawn and despite another over-heard promise of 'someone getting knocked-the-fuck-out'... It was a treat to see the rare site of Zach Gabbard 'out-crazying' the group by stating "No ones gonna get knocked-out tonight boys"... A chorus of apologies cascaded forth from Andy G... In an attempt to loosen up the situation that was actually on its way to being resolved, I asked Andy G. if he would feel better if he "rubbed on my titties a little bit" and at that moment things were truly diffused. Andy G. laughed and he smiled... Two things that Andy G. is truly great doing.

If I was too self-consious to tell anyone about my boobs, this situation may have needed a few more lefties before a reasoning could be reached but non-the-least, reached. So, this night, my boobs, were at the top of its game. My boobs reached a climax... Of sorts. Id like to say my Boobs were a hero that night even though they werent... Every hero dies. No hero lives forever. Even now, testosterone injections are slowly fixing my boobs issue... All good times end. Its been a good ride boys...

 Anyhow, get yer copy of The Buffalo Killers new one... Six songs of timeless rock similar in their delivery to Heavy Revery. The Buffalo Killers continue to release quality releases in the vein of Blue Cheer... A comparison that I cant really get beyond, but whats so bad about that? My unconditional support of the 'Killers is known here, on Thwart... Something that I use as an excuse, or disclaimer... No more discaimers from here on out! Buffalo Killers. Fireball of Sulk. Make it happen. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Short Report from the Western Front

Raul Kennedy Reporting
[Near] Aspen Colorado




I listened to the SUDS link you gave me AGAIN. 

Nothing better than a good night of civil unrest, have that feeling in the morning, drinking a whiskey in the shower, realize: i want a full report. 

go to the store, 

stoned out of my mind, after having issues with banks, losing my ID.

buy a pack of smokes and a New York Times. 

Home, drinking whiskey, listening to the suds, reading the TIMES. 

Everything is fine on the WESTERN FRONT, ALL IS CALM.

VOL.CLXIV . . . . No. 56,697








Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Decide Today Zine

I will eventually get arouund to talking/mentioning everything that has came my way during the [third]Northside Record Fair (NSRF). Maybe just in time for the fourth installment of the fair (and a switch to a bi-annual format) It's gonna be close... I admit, walking around the NSRFr, handing out copies ofBad Day At The Plastic Mines, I was a bit taken back when Robert Inhuman (of DECIDE TODAY) actually threw a zine back at me! I had began to solidly believe, after ample time sorting it all out in my head, that kids dont like zines... More importantly, my zines... But that belief, that sentence, was me just aimlessly bullshitting myself. After a couple inspiring coversations, and getting Roberts zine, I was forced to re-examine my reasoning. After completing a new story I wrote, the tough decision of how I was going to release it... Its only natural that Bad Day be resurected for that cause... So, I decided today, that I will resurect it... I will do it for me... I will do it at you. Again, still, if someone likes it, cool. If not, well, thats cool too.... Cleaverly written, Roberts zine is radically charged, leftist slanted, environmental based sloganeering and politically social in nature. Lotsa views and opinions with hard to the left politics. The zine focuses on two songs by his electronic hardcore* outfit, Decide Today. Content includes song lyrics designed to shed light and explain his own views that are also further explained in short, well-written essays that takes his views a step further. "Bulletbelt" concerns the fashion of punk-rock and the theory of addiction to defeat. I found that concept verily interesting. No, your not going to be 100% into everything said, but thats the beauty about it. I can totally see how a zine like this could totally explain some things to anyone new to punk music. The other side of the zine features similar styled essays and format for Decide Todays tune "Dont Talk to Cops" Robert includes self-illustrated artwork throughout this zine which, by itself, is impressive. Im not sure what kind of publishing schedule Robert has, but after seeing his table of political/radical reading materials at the NSRF, Im sure his mission will grow more and more.

*Im probably NOT getting the particular genre description correct...

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Story Within The Story

Photo courtesy of Stephen Sunday

I'm a fan of the AMC series, The Walking Dead... After seeing a post on Instagram that Comrade Stephen Sunday  posted I decided to do the 'finger-work' to uncover the bible verses seen in the lil' Church boards

Romans 6:4
"Or if we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life."
Ezekiel 37:7
"So I prophesied as I was commanded. And as I was prophesying, there was a noise, a rattling sound, and the bones came together, bone to bone."
Mathew 27:52
"And the tombs broke open. The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life."
Revelations 9:6
"And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death flees from them."
Luke 24:5
"In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Northside Record Fair Three Pictures

Had a great time at the 3rd Northside Record Fair... I like selling records, buying records, listening to records... All that shit, but what I really dig is networking! Meeting people... Throwing ideas around... I could never put a price on that.

