Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yes Yes Oui - Ear Plugs 5

I had a dream that I was standing alone watching the infamous Louvr burning. Fire was shooting out of available windows. The museum was fully involved. I could feel the fires heat on my face as the fire pulled available oxygen into the inferno. Suddenly Guy DeBored appeared next to me. I spoke first: "Well, finally... Art is over. Yes?" "Oui Monsieur Over..." As if a switch was flipped, DeBored added in thickly accented English "Sooooo-Over! Pass the marshmallows."

I don't think I need to really set the scene when I mention JAMES WILLIAMSON but Re-Licked, like it or not, is pretty rocking. Pretty, pretty rocking. Old songs, redone, with some newer material rounding out the release with a guest-starring cast. A list Im not going to re-do. I must say, Re-Licked plays well and sounds great. I was most impressed with Jello Biafras contribution, "Head On A Curve", which proves that no-one, NO-ONE sez 'Mother-fucker' better than Biafra!

I'm still shuffling through the NO FRONT TEETH label outta the UK. I entered an Instagram-based giveaway that brought the labels first five releases straight to my embattled, reflective safety-tape ladden mail-box. Winnings include a 10" from the BURNZ and four 7"s bringing me more up to date on 'current punk' than I was before... THE MISCALCULATIONS, SEX CRIME, MINISTERS DEAD/THE BLEACH BOYS,and STALIN VIDEO have my ears full and my Chinese switch-blade craving blood... More and again!

According to my Dads porno-stash, 'Oui' means 'yes.' This has been confirmed by a third party source and the Internet. Thanks.

Speaking of the Internet, I was researching a short story about a computer program for a machine that uses facial recognition for every face it comes across. This face, in the story I've  tentatively called THEE DELUXE COMES, deals with all the images into a composite face representing every face ever photographed or painted and then turned into an holographic interface. Since God made man in his own image, this new face is identified as not only a hologram, but God himself. While researching holograms, I ran across a band called HOLOGRAMS. Go figure!!! Hailing from Stockholm their Self-Titled release of 2011 makes me glad I'm not a futurist. I refuse to admit that everything good has already happened and we are doomed to repeat Nevermind The Bollocks every few years. There's no possible way to keep up with the amount of really cool shit that's happening now... It takes a bit, in Holograms case 3+ years, to get to my ears. I'm one of those people that like Iceage. Iceages 'sound' isn't quite perfect. It's noisy, imperfect and passionfull... Holograms are 'like' Iceage... But the use of synthesizers and evidence of apparent song structure sets Holograms on their own path skewing from the nihilism filled Iceage. Needless to say, if you like Iceage, you will like Holograms. If you DONT like Iceage, then Holograms still yet may do the trick. Here's still danger, uncertainty and catchy angst fuelled punk music out there... Fuck the future, give me the past any day!