Sunday, March 13, 2016

Maple Stave "V"

One of the things that I really appreciate about Phratry Records isnt only how they support its local scene, but how it activly supports other bands from other scenes! Propelled by the 90's scenes from Louisville and Chicago and hailing from Durham (NC), Maple Stave reminds me of a successful mix of U.S. Maple and The Mountaingoats!I know what your thinking about those comparisons,but alas! Fick-Off! I love both those bands and in-turn, really have a basic, gutteral instant-love for what Maple Stave brings forth on V. Heavy, but melodic, tense and delivering nerve-rattling patterns dechiphered as music... I can say that Maple Staves music grabs me and drags my un-noticeable attention from way-point to way-point that book-ends rolling, up-front drums with crisp, vicious biting guitars forcing me to push onward with them (not against) because to be against them is to be ugly... Ugly isnt now what ugly was. Ugly, now, is the faux beauty of then that still persist. In the movie adaptation of George Orwells 1984... As Winston hears the prole singing and he watches her... That is beauty. Our time is coming... V could be thee soundtrack of that time—that broken dream disguised as hope as a small jar of fruit jelly and real coffee. Lets be beautiful—sooo beautiful together! Watch me vomit after drinking to much. Watch me seeth with pain and cry with anger. Watch me curse the world and pet a stray cat that others wont touch. Watch me flip this record over and over and over... With you. Never against you for you and I will inherit brauty itself.

This 12"ep is also available as a CD and digital download.

U.S.Maple "State is Bad"
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