Monday, June 23, 2014

The Liberation of Western Civilization Begins by Way of Art

Matt the Junglecat (or just plain JUNGLECAT to you newbies) is a Michigan irregular and current Chicago troublemaker (artist) by way of Cincinnati Ohio*. Junglecat dedicated much of the early millennial years as front man, not only of the Gazelles where he honned his pioneering of 'fountain diving' but also later as a member of THE WHITEGIRLS... Then he 'grew up', 'settled down' and infiltrated the jowls of urban life itself with wife and child in-tow.

Now, remade as an urban disrupter, he unveils EXPO CRYPTO into the frey by way of the system itself.  Behind enemy lines and without oversight. Junglecat has become a near mythical Kurtz-like figure amoung the city drones, spires and other concoctions that thinks they are safe.

No ones safe. 
We are at war.
We been at war.
You no longer need your secrets... Liberate them and build new ones.

Visit the website. Learn. Lean. Sit. Fight

*Chicago suburb? You decide.

Monday, June 9, 2014


I love football even though I never really watch it or much-less play it. So I suppose I should just say I love the concept of football... I cant say that I appreciate the game or even remotly understand the particular feel or sprit of the game (I live a non-competative lifestyle) but that's the truth. The real truth of the matter.

The other day my friends and I were seeing how much weight each of us could bench-press... We searched for our max-out weight. Even though I felt as if I could do more, I stopped after lifting the bar once. It weighed 55 lbs. alone. I declared my great feat of strength acomplished and took up residence in a bean-bag chair across the room and resumed my Walgreens store-brand beer drinking. A brand I re-named Ghost Wheel due to the fact that the cans label art features a stand alone water-wheel in the middle of a river not attatched to a visable structure.

You can get a sixer of this Ghost Wheel for $4 and change. Any beer that you can get a six pack for less than six dollars is, as I say, priced to move.

A hard pull of my sixth, and final wheel brings a little escaping splash that lands on my shirt. I rub it in for good measure. A little spilt beer never hurt anything. As per my ritual, the six pack yoke is still connected to beer number six. It tickles my nose and face everytime I take a drink.

This beer will not last forever. The sixth beer of a six pack is the most desperate beer of the whole six pack. The last one. The last beer that brings about the first step to getting more beer.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thwart...! Chores Playlist Early June 2014

Things are weird around the THWART...! HQ. Call it a writers block or whatever else the kids are fucking calling it, but I just don't really feel like I have anything to say. Sure, I gots loads upon loads of stuff I wanna write about music wise but something is keeping me from reaching a writing apex where things just come easy... So, for now,here is a playlist.

Hoped Destinations cover artI'm hoping 'music therapy' will kick me back in full gear...

