Sunday, March 13, 2016

A.M. Nice 12" EP/CD/MP3 DL

Two brand new ones from Phratry Records... First-up is an A.M.NICE offering. A.M. Nice is a local Cincinnati unit with a 12" EP that is also available on CD and as a MP3 download. This self-titled or untitled effort—whatever the kids are calling it thesedays—features seven tracks  of fast, jerky, angular punk representing the Phratry trademark sound that seems to fall in its ultimate delivery between recent releases from fellow Phratry artist like Knife the Symphony and—here it comes once more—Trigger by Soulside, maybe even be best represented by adding Soulsides highly over-looked Dischord Records label-mates. Ignition. Let the record show that  listens of both Soulside and Ignition were reviewed before once again drawing those comparison(s). It is also of notable notation for a quick mention of the prodction team behind the A.M. Nice release of which includes Sound-Engineering/Recording by the Ear of Fear himself: Shane Chaney and James "Jet-Packk" Burns (sleeve printng) who together represents 2/3rds of what the kids are now calling Swear Jar, another Phratry band! Phratry Records and I are in good standings, and I want our relationship to continue but I must say...  I want MORE reverb, distortion and static in their delivery and FEEDBACK! Gimmie feedback or give me DEATH! I want my face to fucking feel the volume. I want my ears to ring... I want A.M. Nice record 02 to deliver that! Their own, collossal Daydream Nation (Sonic Youth) equivelant! Judging from what I hear in-between and including the tracks "Self Mediate" and "I Didnt Buy This Amp Not To Play It Loud" I think I hear the beginnngs of that future for A.M. Nice and it beautifully makes my teeth hurt! This record is worth the time, money and should never be used as a plate to eat cheese coneys from!

Soulside "K.T.T.K."
Ignition "Revision"