Thursday, October 18, 2012

HOMEMADE DRUGS "Live at The Comet"

Live at The Comet cover artThis release features entire live set of their performance is cut into two tracks (5 songs each 'side'), which are available for download purchase, and, I think, also available on cassette. The song "Walking" covered earlier on ...THWART! is included. Two songs (*) from the ten song set represented on this recording (see included set list provided below) are tracks not recently recorded for an upcoming CD release in November of this year... So these recordings serve as a teaser, a taste... A slap across the face for a full-blown kick to the guts that’s coming in November... The set itself is good and verily listenable. You can definitely hear progression from their earlier '666' recordings... HOMEMADE DRUGS remind me of THE CLEAN mixed with THE FALL. Even WIRE from "Chairs Missing".

HOMEMADE DRUGS are the type of band that is the vanguard attack of a resurgent wave. Your either riding the wave or being suffocated by it. Hang ten fuckers.

Homemade Drugs Live ay The Comet
Set List
(Track/Side 1)
1) a song for philip glass *
2) walking
3) no gold in china
4) dog food
4) man of war
5) dead pets

(Track/Side 2)
6) i shot mary
7) Got no soul
8) im the president*
9) crash on the interstate
10) unicorn snare

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Look for an upcoming article in featuring HOMEMADE DRUGS on November 21st preceding their CD release show on November 24th at The SGHRevival which will also serve as my reintroduction to the pages of City Beat Magazine.