Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Universiale is Yours!

Notes on Situationisms Return.

Like many, I didn’t really know what or who the Situationist [Internationale] (SI) was before I heard about it/them in conjunction with Jon Savages England’s Dreaming book or The Sex Pistols music (via Malcolm McLaren) but my interest was officially sparked... Throughout the years I have learned more and more about The Situationist with the Internet considerably boosting my knowledge. The more I learned and discovered situationism the more I felt justified in my 'out-there' ideas, opinions, views and even production of personal art. There wasn’t a single moment I declared myself a situationist all official-like because there was no place to join. No line to sign. The SI had 'disbanded' in 1972.

Detonate #1My contribution to the DIY zine scene, The Neus Subjex (circa 1996-2006), was not only inadvertently inspired by punk-rock and situationist ideas, but even a vehicle for its spreading whether I knew it at the time or not. In fact, the more I learned about situationism and the SI, the more it looked like the 'real thing' for me despite dabbling in anarchist, socialist and communist philosophies. More importantly though, the hobbies and projects I was (and continue to be) involved with; writing and performing music, art (flyer making), zine publishing and even personally in my own mannerisms, were further extensions of SI ideologies. It was as natural as breathing to me and became more evident the more I learnt.

On October 8th, a 'Football American Sunday', after joining a e-mail reading group via twitter, focusing on Guy Debord’s Society of The Spectacle (premiere text encompassing situationist examples and ideas) I examined deeply into the demise of the Situationist Internationale and asked myself "Why did the 'movement that was not a movement' have to die? How can a group that wasn’t really a 'group' disband? How can 'ART IS OVER' be over?

Detonate #2
Its easy to explain it being over, its not! You just have to re-realize the concept that situationism is. It’s still around me, you or anybody else if you want it to be. If you recognize it. That October day I felt as if I had unlocked the greatest secret of situationism, the secret of the spectacle itself... I Grasped an understanding about situationism that I felt hadn’t been understood fully by fellow situationist thinkers, even Malcolm McLaren himself, since its 'official disbanding'... If it has, which is possible, it hasn’t reached me yet. I decided right then and there to re-establish the Situationist Internationale into the SITUATIONIST UNIVERSIALE (SU) The group and movement that wasn’t a group and movement was once again a (not) group and (not) movement.

Detonate #3All it took was the REALIZATION that something existed to exist... Action is the greatest weapon of any situationist. Now is now. The future is history and the Past is now.

I shared the concept of the SU with the founder of the e-mail group urging him to take up the call and use his fledgling group as a network for the all-new, all-'different' SU.

"Lets see how the reading group goes first" he said... This was not acceptable to me. The time for action is now!

So NOW is now... The SU was realized, so it is so! What gives me the authority to revive situationism with the SU? Am I an expert authority on situationist thinking? No. I’m no one special. No great thinker. I’m one guy with an idea, an understanding. I am a living, breathing weapon that you cannot stop. I am an authority. I am my own authority! I have the authority to do what I do because I say I can.

Action is the greatest weapon of the situationist! Say its so and its so…






Below you will find a three-part documentary about Situationism and other links. Included in this manifesto is three personal examples of Situationist Art done by myself. Are you interested in becoming a member of The Situationist Universiale?

It’s easy...

Say this aloud (or don’t, do YOUR thing) "I am a Situationist. I am the spectacle. I am universal, without boundaries"

You are now not only a member; you are its leader too.

Congratulations. Art is still over.

Read about The Situationism and The Situationist Internationale

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