Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Decide Today Zine

I will eventually get arouund to talking/mentioning everything that has came my way during the [third]Northside Record Fair (NSRF). Maybe just in time for the fourth installment of the fair (and a switch to a bi-annual format) It's gonna be close... I admit, walking around the NSRFr, handing out copies ofBad Day At The Plastic Mines, I was a bit taken back when Robert Inhuman (of DECIDE TODAY) actually threw a zine back at me! I had began to solidly believe, after ample time sorting it all out in my head, that kids dont like zines... More importantly, my zines... But that belief, that sentence, was me just aimlessly bullshitting myself. After a couple inspiring coversations, and getting Roberts zine, I was forced to re-examine my reasoning. After completing a new story I wrote, the tough decision of how I was going to release it... Its only natural that Bad Day be resurected for that cause... So, I decided today, that I will resurect it... I will do it for me... I will do it at you. Again, still, if someone likes it, cool. If not, well, thats cool too.... Cleaverly written, Roberts zine is radically charged, leftist slanted, environmental based sloganeering and politically social in nature. Lotsa views and opinions with hard to the left politics. The zine focuses on two songs by his electronic hardcore* outfit, Decide Today. Content includes song lyrics designed to shed light and explain his own views that are also further explained in short, well-written essays that takes his views a step further. "Bulletbelt" concerns the fashion of punk-rock and the theory of addiction to defeat. I found that concept verily interesting. No, your not going to be 100% into everything said, but thats the beauty about it. I can totally see how a zine like this could totally explain some things to anyone new to punk music. The other side of the zine features similar styled essays and format for Decide Todays tune "Dont Talk to Cops" Robert includes self-illustrated artwork throughout this zine which, by itself, is impressive. Im not sure what kind of publishing schedule Robert has, but after seeing his table of political/radical reading materials at the NSRF, Im sure his mission will grow more and more.

*Im probably NOT getting the particular genre description correct...