Thursday, March 1, 2012


(Status in Verse)
Stay tuned for a message from the front...
It's always a battle...
Fight after fight these days...
These UltrAmerican™ days
of UltrAmerican™ ways...
February 29th, 2012
Thee Last Days of Thee Suck-Off.
The end has begun...
Their end....
Measured (as worth)
by the fervor their attacks...
I’m (if anything) impressed...
Next level dedication.
That dangerous as realized!
  Their attempts to silence...
                  And/or to nullify...
                   And/or to pacify...
              And/or to eliminate...
    Their attempted extinction...
                    Their death blow...
    Against The Last American...
It's real cute (if anything).
Special and endearing (if anything).
Desperate and revealing (if anything).
But I have listened.
I have paid attention.
I have been a good student.
I have learned well...
Too well to just accept
their judgments
and attacks...
                  I have learned too much
to just lay down and surrender now.
There is no surrender!
                  Only death.
There is no compromise!
The Last American is on the death-ground
There is nothing to do but fight (or else).
To survive (if anything) (or else).
With a river behind
and their spears ahead...
No escape...
But... Alas! 
They can still be out maneuvered.
Their machine is big and cumbersome.
Perseverance holds true in the battle, the war...
(it always has)
      They have been out maneuvered
(already) the very moment they attacked...
The Last American, already, had won. 
Their attack was all they had left...
The real fight (on this side) hasn't began yet.
            A brief time of reflection
            reveals; a plan!
Instant reference to Department 1!!!
The Last American will survive.
The Last American will persist.
The Last American has just began to fight.
The Last American stands on the death-ground...
The Last American has already won!
You cannot kill an idea...
You cannot win a war 
        you already lost.
You cannot beat an enemy
   that has nothing to loose.
You cannot wage war 
  against the ungovernable.
You cannot draw a line 
          and dare its crossing!
You can never defeat a survivor...
They have learned nothing!
The Last American has learned everything.
The Last American is a corner-fighter...
The other end, the other side
far away from what they got.
The opposition to what they have to offer...
What they got, it isn't wanted by most...
By The Last American
Go ahead, have your spot,
but stay away from here.
Keep out! 
No rats allowed! 
This is Freedom Zone Zero!
I don't care about what you have,
I let you exist, to prove my point.
Keep Away!
No rats allowed!
Are you that afraid?
That insecure?
That worried?
You don't have to answer that...
I don't expect an answer...
I know the answer.
I see your beautiful fear.
Your actions have beget your answer.
I see your desperation.
I thrive on your desperation.
Is that all you got?
I know that answer too...
I’m not drawing a line,
All of this...
This is a crossing of a line.
                             Your line.
Pushing thru your line.
This is a beginning.
This is survival.
I don't want what you got.
I want what I already have.
Freedom is mine.
Zone Zero is MINE!
Is The Last American that dangerous?
You don't need to answer that.
You have already answered that.
I know the answer.
A plan exist.
There is a plan!
Yeah, you should be nervous!
You should be afraid.
Watch your lines...
Keep your eyes open.
Country-air is good for you.
Breathe deeply.
You will breathe deeply.
God, bless America.
God, forgive America.
God has blessed The Last American.
Thank you for your blessings!
They are accepted.
The question remains unanswered
even now...
Who is the Last American?
You don't have to answer that...
Your actions have shown the answer...
The student has become the master.
The master is nervous 
during thee last days of thee suck-off,
and I...
I understand!
I know what I must do.
Its clear to me what must be done.
I am left with no other choice!
I will...
I must...  Spike thee victory!
(once again)
Ultimately, this is all your fault.
See how well I have learned after all?