Thursday, October 25, 2012

BATT LION "Casual War" CD


Its all BATT LION's fault!

No sooner had I put in Casual War, which I suppose was their 'debut' release (I’m gonna 'Merican-out and NOT look it up-- just assume), than Julie excitedly proclaims with a deep gasp leading "The dead cat! Its Gone!!!"

She was right. It was gone... After a slow moving weather system promising additional accumulation to our already substantial rainfall totals for the Tri-State region (Ohio, Kentuckee, Indiana) had began dumping its wetness, I stumbled out to retrieve the garbage cans... Sure enough...The dead free-range cat that had set out for two days next to the curb after being struck by a car, was moved. The spot, which is a weird area that has seen multiple road kills and is clearly (for whatever unknown reason) a danger zone of sorts for creatures crossing the busy four-lane road. The dead cat was gone... Moved... Now the creature was about 20ft away from the area it had set for two days, it was now on the driveway. I settled on the commitment of maybe getting a shovel the next day and shoveling the carcass back into the road. Julie and I had no logical explanation how the dead cat could have gotten to the new location on our driveway... It was a mystery that was ultimately replaced by the second mystery of where it went. It was completely gone...

So... I blame BATT LION. Dark, mysterious, evil, magical BATT LION…

Listening to Casual War I now understand how parents were afraid of the imagery and mental fucked-ness of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, or Led Zeppelin,. Listening to BATT LION you feel criminal. You feel like you are doing wrong. It feels familiarly good. You are right where you should be... Walking upon a scene in the autumn woods where moments before there appeared to be some sorts of dark ritual. There’s blood. Lots of blood and recently extinguished candles and remnants of a smoldering fire. The whole place smells like a concoction of your hippie next-door neighbors house that always has incense burning. Strange symbols are painted in white paint over surrounding trees and rocks. You don’t notice the symbols, they look like scribble to you but you do notice the clearing you have stumbled upon has a large pentagram at its base. If you try you can proly catch up to whoever did this. You see signs of occupancy including and multiple sets of footprints... You can find them and ask them what they were doing, what it all means... But you decide not to. It doesn’t matter anyway, cause looking up, you discover they returned. BATT LION is the soundtrack.

Scratch that.

Casual War plays like the soundtrack of Naked Lunch the book or the movie if it was either readable or watchable (nice try). Casual War syncs up with Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory if you put the CD on continuous loop when you hear the third lion roar in the movies opening credit, even better than PINK FLOYDS Dark Side of the Moon does with The Wizard of Oz. Actually, the concept of Naked Lunch or even William Burroughs isn’t as worse than the actual product itself. Conceptually Naked Lunch is amazing. Amazing the way that Casual War is amazing... Theatrical, dangerous, cryptic... Pure Fuck Rocking. It’s all in this CD's available tracks. One twisting stab of the dagger in your eye after another each time going deeper than before causing irreversible life ending maximum damage. There is an air of seriousness to the music’s pitch. Finding a broken bottle on the sidewalk outside a room that calls itself a bar that had only two choices of beverage beer or whiskey, you are convinced by the music that everything is dying. Each breath may be the last... On Casual War, BATT LION will make you believe that your heart isn’t pumping blood, its pumping pure rage and its time to get go. Casual War may not be for you. Honestly, I’m not sure if you are ready. I'm not sure I want you listening just yet. I’m not sure if you’re worthy or if you will ever be worthy. Have you proved yourself? Do you think your ready? Will you willingly allow yourself to be pushed over the edge with a promise that you will not die when you hit the bottom? Do you believe in the fragile boundaries between this and that? BATT LION strike with the viciousness and reality of FLIPPER with slight pioneering IRON MAIDEN-ish metal leads mixed with AMERICA or GORDON LIGHTFOOT leanings in soft rocks heyday. BATT LION is soft rock hard. BATT LION are hard rock heavier. BATT LION are the answer to a question you not only are afraid to ask, but a question you didn’t even know previously existed.