Monday, October 15, 2012

BUFFALO KILLERS "Dig. Sow.Love.Grow" LP + More!

(including "Baptized" b/w "Nothing Can Bring Me Down")

I Cant Put A Price On Love.
Love Has EVERYTHING To Do With It.

Seriously. I’m wayyyy to close to this band to even be somewhat objective about any sort of ‘review’ you think I’m gonna write, or you would expect from me concerning the fourth fully from The Buffalo Killers, Dig Sow Love Grow. I have a strong, unfaltering UNCONDITIONAL alliance with, and love of The Buffalo Killers. We have watched each other commit crimes against our society. If you look on the bands promotional posters or the reverse side of the LP you will find a belles-lettres piece of writing by yours truly. Yeah, a 'poem' a 'pome' or whatever the fucking intellectuals are calling it these days (fuck those guys-'intellectuals'). On this, their fourth fully, The Buffalo Killers once again strike deep. They bring you down with one swiftly fatal shot, "Get It" which is one of those songs you can really get behind and inspires thought provoking action. On Dig.Sow.Love.Grow there is a newer comfort found only hinted at (after all it was a preview on 3). During initial early listens confidence shown brightly... The Buffalo Killers are blazing a new path and you with them or your left behind. It’s only up from here... Dig.Sow.Live.Grow plays fresh and recharges the batteries. Simply enough. Get it? Get out and Get it!

Recently The Buffalo Killers released a 'pay what you want' single in conjunction with their blog... These 'pay what you want' singles bug me... They make me feel uncomfortable because a band like The Buffalo Killers is one I REALLY like despite the closeness I have with the band, Its hard for me to attach a value myself to something I know I like and unconditionally support. I feel 'pay what you like' isn’t free... Even though you can choose to pay nothing. I feel if it were intentional for myself and others to have it for free, there would have been prompts to download it for free... But that’s not the case. Yeah, I realize I may be aver analyzing such a thing and I have declared that 'pay what you want' philosophy’s is a form of 'guilt driven' pricing methods and I will admit, I may totally be wrong about that... That’s unconditional for you... Unconditional means no matter what and I unconditionally support The Buffalo Killers. No matter what.

These two tracks are worth more than $0.00 to me. They’re worth more than $1.00... These tracks, and this band, are priceless. But then again, thats me and my biased opinion. Dig?



EAR WORMS (get the digital single)