Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As of 02/28/12 the PDF file for THE LAST AMERICAN, hosted by Mediafire, was asked to be deleted by Agents of 20th Century Fox for 'infringement'. Below you will find the message sent to me concerning this act. So I sent a copy via e-mail to this so-called 'agent' and told him to enjoy the read.
He was at Applebees watching the Big Game.
Enjoy ...THWART! While you can... I can almost hear the whistles of guided missiles heading this way.
They care THAT much. THE LAST AMERICAN is that dangerous. Sorta makes you wanna read it huh? Send an e-mail to SHAWN ABNOXIOUS for your FREE copy. Put "Send American' in the subject line.


The file THE LAST AMERICAN.pdf identified by the key (hxaftw9apyh9tba) has been deleted by MediaFire support.
The reason for deletion was:
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation P.O. Box 900 Los Angeles, CA 90035 02/28/2012 mediafire.com http://www.mediafire.com Dear mediafire.com: I, the undersigned, confirm under penalty of perjury that I am an authorized agent of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and/or its subsidiaries and affiliated companies ("Fox") and am authorized to act on Fox's behalf in this matter. I am writing to notify you of the infringement of Fox's intellectual property rights on your site as identified below and demand that you take immediate action to permanently stop the infringing conduct. I have a good faith belief that the links / files identified in the attached addendum (below) are examples of links / files available through your site that are not authorized by Fox, any of its agents or the law, and therefore infringe Fox's rights. On behalf of Fox, I demand that you immediately remove and disable these links / files. To the extent that multiple different copies of the infringed copyrighted work identified in the subject line above can be found on and through your service, you are required to act expeditiously to remove or disable access to all such infringing copies. This email is not a complete statement of Fox's rights in connection with this matter, and nothing contained herein constitutes an express or implied waiver of any rights, remedies, or defenses of Fox in connection with this matter, all of which are expressly reserved. I may be contacted at: Email: antipiracy@dtecnet.com Sincerely, DtecNet If you have some issues please reply to info.antipiracy@dtecnet.com, reply to no-reply@dtecnet.com will be ignored. Addendum to Notice of Infringement THIS MEANS WAR - List of Allegedly Infringing Links: http://mediafire.com/?lqmx39jvmx1mpb5 http://mediafire.com/?su149rwog3f7vn3 http://mediafire.com/?3eeaca2kkb21rkr http://mediafire.com/?7ysorjq244duuxe http://mediafire.com/?ip62qkhw3c892cw http://mediafire.com/?jowknm5jhft http://mediafire.com/?d4mx1ze19cm http://mediafire.com/?jz1zyjenkyd http://mediafire.com/?1nzmzwnwnln http://mediafire.com/?nca3yldn7rt4eai http://mediafire.com/?o9owx99u7rbafn7 http://mediafire.com/?1xckkmo3j7799cf http://mediafire.com/?hxaftw9apyh9tba http://mediafire.com/?14rv0yxsw0r1514 http://mediafire.com/?5immk1ndyjig1k5 http://mediafire.com/?mv81ukm8uufbxb7 http://mediafire.com/?vrqe3rtrva1imxa http://mediafire.com/?6iu2o04ik77c0kd
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