LOTS of music made it to me this Fair... Stuff that I will proly be investing for quite sometime... But below you can see a few pics I captured.
Northside Record Fair sponsored by  @TornLightRecords 411 Fairfield Ave. Bellvue KY. 41073
Great stuff from LO-FI CITY! Tight cover designs by Rob Santel need a mention here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fleetwood Mac - The First Riot Grrrl Band

Reports are streaming in that Fleetwood Mac singer, Stevie Nicks has successfully cloned herself. Her clone, Stevie Nicks 2, is said to be in contractional talks to form an all-Grrl group called THE BLADIES and begin touring immediately.

Currently, I'm reading a book given to me by trusted ally to the cause, Troy "The Turner" Turner. I am throughly enjoying ET TU, BABE written by Mark Leyner and must say if you like Palahniuks Fight Club and appreciate Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, then definitely put this book on your 'to read' list. Wild, vulgar and descriptive, Leyner provides a definition of the difficult with expert word-crafting. I've accused the Turner of ghost writing this book under the name of Mark Leyner, which he denies. I refuse to believe him in his denial but none-the less, get this book... Read this book and enjoy it, babe.

I stumbled upon THE COATHANGERS while stealing time from my employer. 'steeling time' is the first step toward Class War... Anyway, don't mean to veer away from the topic at hand. For that, my apologies. The Coathangers Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squezze Records) is this bands fourth full-length. The inescapable music scene of 'now™' can still reveal gems such as The Coathangers... Comparisons to Sleeter-Kinny and Wild Flag aside, Suck My Shirt brings to mind Kleenex/Lilliput, and to a lesser degree The Rogers Sisters, Buzzcocks, even a touch of The Spits! Jammed front to back with seething bluesy, rather vicious, aserbic bites akin to what was witnesses in the Riot Grrrl movement. Looking back in hindsight at the whole Riot Grrrl 'thing' I was, and still continue to be influenced by the sheer go-and-do-it attitude behind Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Tribe 8 and many others. The Riot Grrls still yet, will have their day! Anyway, an amply charged gift certificate from Amazon begat this purchase which worked with an Amazon application that enabled me to instantly listen to 'my' music! So with the so-called holidays approaching, be sure you get that app and take full- advantage of what your 'smart device' (phone/tablet) can do!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hit The Right Spot - Record Fair, Killii Killii, Suds, S H I T

It was at the very first Northside Record Fair that I learned about 'record spotting, which was by total accident. I was looking for a copy of Black Sabbaths "Paranoid" album that contains my favorite song they do, "War Pigs." Even though I found a copy and actually had the cash in hand when I noticed something on the cover. "What's this stain on the cover." I asked innocently enough scratching the spot and removing small flakes of the unknown substance. "Well, it's a 'spotted' record" he said bringing to notice that the record was from a certain, small section of LPs labeled SPOTTED "What the fuck is a 'spotted record' and why are they so special?" I asked this question still holding the cash in my hand and the record resting on a crate of records. The tale he told, exposed a very seedy underground ring of weirdos. Well, the spot as it would turn out was actually jism. There's a small sect of record collectors that use the records for an 'inspirational listen' and climax upon the record. Each record in the section had similar 'spots' most of which, but not all, were originated from the record seller according to him. Upon finishing his tale, I rplaced the money in my pocket and immediately dispatched myself to the restroom to wash my hands. So yeah, see ya at the Third Northside Record Fair!

Shortly after a blazing show in Louisville, Kentuckee featuring The Socials, OPPOSABLE THUMBS and Noise Pollution Records artist MADAME MACHINE -- who completed recording a full-length for Noise Pollution which included a by-gone cover of GREEN FORMICA TABLE -- the band disintegrated. Long story short, Salena and Forrest formed a new band who, according to Salena, are beginning to do shows. The new band is called KILLII KILLII... Just in-case your wondering, Killii Killii is the call of the American Kestrel of which is the smallest of all of the falcons according to expert 'Avianologist' Salena Filichia goes on to explain: "It's [Killii Killii] louder than Madame Machine... Musically, it is like complicated pop rock, I guess... With a lot of noise" you could expect sightings and shows of Killii Killii in the Louisville Zone frequently and probably in Cincinnati into the spring -- if we survive the winter...

