Friday, October 19, 2012



This review concludes my initial coverage of every release made available by Youngstown Ohio’s LIONS CARE RECORDINGS (to date). I’m gonna call it 'all caught up' even though I wasn’t left behind. If you were wondering and I just know you are, I must say that I haven’t been as loyal to any label like I am with LIONS CARE RECORDINGS since Greg Lowery's RIP OFF RECORDS. LIONS CARE RECORDINGS is 1000 times cooler though because 1) Its from Ohio and 2) Has nothing to do with Greg Lowery (*) and 3) Has nothing to do with Greg Lowery (**).

I see LIONS CARE RECORDINGS as like a modern day DANGERGOUSE RECORDS... LIONS CARE, like DANGERHOUSE, has featured bands and talent from a specific area, Northeastern Ohio, proving once again and still, Ohio is a force to be reckoned with. I’m talking about the same part of Ohio that begat Pere Ubu, The Pagans, The TKO's, Bippy, and lets not forget Kill The Hippies the BEST band ever! Imagine if modern technology existed back then, during DANGERHOUSES time. You would be many similarities to how LIONS CARE RECORDINGS operated today and DANGERHOUSE spread their disease then.

Fishwives are another one of those bands blazing a charred path of sonic rightousness. Death and glory are side dishes for their last meal.

There was some initial confusion with this release. Was it a CD with a cassette or a CD/Cassette release? The CD, as all LIONS CARE RECORDINGS CD releases came in a plastic reseal-able sandwich bag with artwork to fit. Really cool packaging that makes a CD storable with your 7"s. The cassette was included with the bag. After a listen of both, they did in fact, appeared to be different formats of the same release. The cassette version has an added, rather bonusie, non-CD version sound clip at the front of the release. I got to the bottom of that mystery right-ch fucking quickly... You should also take note that my VCR isn’t blinking 12:00 anymore either...

Still though, I was surprised to learn FISHWIVES are a two-piece... Very thick sound for a two-piece unit. Loud, angry dissonant hardcore. Sort of reminds me of a band I recently got introduced to via WFMU and the FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE called GAY WITCH ABORTION... Loud, noisy, fucking rocking stuff here with FISHWIVES... Yeah, a bit screamo-y... But angry and dynamic enough to keep the edge cutting, keeping the blood flowing. Fishwives remind me of SOULSIDE ("KTTK") and SCREAM with touches if RITES OF SPRING but a harder, modern hardcore punk edge really shines through frequently... FISHWIVES would be a band that KBD punk fans, hardcore punk fans, metal and screamo fans could all get into and walk together/rock together with. This release features four or five songs depending how you define the (/)ing of the releases final track. FISHWIVES are a verily interesting member of the collected LIONS CARE RECORDINGS family or gang or catalog or whatever you wanna call it. One of those bands that sound like they don’t fit on certain bills but that’s your definitions getting in the way. FISHWIVES are also one of those bands that shine and stand alone as part of any show, or label. FISHWIVES are odd, interesting. A band you cant, nor shouldn’t, take your eye off of. There’s something happening in Youngstown, something bigger than Youngstown. Bigger than Northeastern Ohio. With this first handful of releases LIONS CARE RECORDINGS has established itself and started big... I’m excited to see what else FISHWIVES have up their sleeve independently and as a member of LIONS CARE section of the musical zoo. There’s not a fear your gonna feed the animals. The secret is, you are the meal-Shhhh... You are the main course with large, family-sized side dishes of death and glory.


*Circa 2000-01 Greg Lowery, while I was doing a stint with Joe Domino's BLANK GENERATION, wrote me an inflammatory e-mail when he thought some of my writings were dissing his band The Infections... I wasn’t talking about him, or his band. In fact Until his e-mail I bought every Rip Off Record I could get, yeah, those one sided 7"s... So he never addressed his mistake of falsely accusing me, so I politely dismissed myself from buying any other Rip Off Records releases.

**Yeah, I’m still fucking mad.