Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As of 02/28/12 the PDF file for THE LAST AMERICAN, hosted by Mediafire, was asked to be deleted by Agents of 20th Century Fox for 'infringement'. Below you will find the message sent to me concerning this act. So I sent a copy via e-mail to this so-called 'agent' and told him to enjoy the read.
He was at Applebees watching the Big Game.
Enjoy ...THWART! While you can... I can almost hear the whistles of guided missiles heading this way.
They care THAT much. THE LAST AMERICAN is that dangerous. Sorta makes you wanna read it huh? Send an e-mail to SHAWN ABNOXIOUS for your FREE copy. Put "Send American' in the subject line.


The file THE LAST AMERICAN.pdf identified by the key (hxaftw9apyh9tba) has been deleted by MediaFire support.
The reason for deletion was:
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation P.O. Box 900 Los Angeles, CA 90035 02/28/2012 mediafire.com http://www.mediafire.com Dear mediafire.com: I, the undersigned, confirm under penalty of perjury that I am an authorized agent of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and/or its subsidiaries and affiliated companies ("Fox") and am authorized to act on Fox's behalf in this matter. I am writing to notify you of the infringement of Fox's intellectual property rights on your site as identified below and demand that you take immediate action to permanently stop the infringing conduct. I have a good faith belief that the links / files identified in the attached addendum (below) are examples of links / files available through your site that are not authorized by Fox, any of its agents or the law, and therefore infringe Fox's rights. On behalf of Fox, I demand that you immediately remove and disable these links / files. To the extent that multiple different copies of the infringed copyrighted work identified in the subject line above can be found on and through your service, you are required to act expeditiously to remove or disable access to all such infringing copies. This email is not a complete statement of Fox's rights in connection with this matter, and nothing contained herein constitutes an express or implied waiver of any rights, remedies, or defenses of Fox in connection with this matter, all of which are expressly reserved. I may be contacted at: Email: antipiracy@dtecnet.com Sincerely, DtecNet If you have some issues please reply to info.antipiracy@dtecnet.com, reply to no-reply@dtecnet.com will be ignored. Addendum to Notice of Infringement THIS MEANS WAR - List of Allegedly Infringing Links: http://mediafire.com/?lqmx39jvmx1mpb5 http://mediafire.com/?su149rwog3f7vn3 http://mediafire.com/?3eeaca2kkb21rkr http://mediafire.com/?7ysorjq244duuxe http://mediafire.com/?ip62qkhw3c892cw http://mediafire.com/?jowknm5jhft http://mediafire.com/?d4mx1ze19cm http://mediafire.com/?jz1zyjenkyd http://mediafire.com/?1nzmzwnwnln http://mediafire.com/?nca3yldn7rt4eai http://mediafire.com/?o9owx99u7rbafn7 http://mediafire.com/?1xckkmo3j7799cf http://mediafire.com/?hxaftw9apyh9tba http://mediafire.com/?14rv0yxsw0r1514 http://mediafire.com/?5immk1ndyjig1k5 http://mediafire.com/?mv81ukm8uufbxb7 http://mediafire.com/?vrqe3rtrva1imxa http://mediafire.com/?6iu2o04ik77c0kd
This is a post-only mailing. Replies to this message are not monitored or answered.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

...THWART!--THE ZINE (Operation: WAR JEANS ON-Part 1)

Please note: This Blog post is hereby considered part (there of) OPERATION: WAR JEANS ON (part 1) Its a big, involved weekend. Hold on.

...THWART #1 02/2012
...Thwart #1 February 2012

Working backwards...

First the blog, THEN the zine. Usually, its the other way around but not this time. Not to give away the meat of the introduction of THWART #1, but as of NOW you mat read  the first issue of...THWART, which has been designed to coincide with the commemoration of the 16th Anniversary releasing of the very first Neus Subjex in February of 1996.

...THWART #1 is one page (8.5X11), just as Neus Subjex #1... The zine also features the trademark tri-fold as featured as the 2nd Neus Subjex was subsequently released the famous 'teenage unabomber' issue. 

There's a catch to this issue though, one that many will find inter-personal, difficult and alienating... The zine is ALL WORDS. No graphics whatsoever. In celebration of WORDS and their ultimate power... There is just words. The basics. The base, redefined. You get what you deserve, and you deserve words. Also, the font size, thanks to technology sent from foreign lands, the font size is Ariel 5pt. font! Totaling 11.132 words total!!! You get what you deserve. Lots of small, tiny words! Plus, also like the original '96 Neus Subjex #1, it is limited to just 100 copies.

The issue features select re-prints from the first months of this blog (just the words) and intros and out-tros of new material where I talk about printing and Neus Subjex history and the whys and how's of ...THWART #1... So, put all of this together and you may agree that ...THWART! #1 is a test... No shame in failing, just shame in not trying. Your best is always good enough for me, no matter what.

Imagine that, a publication being difficult and alienating. Your welcome.

If you are interested in attaining a copy of ...THWART! #1 you can do one of the following

1) Ask for one, or wait for me to give you one when I see you.