BOLD= from Cincinnati      Italics & Bold= from Ohio Proper

Black & Blue THE SPITS "Spits II"
Eyesore Subverts 
VA - You Weren't There A History Of Chicago Punk 77-94
Fat Back Thee Headcoats Elementary Disc 1
Heavenly Charm TOM VERLAINE "Songs And Other Things"
Butcher, Future trins-trans     Darth Vadar
Gonna Make You THE TROGGS "The Best Of The Troggs"
When The Macines Rock TUBEWAY ARMY "Replicas"
3 Important Domestic Inventions THE BEAKERS "Four Steps Toward A Cultural Revolution"
Pop Doormat THE DANCING CIGARETTES "The Gulcher Recordings"
Lifespan THE EMBARRASSMENT "Heyday 1979-83" [Disc 2]
Godfrey Harold Hardy THE EMBARRASSMENT "Heyday 1979-83" [Disc 2]
Corona MINUTEMEN "Double Nickels On The Dime"
O.D. Receiver TUBEWAY ARMY "The Plan"
Sickness BY-PRODUCTS OF AMERICA "Moving and Storage"
On Again/Off Again THE CLEAN "Anthology"
Wet Work Q AND NOT U "Power"
To The Kill VIOLENT FEMMES "Violent Femmes (Deluxe Edition)" [Disc 1]
Without Limbs 100 FLOWERS "100 Years Of Pulchritude"
Below This Level CAN "Anthology 1968-1993" [Disc 2]
Takin' Retards To The Zoo THE DEAD MILKMEN "Big Lizard In My Backyard"
Silver Ponds FIGURINES "Skeleton"
Red/Green BIG BOYS "The Skinny Elvis"
Holidays DESPERATE BICYCLES "Title Unkown from Unknown Source"
Meat Eaters Dikes of Holland 
Live at WFMU on Talk's Cheap, Aug 28th 2012
Apocalypse Rock Dinosaurs and Thunder Hoped Destinations
When The Flesh Hits GO GO GO AIRHEART "Exitheusa"
Spot In My Heart JOSH RITTER "The Historical Conquest of..."
Rumors JOSH RITTER "The Historical Conquest of..."
The Old Laughing Lady NEIL YOUNG "Decade" [Disc 1]
Missy Neonates Untitled Self-Released CD
Can't Get Clean Night Birds The Other Side Of Darkness
River Run Philip Glass, J.La Barbara, I.Nisky, G.Rickard, D.Landry Analog
Crazy PYLON "Hits"
Do It Again QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE "Songs For The Deaf"
Street Fighting Man THE ROLLING STONES "Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)"
Negaman SHEARING PINX "Haruspex"
THE SPITS "self-titled #2" LP cover artSpace Guitar THE SPITS "Spits II"
Bring On The Nubiles The Stranglers No More Heroes
Touch Me SUICIDE "The Second Album"
Between The Lines Synthetic ID S/T EP
The Creeper UNNATURAL AXE "Is Gonna Kick Your Ass"
Brazil WIRE "Pink Flag"
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie BLACK FLAG "Everything Went Black"
The Red Telephone LOVE "Forever Changes"
Alan Is A Cowboy Killer MCLUSKY 
"McLuskyism [Disc 1] A-Sides"
Witch Hunt THE MOB "Let The Tribe Increase"
Romantic Me POLYROCK "Polyrock"
Inhuman SONIC YOUTH "Confusion is Sex"
The World Looks Red SONIC YOUTH "Confusion is Sex"
Confusion Is Next SONIC YOUTH "Confusion is Sex"
Making The Nature Scene SONIC YOUTH "Confusion is Sex"
Gone Missing Wussy Wussy
Adult Books X "Wild Gift"
Rock vs. Single Parents MCLUSKY "My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours"
The Morning After MY DAD IS DEAD "Shine(r)"
Karen THE PERNICIOUS KNIFS "Amond Extract"
Beautiful Beats Q AND NOT U "Power"
Give The Beaches To The People S PRCSS "Tastes Like Daughter"
(She's In A) Bad Mood SONIC YOUTH "Confusion is Sex"
Shaking Hell SONIC YOUTH "Confusion is Sex"
Ghost Town FIGURINES "Skeleton"
Back In The Day FIGURINES "Skeleton"
Protect Me You SONIC YOUTH "Confusion is Sex"
Devil Doll X "More Fun in the New World"
Red Scab Adam & The Ants "Basing Studios Aug. 1978"
Satisfied Burning Itch Burning Itch
Butthole Surfer BUTTHOLE SURFERS "Psychic....Powerless....Another Man's Sac"
Who Are The Boys? Buzzards VA - You Weren't There A History Of Chicago Punk 77-94
Pickney Gal DESMOND DEKKER "The Best of Desmond Dekker"
Daddy's Little Girl John The Conqueror The Good Life
Fireside Chat KASPAROV "Tiny Machines" (final mixes unmastered)
Baby's Lost Touch KILL THE HIPPIES "Erectospective"
Open Your Heart The Men Open Your Heart
Bombshelter NAKED RAYGUN "Basement Screams"
Jumpin' Jack Flash THE ROLLING STONES "Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)"