Don't call it a come-back and actually, don't call it a 'real' release either. THE CINCINNATI SUDS, premier goblin-fighters have a four-song CD demo supposedly, exclusively, available from BLACK PLASTIC RECORDS in Northside. I say supposedly because according to Suds spokesman, ALL the copies of the CD has been 'distributed' and, in fact, only a stray amount of CD's are possibly available! Chock full of garage rock-n-roll madness, the four songs leave Ya wanting more which was sorta the mission of this 'sampler.' Recorded by Lance Kaufman of the rock-a-billy ambassadors The Star Devils, the intention of the band is to create interest for a vinyl release. Apparently besides the debut of In Your Bedroom, The Suds have several full-lengths of original material that remains un-released.

There's not many bands that would sound at home on a installment of Killed By Death, Punk & Disorderly and/or This Is Boston Not LA, but Toronto Ontarios S.H.I.T. is one of those bands! Out now on Static Shock Records (link below), their latest dingle that's now available on limited-run vinyl or you bandcamp (you name the price), "Feeding Time" b/w "Private Lies" reminds me of street-punk drums and blazing buzz-saw guitar of The Freeze, FU's and UK's Partisans rolled into one. So maybe it does lean a bit to the Boston HC side. Regardless, it rages and deserves your attention.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Futurist? We Don't Need No Stinking Futurist

Chili plays an integral part of my existance. Maybe even an unhealthy, integral part of my existance. I explained that Skyline and Gold-Star chili houses utilize the oyster-cracker not only as a 'free' side-appetizer but useful for the last couple of stray-bites that you face as any 3,4 or 5-Way is destined to face... I shown how the crackers small edge enabled the last, uniformed bites, to fit onto the forks prong. It wasn't until asked how I learned that knowledge that I came clean where I got my information. Proudly and with confidence, I proclaimed the truth: "I made it up!" while explaining that designs of oyster-crackers, and different styles of hats, have purpose. "besides..." I explained, "my bullshit makes more sense than wikipedias bullshit." 

BABE RAGE is a new Cincinnati punk-band bringing the grrrowl back to the Riot-Grrl ethos. "I'm Pretty", a self-declared demo recording, brings to front mid-90's era K RECORDS, SIMPLE MACHINES or KILL ROCK STARS catalogs. Picking up and also reminding sound-wise of Bloody Discharge and The Hypochondriacs--Especially The Hypochondriacs-- it's good hearing that the war isn't over, and the battle rages on. BABE-rages on!

Featuring limited edition artwork, SUBSETS new offering TwoThousandFourteen, picks-up where their four-song Ape-Facin' 7" EP left off. If you dig The Nightbirds, The Ramones, Adolescents and Agent Oranges Living In The Darkness, then these new eight songs steeped with loathing snide ness will solidify that Subsets may be the best punk band that Cincinnati has seen in quite sometime. At breakneck speed, Subsets have found the 'sugar-spot' that gets everyone throwing fist in the air and singing along. Sometimes it's not only ok to scream, to just scream, but actually encouraged! Get this tape while you still can. 

One of my favorite things about punk-rock, and all of its sub-genres, the supply of cool bands and their cool music is seemingly endless. I started listening to punk-rock whilst 97X, The Future of Rock and Roll, we're in their heyday. In a strategic swipe of irony, it's been close to a decade (or even a bit more) since 97X was even remotely phenomenal, so, in essence, there's no room in the future... Entire genres have existed and, for whatever reason, stay under the radar for years. Somewhere, sometime, I remember buying a CD from EX-MODELS and Im pretty sure it was the one from Troubleman Unlimited, a label that never failed me when they were involved. The secondary release, Zoo Psychology from Frenchkiss Records in 2003, is a classic example of how keeping up with genres and sub-genres are impossible. The Rogers Sisters, Go Go Airheart and more recently Footwork or its predecessor Wet Paint and The Savages, cones to mind. Zoo is fast, loud and it has a best as well as savage bite. You can even hear faint whelks as in Prince and The Revolutions 1999 album. If Ya dig no-wave then this decades old CD is for YOU ( you know who you are.)
It's been a while since I had seen a 'real' movie at the picture house. Soon after seeing trailers for BIG HERO SIX, I made plans-- family plans-- to lay the $25.00 down (for three tickets) on a Sunday afternoon matinee. When kids, or my kid, shows interest in a particular show, I spend some time looking what she likes, in order to be more proactive when it comes to the things she likes and why they like them, take TEEN TITANS GO!, for example. It's one of the most useless shows that DC and/or Time-Warner has allowed to be on. I try to provide other options to that show when it comes on... But anyway, I remember my Dad taking me to see KING KONG (late 70s version) and according to my Dad-- I talked through the entire movie! Olive though, she did much, much better. She got a bit angry when a short Pixar/Disney short called FEAST shown and as it ended told Olive "Did Ya like the movie? OK, Let's go." No rolling her though. I'm basically a comic-book herd when it comes to animated movies like Big Hero Six and UP! which is still one of the saddest movies I ever watched. For those of you (whoever YOU are) Big Hero Six is a movie done well enough for the comic-book nerd in me, and the mind of a six year old girl I admired. I'm glad Julie was there though when the tears started flowing!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Digital Block HEALTH Part One of Two

