Monday, October 22, 2012

THE MONGROLLS: Mission to Ruin Rock and/or Roll

Learn more about THE MONGROLLS. Questions by Shawn Abnoxious, answers by Greg Mongroll.

What is the principal mission behind THE MONGROLLS? You got a 'mission statement'?

Let's see. A principal mission behind The Mongrolls? Yeah, I got a mission statement alright. A mission to ruin rock and roll.

Ruin Rock and Roll? Does it really need help? Whats the biggest 'threat' to rock and roll in 2012. Is disco still a threat? Can we like the BeeGees now? Are The Rolling Stones a threat?

Truthfully, no. Rock & Roll don't need no ruining. I just like to help out now and again. Let's bash the dub step scene instead. What the fuck is dub step anyway?

What's the biggest 'threat' to rock and roll in 2012? 

Disco is no longer a threat to Rock & Roll. I'd say Dub Step. What the fuck is Dub Step anyway? Give me The Bee Gees any day. Well, just their early years for me... Speaking of rock & roll, have you heard the new single from The Rolling Stones. It's surprisingly good!

I have, its great… More on that in a minute…. I 'get' how in the song "1977" by The Clash they say "No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones" due to their music being mainstream and 'threats' to complacent rock attitudes... Also, I have no idea what Dub-Step is but I have google. Don't make me use it.

OK. I looked up 'Dubstep' and I'm fine with it being a 'threat' if you are. Can we agree that 'Dubstep' is horrid and therefore an enemy?


But… are the Rolling Stones STILL a threat? Cause you turned me onto "Doom & Gloom" and I love that song.

Nah, The Stones ain't no threat to R&R. They are R&R! I don't think they were ever a threat to R&R. Well, maybe a little bit, but don't tell anyone. Let them find out for themselves! "Doom and Gloom" is proof that the Stones still have something "under their thumb". Let's hope they record more shit like this. In August 2012, I read they were recording, but had no plans to do a full LP. Alright, don't record a full LP, that's okay. Put out an EP. Why the fuck not? You guys put out an EP, and The Mongrolls will put out two LP's this year. It'll be even then.

Truth or Dare is the second Mongrolls release right? 

"Truth Or Dare" is The Mongrolls fourth release, but but the third full length.

Tell everyone about The Mongrolls.

Here's a quick lowdown: I started The Mongrolls and Hideout Records in April 2006. I self-released "Let's Go!" four months later. "Five Live Mongrolls" EP recorded 12/5/06 at "Slopfest" was released in December of 2006. Then came the second full length, "The Sounds of Now" That was released in May of 2007. A "Fan Club Edition" of previously released material of only 33 copies sold out in a few hours in the fall of 2007. (This release compiled a sort of "Be
st of..." from the first two full lengths). Now those are available again, but with different artwork & tunes. August of 2008 saw The Mongrolls debut on VINYL! I submitted the track "Three Chord Rock" for the tribute to Boston's legendary punk gods, Unnatural Axe for the "Ruling The World From The Backseat" 2xLP compilation released on Lawless Records. After several delays, "Truth or Dare", the third full length was released in the fall of 2011. 2012 has been a crazy year, but The Mongrolls plan on releasing two more full lengths before the end of the year. "Get Dumb", the fourth full length & "The Mongrolls Do The Girls", an all covers release of female fronted bands. The 'Covers' release will be the first to feature a full band!

All releases are always available and I recently got in a second batch on t-shirts and stickers which are currently in demand. Stick around. The Mongrolls ain't going nowhere. Literally...

So the 'one man band' thing isn't something you have tried to hide? 

Absolutely not. Most folks think The Mongrolls is a full band. When I tell them it isn't, they all seem quite astonished.

How will the transition to a FULL band go ya think?

