Saturday, April 4, 2015

You have been... ORT'd by R. Vegas & Diluvian Enterprises

Brought to you by the one and only— 'cause the world couldn't handle two— Robbie Vegas of the Northwest Ohio Zone band(s) Radar Secret Service, Sexual Tension and most recently, David Bay Leaf, ORT is a collection of short black and white comics written, illustrated and released by Vegas himself. With a soundtrack of multiple 7"s by UK Record-tears No Front Teeth Records (Sex Crime, Ministers Dead b/w The Bleach Boys and Miscalculations smasher "A Secret Defense") and to a (verily) lesser degree Stiff Records blues-fused Lew Lewis Reformer, ORT takes you on a shit-referenced jaunt in what, at first, may appear to be an alternate dimension of wrongness and negative-zone punch-lines that you  proly  don't comprehend... But, upon closer inspection in the 11th hour, you actually 'get-it' and you, the reader, finally realize... Soylent Green isn't the punch-line, YOU are the punch-line! There are different worlds out-there, different dimensions that coexist within one, baseline reality, that's shared by all... ORT is what the latest splinter dimension is called. Let Vegas pull you in deeper and deeper. You, mien friend, must be, at lease this tall to not ride this ride... So, basically, naturally, you are fucked. Lucky you.

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