Saturday, February 25, 2012

...THWART!--THE ZINE (Operation: WAR JEANS ON-Part 1)

Please note: This Blog post is hereby considered part (there of) OPERATION: WAR JEANS ON (part 1) Its a big, involved weekend. Hold on.

...THWART #1 02/2012
...Thwart #1 February 2012

Working backwards...

First the blog, THEN the zine. Usually, its the other way around but not this time. Not to give away the meat of the introduction of THWART #1, but as of NOW you mat read  the first issue of...THWART, which has been designed to coincide with the commemoration of the 16th Anniversary releasing of the very first Neus Subjex in February of 1996.

...THWART #1 is one page (8.5X11), just as Neus Subjex #1... The zine also features the trademark tri-fold as featured as the 2nd Neus Subjex was subsequently released the famous 'teenage unabomber' issue. 

There's a catch to this issue though, one that many will find inter-personal, difficult and alienating... The zine is ALL WORDS. No graphics whatsoever. In celebration of WORDS and their ultimate power... There is just words. The basics. The base, redefined. You get what you deserve, and you deserve words. Also, the font size, thanks to technology sent from foreign lands, the font size is Ariel 5pt. font! Totaling 11.132 words total!!! You get what you deserve. Lots of small, tiny words! Plus, also like the original '96 Neus Subjex #1, it is limited to just 100 copies.

The issue features select re-prints from the first months of this blog (just the words) and intros and out-tros of new material where I talk about printing and Neus Subjex history and the whys and how's of ...THWART #1... So, put all of this together and you may agree that ...THWART! #1 is a test... No shame in failing, just shame in not trying. Your best is always good enough for me, no matter what.

Imagine that, a publication being difficult and alienating. Your welcome.

If you are interested in attaining a copy of ...THWART! #1 you can do one of the following

1) Ask for one, or wait for me to give you one when I see you.

2) Send a SASE to 
     po box 18081
     fairfield, Ohio. 45018

Just as God promised that the earth and everything living on it would never again be destroyed by a flood... I promise to never do a zine of just words again for any ...THWART! followers.

Hmm. Maybe an all pictures zine...