I think the transition, which will be just for the 'covers' release, will be simple. I've recruited Danny Harrington on guitar who I have worked with on many projects in the past including No Gag Reflex, The Greg Trip Band ect... We've also worked together numerous times fucking around with acoustics. Yes, it's been many years since we've done this, but I am sure, it'll be just like riding a bike. On Bass will be Sean Soares who has been rocking with Danny the last few years, but would most notably known as the bass player for The Johnnies. I will be playing drums and slurring the vocals the best I can. Sean mentioned doing some shows. If that were to happen, I'll just be singing and hopefully we can get Cory Talyor (The Midnight Creeps and he's also pretty much the East Coast drummer for M.O.T.O.) to play drums. Right Cory?

I'm not Cory Greg, I'm Shawn Abnoxious.,, How do you come to a decision to do a specific cover?

For the most part, it's pretty easy when deciding on a song to cover. Usually it's a song that has had some kinda impact on me. Something that really moves me. A lot of the times I try to pick something that's a anthem of sorts. Sometimes that's not the case.

I was at work and kept hearing Christina Agulaira's "Beautiful" all the time. I started thinking about the structure of the song and thought, why not speed this fucker up and tear it a new asshole. So I did. I'd do it different these days. Maybe a little more tighter.

Then folks like Randy America saying someone (The Mongrolls) should cover "Two Headed Dog". I thought for 2 seconds and said yeah, consider it done. So within 22 hours or so after his suggestion, I recorded it.I think it actually came out pretty good. Thanks Randy!

One of the things I wrestle with myself is 'Am I wasting valuable time and money with this punk-rock bullshit,' Do you? How do you view it? Cause I know at best yer 'breaking even' with the HIDEOUT RECORDS thang.

Nah, I ain't wasting no time. I do it cuz I love it. Money, well yeah, I ain't making shit. I'm losing, but my fans are gaining. Half the time I'm giving CD-R's away. When I first started this in 2006, I sold 50 CD-R's of "Let's Go!" for $6.00 each within two days thru myspace. Each copy of the original CD-R's all had different artwork. Man, that was a task! Some ended up being a little more elaborate than others. By the time the "Five Live Mongrolls" EP came out, no one was interested. I don't even have a copy of that release anymore and the original tapes were destroyed.

Up next came "The Sounds of Now" which flopped like a 4lb turd spewing out of one's anus. It took fans a while to realize that this was the Mongrolls CD-R to own. I gave most of the original hand numbered copies of that release away. Only a few select bought that one. Still to this day, it's the most requested release from people that are interested. I, myself like a lot of "Let's Go!", but then again there's some throwaway tracks on there, IMO.

Truth or Dare hasn't sold very well either. But I don't give a shit.

So, another question I ask myself and now you, why continue?

I'm doing it all for Rock & Roll!

What are you looking for to accomplish/gain?

I'm looking for danger! I'm looking for action! I'm looking for you!

What's the end result?

You'll just have to wait and see!

Me? You lookin' at me? So anything else you wanna tell the readers of ...THWART! before the big, last question that you just know I have to ask?

Feel free to contact me anytime for CD-R's, T-shirts if available, stickers. I sell this shit cheep!

Greg, Truth or Dare? You lost your virginity whilst listening to a Disco record.

Actually, it was The Dead Milkmen - "Big Lizard In My Backyard" LP.

You chose the TRUTH? Kind of a disappointment...No danger in the TRUTH (or the most danger... TRUTH is relative so I WILL allow it) But BIG LIZARD IN MY BACKYARD? Wow, kinda controversial.. Were you the 'big lizard' IN the 'backyard' or were you the backyard?

Oh yeah man, I was in her backyard alright. Never saw her again...

Did you climax on side A or side B? Did you get up and flip the record?

Side B!

Ladies and gentleman.. and readers of Thwart! (whatever your case may be) It takes a REAL man to leave the ‘warm pocket’ to get up and flip a record whilst 'surfing the good hole'. Listen to Truth or Dare by The Mongrolls NOW!!! No pesky record flipping needed!

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