Let it stand. The tryst of me and a screw machine has left me with prescriptions of Vicodin and all its BEAUTIFUL side effects. Some might say I am lucky to still have my left thumb. I think I am luckier to have OFFICIAL permission to use a controlled substance.

Vicodin makes work bearable, almost fun.

It sucks that I am in a lot of pain, I will admit that, getting shots and stitched up in Emergency Rooms is not really how I like to spend my time. I dont have a family doctor; Hell, I dont even really go to the doctor. Those fuckers never tell me anything good.

"Your blood pressure is EXTREMELY HIGH. You will be DEAD in six months if you dont get it in check."

"Heres a number of a foot doctor so he can give you a chrotozone shot in the bottom of your foot."

"You are EXTREMELY overweight. You are a prime suspect to diabetes, heart disease and strokes."

"You should buy some high-top gym shoes for better ankle support."

Ok, I will admit it, that last one wasnt something a doctor said. My gym teacher, Mr. Wright, seem to find time to tell me that at the beginning of every school year I had him all the way up through high school until I moved far, far away to another state. What a fucking dick. He mistook me for someone who actually cares about physical fitness.

I revel in unhealthiness.

I rebel WITH my unhealthiness.

It took me sitting in a waiting room to realize this. In this waiting room there was a TV that kept showing the same health program over and over. It didnt matter if you tried to change the channel because it just stayed on the same channel regardless. Trust me, I tried to change it....

Facts and figures.

Tips and guidelines to a new, healthy you.

Makes me fucking sick. How ironic.

I dont need to know how to avoid a stroke. I mean fuck! It doesnt matter how much you take care of yourself or how much danger you try to avoid; danger persist.

I didnt plan on sticking my thumb between a machine wall and a cam drive.... But I did. and it hurt.

Really bad.

Watching that ‘health’ TV and all the ideas and urgings to live a healthy life.... It was all sickening. My mind wanders right away to The Floating Baron in the first adaptation of the movie DUNE. Now that guys a fucking hero.

I said HERO.

*** In three Hours part two will post

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yes Yes Oui - Ear Plugs 5

I had a dream that I was standing alone watching the infamous Louvr burning. Fire was shooting out of available windows. The museum was fully involved. I could feel the fires heat on my face as the fire pulled available oxygen into the inferno. Suddenly Guy DeBored appeared next to me. I spoke first: "Well, finally... Art is over. Yes?" "Oui Monsieur Over..." As if a switch was flipped, DeBored added in thickly accented English "Sooooo-Over! Pass the marshmallows."

I don't think I need to really set the scene when I mention JAMES WILLIAMSON but Re-Licked, like it or not, is pretty rocking. Pretty, pretty rocking. Old songs, redone, with some newer material rounding out the release with a guest-starring cast. A list Im not going to re-do. I must say, Re-Licked plays well and sounds great. I was most impressed with Jello Biafras contribution, "Head On A Curve", which proves that no-one, NO-ONE sez 'Mother-fucker' better than Biafra!

I'm still shuffling through the NO FRONT TEETH label outta the UK. I entered an Instagram-based giveaway that brought the labels first five releases straight to my embattled, reflective safety-tape ladden mail-box. Winnings include a 10" from the BURNZ and four 7"s bringing me more up to date on 'current punk' than I was before... THE MISCALCULATIONS, SEX CRIME, MINISTERS DEAD/THE BLEACH BOYS,and STALIN VIDEO have my ears full and my Chinese switch-blade craving blood... More and again!

According to my Dads porno-stash, 'Oui' means 'yes.' This has been confirmed by a third party source and the Internet. Thanks.