2) Send a SASE to 
     po box 18081
     fairfield, Ohio. 45018

Just as God promised that the earth and everything living on it would never again be destroyed by a flood... I promise to never do a zine of just words again for any ...THWART! followers.

Hmm. Maybe an all pictures zine...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The End Is Near (Since 1979)

The end has been near
since 1979
No strong society
would allow such displays
as this.
This is a sign
of weakness,
not strength.
This is desperation...
This is contempt...
This is facsimile...
This is proof that
the end has been coming 
for quite some time now.
Since 1979
Shake it dont brake it
Fake it till you make it
Wait for the big turn...
The cold-sore is inspiring.
and over
and over.
Rinse and repeat.
Ah! Another big turn!
Why am I not surprised?
Rinse and repeat.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hark!--Straight from Zone 4

Eat some dried banana chips
just before you go to bed
to start up the nightmare machine.
See what ya get...
A talking navel
growing larger and larger...
I said "...of course they are watching us"
"We are dangerous..."
And... [p a u s e ]
We are bound by their efforts
to silence us with bad days
and trials of attempted pacification 
through the distribution of diet soda...
Straight from Zone 4 (Z4) motherfuckers!
Zone 4: Gonna give'ya More!!!!
But.... [ p a u s e ]
You were right...
It is happening.
Faster than we originally thought too!
All our friends will be there
when they haul us all in...
Kicking and screaming
and drunk on store brand beer.
It'll be as-if a reunion.
                       A big party...
                I'll tell ya though,
        they should proly just 
     go ahead and marry us 
             with a bullet to the head...
That'd be some easy-easy love...
Why do the keep us around?
            Why bother with it all?
 To make themselves feel superior
                                over somebody?
Keep us around to lick their boots?
Yeah... [ p a u s e ]
They need us...
They need us to make themselves
                                         feel tuff...
As a wise, brave man once said:   
                                          "Fuck it."
And that made more sense 
than most things ever said.
(Before or since...)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big Flubs at Firehouse Subs (Food Views)

Sunday 02/12/12 (Afternoon)
7770 Dudley Dr. West Chester, OH. 45069

I heard good things about FIREHOUSE SUBS but all of that quickly began disintegrating just after a few steps inside their establishment. Skepticism hit me hard from the get-go. This place boasted in their door how it was founded by firefighters... So what? Big fucking whoop! Trying to tug on the heart-strings There a bit? Nothing makes Americans eat more than guilt and/or pride. Right? Maybily so because the place was packed... Lots of people in there chowing down with only a few seating choices left. Good sign? Usually, but this time the sense of crowding felt like it was from poor design (everybody seem to be sitting right on top of each other). A couple strategically placed TVs had THE BIG GAME™ (basketball form) on, rather LOUDLY too... There was an immediate sense of urgency, uneasiness and good old fashioned stress that led to a family wide discomfort that would exist until the experiences finish.

The staff seemed disinterested and were running through the motions on automatic. Overworked and under appreciated maybe? I know Ive been there myself but there is a time and place, and more importantly, a TARGET for such behavior: the boss and/or manager not the guy who has chosen to try something new with his family. We were new to the FIREHOUSE SUBS and were vocal and upfront about it. The cashier actually rolled his eyes while we asked him a couple 'lead-in' questions about the place...  I found their menu on the wall a busy mess and their paper brochure menu's a bit confusing. We each ordered a 'combo' and were left at the end of our ordering not really too sure what exactly constituted a combo. "So we just grab our chips? Uh.... Oh... ok" We were expected to know that we were to get our chips, Olives brownie, wait for our name to be called and then raise our hand so our sandwiches could be shuttled to us...

Hmmm. 'Labored.'

I got a meatball sub combo (on wheat) warm but not exactly exhibiting the characteristics of being toasted.. It tasted good. As good as the same thing from SUBWAY I suppose, but my sub almost instantly fell apart when I took my first bite. If that had happened because it was so big with bunches of stuffs and such, it wouldn't have been a bad thing. I would have proudly brandished a fork and felt better about taking up the physical challenge of over portioned servings (in fact, I prefer it)... but it fell apart because of poor quality and construction. My sub was not made from a place of pride or respect. My sub was not made with love and qualitus ingredients. It was made because it was ordered, an obligation. An obligation to BARELY fill a request... Or so it felt that way. Why would I get a sub that's actually a bit lesser of a product than an equivalent to a SUBWAY offering for more money? I wanted something BETTER than I  could get somewhere else... At least something different. If  I was going to pay PENN STATION or QUIZNOS prices then it had to be equal, or greater than a $5 foot long! If I was to wait out the meatball delivery  truck to FIREHOUSE SUBS I would bet $5 that the same service supplies both. I really wanted to be impressed, but I wasn't. Doritos as part of my combo deal? Really? I could get Doritos at Subway, Quiznos and I think at Penn Station too. Honestly, I could spend what I spent at FIREHOUSE SUBS on a store bought meal and NOT have Doritos and eat better (actually for less too). Julies meatball subs are way better with a follow-up promise (beautiful threat) of spaghetti AND meatballs the next day! Now THAT'S something. Ultimately, FIREHOUSE SUBS just didn't have much to offer me. I can see that now... Yeah, 'now'


Julie got an Italian Sub. She ended up liking her sub much more than I liked mine (but would agree with many of my points within this article). Olive got a grilled cheese and was excited to get a kids fireman's hat and not as bothered to be eating fucking Doritos as part of a MEAL as I was,but another disappointment was something else I heard fabulous things about.. The Coca Cola 'Freestyle' fountain drink machine...

Double sheesh.

This machine boast over 100 drink choices of Coke products and flavorings and is suppose to revolutionize fountain drinks at restaurants... It was in need of servicing as I attempted my FIRST drink fetching and refuse to dispense soda. If you know me then you know that I can put away some pop... I was actually mad when I couldn't fill up my drink and already began to eat my fucking Doritos while waiting for my soon to arrive terribly mediocre sub. My sub choice arrived and already fell apart in all its mediocrity and I got a fork all before my first fill up.

Yeah, 100 flavors to choose from but I get regular Coke (Shawn Abnoxious

My first refill, I decided to try a Orange flavored Coke. Better than what I had, but still not verily good. Not something I would recommend... not something I would readily choose again (either). This could have been, at least a three refill type of meal (with the third refill being a take-away/walking refill) but there were no further refills. That's saying something strongly worth mentioning...

All of the above coupled with the fact that the whole place felt genuinely dirty with the floors in terrible need of sweeping, tables in need of a good wiping off and the staff appearing unmotivated, labored and disinterested in the bare minimums of restaurant enthusiasm...  It all equals an unappealing environment. At one point I felt  like the lackluster cashier who originally took our order was trying to start a good olde tyme stare-down with me! Really? Cant a guy drink terrible soda and eat a overpriced fall-apart sub with a fork and eat some fucking Doritos with his family while The Big Game™ blares in the background, without further battles? Makes be feel generous in barely awarding this place a rating 2/5.

I did my part of the bargain. I brought my family, my wallet, my interest and my appetite... I left with disappointment, plans to pick up a little something more at the grocery store and a fireman's hat for Olive who I told to take care of real good and make it last because we wont be going back for a long, long time...

If your wondering, my Kroger's store brand microwave French Bread Pizzas washed down with Big K brand soda really hit the spot even if I felt verily little guilt during its ingesting.


Sunday, February 5, 2012


The JETS win The Super Bowl!

My mind sails and cascades backwards several years 
to a news report I heard
 explaining how a scientific study 
had discovered trace amounts of jet fuel 
showing up in women's breast milk.

I have never called them 'breast' again.

And THE JETS are my favorite football team...

Whatever 'football' is.

Margarita Hold the Bat.jpg

When Julie ordered a margarita 
I specified to the server to please "hold the bat" 
to which he explained 
the picture on their menu more in-depthly... 

He pointed out 
how the guy seems to be leaning into the bats swing... 
"Oh, he is self-destructive" I pointed out.

"Please hold the bat" I re-stated.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BOOK PILE: Bright's Passage by Josh Ritter

The Josh Ritter responsible for the novel BRIGHT'S PASSAGE is the same Josh 
Ritter (no relation to The Three's Company guy) that has also released some great musical releases including ANIMAL YEARS and HISTORICAL CONQUEST OF JOSH RITTER (the two I own and share familiarity with). If it hadn't been for mein bruddy, T-Wray I still may not know who Josh Ritter was. T-Wray turned me onto his copy of ANIMAL YEARS that I went out almost immediately and got a copy for myself mostly just so I could read through the CD lyric book in leisure. 

So when I learned Josh Ritter wrote a book, I figured it to be a must-have. If I could enjoy a CDs lyric book, then a novel was a sure bet. I downloaded a sample first... It read well and did what a sample should do, make me want to know what happens next, so mission acomplished concerning that much... 

I'm not sure exactly what direction the book will ultimately go (of course, because I have yet to read it and BOOKPILE isn't necessarily about the book, but the ENERGY that goes into the acquiring of a book. Duh!)  but BRIGHTS PASSAGE set in the 1920's post WWI) and in just the free sample there was a childbirth, an act of arson, an argument with a guardian angel and a eerie talking horse! Rest assured, this horse ain't no Talking Ed talking horse either! 
I'm looking forward to getting into BRIGHTS PASSAGE... I heard in an interview, or read somewhere that Ritter intended for parts of this book to be humorous... Whereas I didn't see any of that in just my sample, I have high hopes that BRIGHTS PASSAGE will come off in a final delivery like if The  Coen Brothers wrote their own novel... but all of that remains to be seen as the book unfolds.  BRIGHTS PASSAGE, at first glance, appears to be a book about the trials of faith and belief and for whatever reason, I get a real strong, similar feel to the book as I got with varied and frequent watchings of the movie NORTHFORK... So maybe some of that humor is waiting on just the next page over.

Also, in that footage or whatever it was where I heard about this book being humorous, Ritter also said that this book [Brights Passage] is the first one he is 'letting' others see. So I suppose this is just the beginning for him... Beginnings are good, its where stuff starts. Get on board why dont'cha...