Monday, June 23, 2014

The Liberation of Western Civilization Begins by Way of Art

Matt the Junglecat (or just plain JUNGLECAT to you newbies) is a Michigan irregular and current Chicago troublemaker (artist) by way of Cincinnati Ohio*. Junglecat dedicated much of the early millennial years as front man, not only of the Gazelles where he honned his pioneering of 'fountain diving' but also later as a member of THE WHITEGIRLS... Then he 'grew up', 'settled down' and infiltrated the jowls of urban life itself with wife and child in-tow.

Now, remade as an urban disrupter, he unveils EXPO CRYPTO into the frey by way of the system itself.  Behind enemy lines and without oversight. Junglecat has become a near mythical Kurtz-like figure amoung the city drones, spires and other concoctions that thinks they are safe.

No ones safe. 
We are at war.
We been at war.
You no longer need your secrets... Liberate them and build new ones.

Visit the website. Learn. Lean. Sit. Fight

*Chicago suburb? You decide.