Thursday, March 17, 2016

X_X Live at Motr Pub

Excellent live recordings of this legendary band full of Ohio music legends

"Jaguar Ride" by X_X at MOTR Pup in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"I Am An Instrument" by X_X at MOTR Pup in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"Cleveland Sucks" by X_X at MOTR Pup in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WARNING: 1oo% ART "The Other March Madness" CONTROVERSIAL IMAGE!!!!

The concept behing this image is several years old. I was not brave enough to publically share it then, choosing specific friends and comrades that would 'get it', but now, I am a braver person.

Please let the record show that I once was involved with a Situationist reading group that read an excerpt of Guy Debords Society of The Spectacle and would then post opinions about the excerpt. I was accused of being a drunk by fellow readers and not invited to return for another session.

But I got a baddass certificate proclaimng my completion of that first session. How Situationist!

“The story of terrorism is written by the state and it is therefore highly instructive… compared with terrorism, everything else must be acceptable, or in any case more rational and democratic.” 

Monday, March 14, 2016

"Laurel Leaves" by MODERN AQUATIC

I got real excited (too excited?) upon hearing the track "Laural Leaves" by MODERN AQUATIC hailing from wait for it... Wait for it... Cincinnati.

I thought it was maybe another off-shoot project by ex-cult-rockers WU-LYF whose nly full-length Go Tell Fire to The Mountain has yet to fing its maximm playing volume or perhaps an post-Walkmen project from its members. Its neither. Its from a local band—even better!

Listen to "Laurel Leaves" by Modern Aquatic.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Maple Stave "V"

One of the things that I really appreciate about Phratry Records isnt only how they support its local scene, but how it activly supports other bands from other scenes! Propelled by the 90's scenes from Louisville and Chicago and hailing from Durham (NC), Maple Stave reminds me of a successful mix of U.S. Maple and The Mountaingoats!I know what your thinking about those comparisons,but alas! Fick-Off! I love both those bands and in-turn, really have a basic, gutteral instant-love for what Maple Stave brings forth on V. Heavy, but melodic, tense and delivering nerve-rattling patterns dechiphered as music... I can say that Maple Staves music grabs me and drags my un-noticeable attention from way-point to way-point that book-ends rolling, up-front drums with crisp, vicious biting guitars forcing me to push onward with them (not against) because to be against them is to be ugly... Ugly isnt now what ugly was. Ugly, now, is the faux beauty of then that still persist. In the movie adaptation of George Orwells 1984... As Winston hears the prole singing and he watches her... That is beauty. Our time is coming... V could be thee soundtrack of that time—that broken dream disguised as hope as a small jar of fruit jelly and real coffee. Lets be beautiful—sooo beautiful together! Watch me vomit after drinking to much. Watch me seeth with pain and cry with anger. Watch me curse the world and pet a stray cat that others wont touch. Watch me flip this record over and over and over... With you. Never against you for you and I will inherit brauty itself.

This 12"ep is also available as a CD and digital download.

U.S.Maple "State is Bad"
Mountain Goats "Prowl"

A.M. Nice 12" EP/CD/MP3 DL

Two brand new ones from Phratry Records... First-up is an A.M.NICE offering. A.M. Nice is a local Cincinnati unit with a 12" EP that is also available on CD and as a MP3 download. This self-titled or untitled effort—whatever the kids are calling it thesedays—features seven tracks  of fast, jerky, angular punk representing the Phratry trademark sound that seems to fall in its ultimate delivery between recent releases from fellow Phratry artist like Knife the Symphony and—here it comes once more—Trigger by Soulside, maybe even be best represented by adding Soulsides highly over-looked Dischord Records label-mates. Ignition. Let the record show that  listens of both Soulside and Ignition were reviewed before once again drawing those comparison(s). It is also of notable notation for a quick mention of the prodction team behind the A.M. Nice release of which includes Sound-Engineering/Recording by the Ear of Fear himself: Shane Chaney and James "Jet-Packk" Burns (sleeve printng) who together represents 2/3rds of what the kids are now calling Swear Jar, another Phratry band! Phratry Records and I are in good standings, and I want our relationship to continue but I must say...  I want MORE reverb, distortion and static in their delivery and FEEDBACK! Gimmie feedback or give me DEATH! I want my face to fucking feel the volume. I want my ears to ring... I want A.M. Nice record 02 to deliver that! Their own, collossal Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth) equivelant! Judging from what I hear in-between and including the tracks "Self Mediate" and "I Didnt Buy This Amp Not To Play It Loud" I think I hear the beginnngs of that future for A.M. Nice and it beautifully makes my teeth hurt! This record is worth the time, money and should never be used as a plate to eat cheese coneys from!

