Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BOOK PILE: Bright's Passage by Josh Ritter

The Josh Ritter responsible for the novel BRIGHT'S PASSAGE is the same Josh 
Ritter (no relation to The Three's Company guy) that has also released some great musical releases including ANIMAL YEARS and HISTORICAL CONQUEST OF JOSH RITTER (the two I own and share familiarity with). If it hadn't been for mein bruddy, T-Wray I still may not know who Josh Ritter was. T-Wray turned me onto his copy of ANIMAL YEARS that I went out almost immediately and got a copy for myself mostly just so I could read through the CD lyric book in leisure. 

So when I learned Josh Ritter wrote a book, I figured it to be a must-have. If I could enjoy a CDs lyric book, then a novel was a sure bet. I downloaded a sample first... It read well and did what a sample should do, make me want to know what happens next, so mission acomplished concerning that much... 

I'm not sure exactly what direction the book will ultimately go (of course, because I have yet to read it and BOOKPILE isn't necessarily about the book, but the ENERGY that goes into the acquiring of a book. Duh!)  but BRIGHTS PASSAGE set in the 1920's post WWI) and in just the free sample there was a childbirth, an act of arson, an argument with a guardian angel and a eerie talking horse! Rest assured, this horse ain't no Talking Ed talking horse either! 
I'm looking forward to getting into BRIGHTS PASSAGE... I heard in an interview, or read somewhere that Ritter intended for parts of this book to be humorous... Whereas I didn't see any of that in just my sample, I have high hopes that BRIGHTS PASSAGE will come off in a final delivery like if The  Coen Brothers wrote their own novel... but all of that remains to be seen as the book unfolds.  BRIGHTS PASSAGE, at first glance, appears to be a book about the trials of faith and belief and for whatever reason, I get a real strong, similar feel to the book as I got with varied and frequent watchings of the movie NORTHFORK... So maybe some of that humor is waiting on just the next page over.

Also, in that footage or whatever it was where I heard about this book being humorous, Ritter also said that this book [Brights Passage] is the first one he is 'letting' others see. So I suppose this is just the beginning for him... Beginnings are good, its where stuff starts. Get on board why dont'cha...