Monday, November 10, 2014

Futurist? We Don't Need No Stinking Futurist

Chili plays an integral part of my existance. Maybe even an unhealthy, integral part of my existance. I explained that Skyline and Gold-Star chili houses utilize the oyster-cracker not only as a 'free' side-appetizer but useful for the last couple of stray-bites that you face as any 3,4 or 5-Way is destined to face... I shown how the crackers small edge enabled the last, uniformed bites, to fit onto the forks prong. It wasn't until asked how I learned that knowledge that I came clean where I got my information. Proudly and with confidence, I proclaimed the truth: "I made it up!" while explaining that designs of oyster-crackers, and different styles of hats, have purpose. "besides..." I explained, "my bullshit makes more sense than wikipedias bullshit." 

BABE RAGE is a new Cincinnati punk-band bringing the grrrowl back to the Riot-Grrl ethos. "I'm Pretty", a self-declared demo recording, brings to front mid-90's era K RECORDS, SIMPLE MACHINES or KILL ROCK STARS catalogs. Picking up and also reminding sound-wise of Bloody Discharge and The Hypochondriacs--Especially The Hypochondriacs-- it's good hearing that the war isn't over, and the battle rages on. BABE-rages on!

Featuring limited edition artwork, SUBSETS new offering TwoThousandFourteen, picks-up where their four-song Ape-Facin' 7" EP left off. If you dig The Nightbirds, The Ramones, Adolescents and Agent Oranges Living In The Darkness, then these new eight songs steeped with loathing snide ness will solidify that Subsets may be the best punk band that Cincinnati has seen in quite sometime. At breakneck speed, Subsets have found the 'sugar-spot' that gets everyone throwing fist in the air and singing along. Sometimes it's not only ok to scream, to just scream, but actually encouraged! Get this tape while you still can. 

One of my favorite things about punk-rock, and all of its sub-genres, the supply of cool bands and their cool music is seemingly endless. I started listening to punk-rock whilst 97X, The Future of Rock and Roll, we're in their heyday. In a strategic swipe of irony, it's been close to a decade (or even a bit more) since 97X was even remotely phenomenal, so, in essence, there's no room in the future... Entire genres have existed and, for whatever reason, stay under the radar for years. Somewhere, sometime, I remember buying a CD from EX-MODELS and Im pretty sure it was the one from Troubleman Unlimited, a label that never failed me when they were involved. The secondary release, Zoo Psychology from Frenchkiss Records in 2003, is a classic example of how keeping up with genres and sub-genres are impossible. The Rogers Sisters, Go Go Airheart and more recently Footwork or its predecessor Wet Paint and The Savages, cones to mind. Zoo is fast, loud and it has a best as well as savage bite. You can even hear faint whelks as in Prince and The Revolutions 1999 album. If Ya dig no-wave then this decades old CD is for YOU ( you know who you are.)
It's been a while since I had seen a 'real' movie at the picture house. Soon after seeing trailers for BIG HERO SIX, I made plans-- family plans-- to lay the $25.00 down (for three tickets) on a Sunday afternoon matinee. When kids, or my kid, shows interest in a particular show, I spend some time looking what she likes, in order to be more proactive when it comes to the things she likes and why they like them, take TEEN TITANS GO!, for example. It's one of the most useless shows that DC and/or Time-Warner has allowed to be on. I try to provide other options to that show when it comes on... But anyway, I remember my Dad taking me to see KING KONG (late 70s version) and according to my Dad-- I talked through the entire movie! Olive though, she did much, much better. She got a bit angry when a short Pixar/Disney short called FEAST shown and as it ended told Olive "Did Ya like the movie? OK, Let's go." No rolling her though. I'm basically a comic-book herd when it comes to animated movies like Big Hero Six and UP! which is still one of the saddest movies I ever watched. For those of you (whoever YOU are) Big Hero Six is a movie done well enough for the comic-book nerd in me, and the mind of a six year old girl I admired. I'm glad Julie was there though when the tears started flowing!