Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hark!--Straight from Zone 4

Eat some dried banana chips
just before you go to bed
to start up the nightmare machine.
See what ya get...
A talking navel
growing larger and larger...
I said "...of course they are watching us"
"We are dangerous..."
And... [p a u s e ]
We are bound by their efforts
to silence us with bad days
and trials of attempted pacification 
through the distribution of diet soda...
Straight from Zone 4 (Z4) motherfuckers!
Zone 4: Gonna give'ya More!!!!
But.... [ p a u s e ]
You were right...
It is happening.
Faster than we originally thought too!
All our friends will be there
when they haul us all in...
Kicking and screaming
and drunk on store brand beer.
It'll be as-if a reunion.
                       A big party...
                I'll tell ya though,
        they should proly just 
     go ahead and marry us 
             with a bullet to the head...
That'd be some easy-easy love...
Why do the keep us around?
            Why bother with it all?
 To make themselves feel superior
                                over somebody?
Keep us around to lick their boots?
Yeah... [ p a u s e ]
They need us...
They need us to make themselves
                                         feel tuff...
As a wise, brave man once said:   
                                          "Fuck it."
And that made more sense 
than most things ever said.
(Before or since...)