Friday, October 12, 2012

WHITE WALLS "The Milk of A Lonely Man" b/w "Lady Parts"

I would like to take a minute to reveal to you what the (b/w) you commonly see in reviews means... I’m doing this because I feel as though someone will read it and GAIN knowledge and PASS that knowledge on because they might be like myself and had bought records fir about five years before I finally asked the right person what it means. B/W= 'backed with’. This 7" single is one song backed with (b/w), teamed with t/w) or paired with (p/w) one other song. I know for a fact that WHITE WALLS (WW) share members with the defunct Cincinnati hardcore bands ORDER 66 who rose and fell in the blink of an eye, as it seems, a practice run for what would become WW. In fact, ORDER 66 member sharing with WW is the number one reason why I wanted this 7"! Almost guaranteed to ROCK! No, two songs from this band is not enough. This shit is from 2010... Here we are closing in on 2013 and is anything else available? This 7" is a fucking tease.

WW play aggressive dissonant hardcore punk at its finest! Music like this can inspire a whole new legion of bands and listeners own tight knit sub-sect of a scene. In fact, maybe WW has tons of stuff out but I’m just not part of that sub-sect... I recently compared another band to early POISON IDEA and I’m gonna do it again. I got POISON IDEAS 'Pick your King" and "PI" 7" EPs the same day a long time ago… I compared Virginia Beaches HONOR CODE to "Kings" and I’m gonna compare WW to POISON IDEAS "PI". There is no reason why WW aren’t rocking the fuck out of some dank hole in the wall place where each show is better than the one before. WW play music that is supposed to make you feel like you are missing out on something bigger, just under the surface. I’m old; I’m out of touch... My time is over. That’s OK. In fact, beautiful even… This time is a time for the basics of what its all about to return to the front. This time is White Walls’ time.


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