Speaking of the Internet, I was researching a short story about a computer program for a machine that uses facial recognition for every face it comes across. This face, in the story I've  tentatively called THEE DELUXE COMES, deals with all the images into a composite face representing every face ever photographed or painted and then turned into an holographic interface. Since God made man in his own image, this new face is identified as not only a hologram, but God himself. While researching holograms, I ran across a band called HOLOGRAMS. Go figure!!! Hailing from Stockholm their Self-Titled release of 2011 makes me glad I'm not a futurist. I refuse to admit that everything good has already happened and we are doomed to repeat Nevermind The Bollocks every few years. There's no possible way to keep up with the amount of really cool shit that's happening now... It takes a bit, in Holograms case 3+ years, to get to my ears. I'm one of those people that like Iceage. Iceages 'sound' isn't quite perfect. It's noisy, imperfect and passionfull... Holograms are 'like' Iceage... But the use of synthesizers and evidence of apparent song structure sets Holograms on their own path skewing from the nihilism filled Iceage. Needless to say, if you like Iceage, you will like Holograms. If you DONT like Iceage, then Holograms still yet may do the trick. Here's still danger, uncertainty and catchy angst fuelled punk music out there... Fuck the future, give me the past any day!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Digital Block HEALTH Part Two of Two

You can blame my parents or whatever for my sick and twisted viewpoints of the world. My whole Unhealthy lifestyle and anti-doctor ideologies are proof. I take reverence in the dirty, lost, misguided unfortunate energy that exist in this world. Here.Now. Things are topsy turvey.

Bad is good.

Good is bad.

Negative is good.

Positive is boring.

I like trash. Its art. I dont do drugs but I like to be around people who use or are using drugs.
One time some sort of fucking journalist student at The University of Cincinnati got a wild hair up her ass and took a huge interest in punk-rock one weekend. She was writing some sort of paper or article or some shit like that....

Some locals pointed her my way. So we sat down for a talk.

First she had to badger me because she thought I was a communist. Let the record stand, I dont say this much because its a bore usually but sounds like fun now.

Im NOT a communist. Im not even a Marxist or Leninist or whatever. Theres things I believe in:

The Right to acquire, own and maintain property.
I dont believe in stealing.
I see housing and work as a RIGHT and not a privilege.
I believe in TRUE democracy but have never voted in my entire life.

I told her how I would sell my citizenship IF I think I could get a good pinch of money for it.
These are just a few of my personal beliefs. One idea will coincide with a certain term so I dont try to classify myself.

So this student told me I would hate to visit Myanmar, Russia and China.... Blah, blah, Blah.
"Stalin killed yadda yadda yadda".

"Myanmar builds beaches with slave labor...."
"No, I would LOVE to visit Moscow."
"No, I would LOVE to visit China."
"No, I think Myanmar sounds like my kind of place, maybe even look up Gods Army while I am there."and I had to listen to her fucking mouth.... Her fucking mouth yapping about USELESS shit. Yap. Yap. Yap.
"When I lived in Amsterdam we..."
"When I was in New York we...."

"Im writing about Cincinnati Punk Rock. What is it."

So I told her. I was sitting in the passenger side of a stationwagon owned by the illustrious Matt the Junglecat of The Gazelles. He had a twelve pack of Milwaukees Best half drank on his floorboard. Despite the fact that he was playing the venue, Sudsy Malones, and the continued FACT that his stationwagon was parked just outside thereof, he brought his own for added stimulus and after-show gatherings.

Matt The Junglecat, semper fi. That fucker is ALWAYS prepared.

I was looking down at the beer, shifting my feet around for comfort figuring out what I was going to say.

"Look" I told her and pointed out the windshield at trash laying in the entrance to Sudsys.
Empty,trodden fast food containers.


Cigarette butts.

Random pieces of paper...

Trash. Dirty. Forgotten. Discarded.



She was startled by my sudden moves. Her head scanned back and forth looking for whatever I was pointing at.

"The trash. There, in the doorway. All that trash. THATS Cincinnati Punk Rock."
I dont think she understood. No, wait. Im DEFINITE she didnt understand. Needles to say, she didnt use any of our discussion in the article for The University of Cincinnati's Student Newspaper, The Student Record. Shes gone. Never seen her again I think but Im not to sure because I tend to ignore people who I dont 1)Respect or 2) find entertainment value there-in.
Me. Im still here.

In more ways than one I am the last unicorn. More on that later.

This has been the first installment of Digital Block by Shawn Abnoxious.
Contact me or dont: