Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Guns and Butter - A Review by Shawn Abnoxious

Yeah, now, even I own a Third Man Record... Or vinyl... Or whatever the kids call it these days (watch out E-Cigs.) This scene is their scene, the kids... I'm just another old man. Like, how I bought this at a record store (Shake It Records) and not thee Third Man Van or Record Truck or whatever it's called at MPMF. And, like how I looked for a download card to fall out when I ripped the shrink-wrap off. Records are for listening... No shrink wrap. No plastic sleeves anymore. And records are for ripping— I guess... I'm part of the 3% that actually likes download codes! Making the record a dollar more expensive or not, I like them. If you, one of the four people who actually read this are real punx rockers, then free yor downloads! Give them to someone who wants them don't let'em collect dust in your dust-jacket aka cover!!! Parquet Courts Live At Third Man sounds great and is one of the better sounding live-records I've not only bought, but really want to hear and was also from a band I really like. I expected more Lo-Fi but, alas, quite the opposite here... No, live records are not essential but with this record, I'm wondering who else has one of these! What other bands, new bands, do I like that I'd lay $11.99 (plus tax) on? Oh yeah, NONE.

Fuck it. I'm going to go put on Dont Be Cruel by Something Fierce on then maybe a Savages listen is in order... 

This record was purchased at Shake It Records.