Thursday, October 25, 2012

BOOK PILE: Cute Eats Cute by C.B. Murphy

One day I noticed that I got 'followed' on my twitter account by a guy named C.B. MURPHY... I looked into who exactly this person was thinking at first it was an old elementary school friend (Charles Murphy) reconnecting with me (it wasn’t) bur none-the-less became someone I follow.  On his twitter account he mentioned on his account about him being an author and it led to me buying his offering, CUTE EATS CUTE. As with my other Nook Books, I started with the sample that really reeled me in. Instantly CUTE reminded me of a mix between Brock Clarke’s work (ARSONIST GUIDE TO HOMES IN NEW ENGLAND), some of Matt Ruffs work (SET THIS HOUSE IN ORDER) and Walter Kirn’s THUMBSUCKER; a book that I enjoyed verily much. In the CCUTE EATS CUTE sample I was subjected to an uneasiness that is hard to get from words... just words... I felt like a voyeur when reading CUTE, a fly on the wall of another dysfunctional UltrAmerican™ family (which itself is a trick because they [we] are all dysfunctional to a degree), which is different for me to readily notice from the confines of a book so easily. Like I was looking in not, from the outside, but a top someone’s shoulders. I don’t know much about C.B., just what I read on twitter and such. He seems like a creative and interesting dude. He looked as if he may have been wearing a backpack in the profile picture he posted on twitter. I’m not sure if it is a backpack (or something other) or really, what a profile picture of someone brandishing a backpack means to anything resembling the bigger picture (or even why I point such an observation like that out) but I seen the need, in this space, with these words, to mention that tid-bit of information... CUTE EATS CUTE could verily well be the next big book that I cant shut up about and make it a point (to maximum levels of uncomfort) that its everyone’s civic duty to not only read and enjoy, but to be equally serious in levels of endorsing. We'll see. [wheel sea]…

C.B. Murphy on Twitter