Wednesday, April 29, 2015

R.Ring News and Tour Dates

Hello, I'm in pretty tight with a Public Relations firm called PR PAVEMENT, who seem to run a tight ship with an up-front attitude. The vast majority of this post is from their press release for a set of upcoming split 7" ep's with a local Dayton/Kentucky (<Cincinnati=Greater Cincinnati) band called R.Ring and Quailbones (SWKY) and Detroit based band, Photomartyr. Keep on reading to find out more information including tour dates and three area appearances) of R.Ring.
Shawn Abnoxious O-3 (...!)

R. Ring is Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery. It is voices, guitars and keys. It is sparse, chaotic, abrasive and lulling, often within the same song. It is new. It is, at the very least, a stark departure from the music they make in their other bands (Kelley with The Breeders and Mike with Ampline).

Kelley lives in Dayton, Ohio. Mike lives in Dayton, Kentucky.

R. Ring's 7" split-single with Kentucky-based garage rockers Quailbones will feature the two respective songs "Singing Tower" & "A Tip to Trick the Tide" and will be released this July in 7" vinyl & digital formats via Sofaburn Records. While this won't be available for a few months yet, R. Ring will be producing an extremely limited (100) handmade, custom-packaged version of it as a 12" vinyl LP with screen-printed artwork just for thier upcoming tour (dates below). 

R. Ring's Mike Montgomery had this to say about their new split single with Qualibones, "Way, way down in the southwestern tip of Kentucky is a sleepy town called Murray. Through an entanglement of dark thoughts and festering boredom oozed a creepy outfit called Quailbones. Kelley and I stepped into their muck at a show in a record shop on an R.Ring tour and instantly fell in love with their music. It was brash, squirmy, drenched and moody… you know… great! We decided then and there to work with them on something… hence, the forthcoming split 7 inch due out this July on SofaBurn. Their track is called, 'A Tip to Trick the Tide' and it’s exactly the Cramps, Echo and the Bunnymen condomless orgy you’d expect! Our song, 'Singing Tower' is a meandering lullaby to a wayward spectre. The single's illustrations were all done by our friend Ali Calis at Able projects.To pre-order the vinyl, go to:

In addition, R. Ring also have a new 7" split-single titled "A Half Of Seven" with Detroit-based post-punk band Protomartyr coming out on vinyl June 16th through Hardly Art and is available to pre-order here. R. Ring's song from it "Loud Underneath" is available as a digital download now here, and Protomartyr's track "Blues Festival" is available digitally now here.

"We’re stoked to have this new song on a split 7 inch with our friends in Protomartyr," Montgomery explains. "They’ve got a stellar song called, 'Blues Festival' that we recorded with them at Candyland in Cincinnati over a couple of snowy days last Winter. All around, it’s been such a great process; we took care of wrangling all the audio and masters, the Protomartyrs did all the artwork and Sarah from Hardly Art took care of all of the manufacturing logistics. Go Team! Both bands will be touring through April/May."

R. Ring will be on tour all spring and will 
be joined by drummer Jose Medeles (The Breeders /
1939 Ensemble
) for a week of dates in the Pacific Northwest, before drummer/professional skater Kristian Svitak (The Heartaches / Swami Records) joins them for their leg back home from L.A.


The Idea Machine™ - Series No.1 - Installment No.5

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Guns and Butter - A Review by Shawn Abnoxious

Yeah, now, even I own a Third Man Record... Or vinyl... Or whatever the kids call it these days (watch out E-Cigs.) This scene is their scene, the kids... I'm just another old man. Like, how I bought this at a record store (Shake It Records) and not thee Third Man Van or Record Truck or whatever it's called at MPMF. And, like how I looked for a download card to fall out when I ripped the shrink-wrap off. Records are for listening... No shrink wrap. No plastic sleeves anymore. And records are for ripping— I guess... I'm part of the 3% that actually likes download codes! Making the record a dollar more expensive or not, I like them. If you, one of the four people who actually read this are real punx rockers, then free yor downloads! Give them to someone who wants them don't let'em collect dust in your dust-jacket aka cover!!! Parquet Courts Live At Third Man sounds great and is one of the better sounding live-records I've not only bought, but really want to hear and was also from a band I really like. I expected more Lo-Fi but, alas, quite the opposite here... No, live records are not essential but with this record, I'm wondering who else has one of these! What other bands, new bands, do I like that I'd lay $11.99 (plus tax) on? Oh yeah, NONE.

Fuck it. I'm going to go put on Dont Be Cruel by Something Fierce on then maybe a Savages listen is in order... 

This record was purchased at Shake It Records.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

You have been... ORT'd by R. Vegas & Diluvian Enterprises

Brought to you by the one and only— 'cause the world couldn't handle two— Robbie Vegas of the Northwest Ohio Zone band(s) Radar Secret Service, Sexual Tension and most recently, David Bay Leaf, ORT is a collection of short black and white comics written, illustrated and released by Vegas himself. With a soundtrack of multiple 7"s by UK Record-tears No Front Teeth Records (Sex Crime, Ministers Dead b/w The Bleach Boys and Miscalculations smasher "A Secret Defense") and to a (verily) lesser degree Stiff Records blues-fused Lew Lewis Reformer, ORT takes you on a shit-referenced jaunt in what, at first, may appear to be an alternate dimension of wrongness and negative-zone punch-lines that you  proly  don't comprehend... But, upon closer inspection in the 11th hour, you actually 'get-it' and you, the reader, finally realize... Soylent Green isn't the punch-line, YOU are the punch-line! There are different worlds out-there, different dimensions that coexist within one, baseline reality, that's shared by all... ORT is what the latest splinter dimension is called. Let Vegas pull you in deeper and deeper. You, mien friend, must be, at lease this tall to not ride this ride... So, basically, naturally, you are fucked. Lucky you.

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