Soulside "K.T.T.K."
Ignition "Revision"

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Whats Wrong With America Today? Tomorrow!

Stan Ridgway (Wall of Voodoo): The New Wave Leon Trotsky?

I remember working as a drone for a 'proud American company' i will call Heck Enterprises Ltd., a manufacturer of electrical connectors and screws. Specifically, I was a tool & dye machinist that survived three total rounds of lay-offs, seen my Aunt who worked at the same company for 30+ years, along with other aging employees receive visits from the companies owner, Mr. Heck, to inquire about their retirement plans and opened up a facility in Juarez, Mexico where  Heck Limited housed a vast majority of automatic screw machines purchased and relocated from a facility in New Hampshire during the 2008 'economic turn-down' or as the kids were calling it back then—simply enough cut-backs.

These cut-backs were the first time Heck Enterprises ever laid-off any of its employees. Ever.

I was recalled to work after three-months of unemployment, my Aunt said good-bye to me with tear-filled eyes and after everything, those employees that were not recalled and volunteer retirees made up about 1/3 of Heck Enterprises local workforces reduction.

Boss Heck was right! Obama was elected and the lay-offs, eliminations of the companies bonus program, as well as other incentives were eliminated but unfortunately, he didn't relocate out of the country as he promised.

So all the jobs that were gone through lay-offs and 'volunteered' retirements were not filled. Those jobs however, still needed to be done. So that workload got shoved onto the remanng employees who were told time and time again that 'they were lucky to still have a job.'

Since then, those lucky hard-working survivors have repeatedly told themselves time and time again that 'at least they had a job.'

So when I hear about food recalls, product defects and other problems that seem to arise out of nowhere that represent an apathetic workforce thats seen themselves rewarded and cursed for their hard-work, I get it. It seems infeasible from some how workers could justify short-cuts that lead to lax-adherence to completing  standard operating procedures that in-turn leads to accidents and sometimes death... Its the manipulation of the American workers pride that is responsible.

We, as American workers, are the victims of our own apathy—our own fatigue. Our anger has been redirected toward one another. One day, as a whole, we will realize that. The day after that realization will be tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, March 7, 2016

You Better Listen to the Radio...!

Answerng a call-for-interviewees on the FB group CINCINNATI D.I.Y, I was asked and later obliged WVXU ntheir never ending mission to seek out interesting parts of the Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

Putting it bluntly and 'keeping it real' in responded to Aspen, Colorado based Raul Kennedy "I didnt even say 'motherfucker' once!"


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

...! Is Thwart Zine - So I Wanna Be A Zinester (again)

You lnow what they say about March: "In like a lion, out like a bloody lamb." That statement holds even more truth now...

No... Now.

On the tail end of the 20th Anniverssary of The Neus Subjex, I have finally achieved terminal velocity with Thwart and have re-invented the storm known as Thwart. Now theres ...! (...! is Thwart) a quad-panel gate-folded zine featuring writings from Thwart Blog as well as other various tidbits from here, there and the whatever zone.

But thats not it... PDF copies of ...! Are available as a free, shareable PDF by e-mail.

If you would like a physical copy of ...! no problem, its gonna cost at least $1.00 (at least) by mail and maybe more if I'm in a bad mood when you contact me.

I will be hustling copies at shows from time to time also for your hard-earned cash. Maybe even via barter and/or trades, just ask.

Copies through e-mail or downloading are free. However, if you want to send me money via PayPal, I will take any amount you offer.

Put ...! Me in the subject line of an E-mail to receive a PDF copy of ...! or to inquire about getting the physical version.
Download your damn PDF copy now