Friday, October 26, 2012


Hoped Destinations cover artIts simple... It always starts out simple. The basics of the basics. After all, it takes the basics to have something to build upon. DINOSAURS AND THUNDER (D&T) first grabbed my attention concerning their name. It caught my eye and grabbed my attention.

“We've been somewhat tight lipped thus far about the origination of our name but I guess it's about time…” writes Jonathan Stout. A principal force behind D&T as well as the …Thwart! liaison that I have grabbed and shook-down.

“It actually comes from the Zach Galifinakis stand up disc 'Live at the Purple Onion'; when he's telling his audience he's filming a DVD and needs them to be more interested...he says he needs "Dinosaurs! And Thunder!"

Hoped Destinations exhibit a shuffled kick-it-in layered dip-taste of dissonant desperation bringing to mind late 80's-mid 90's alternative/Indie sounds of DINOSAUR JR. and BIG DIPPER latent bloody musings of ROXY MUSIC (i.e. "Apocalypse Rock") even vocal styling of WU LYF (please reference "We Bros") and even the varied never-know-whats-coming-next ship that ONEIDA pilot so well. In every crowd of locals there are those that are paying attention, D&T have paid attention. I can see that because I too have paid attention. I can hear elements of WUSSY there in and with the use of the inter-laced instrumentations, AMPLINE shining thru. Hoped Destinations is revealed to have a bigger, conceptual design. Jonathan Stout, in an attempt to explain D&T’s vision further reveals more:

“…There was no overall conceptual reason for the instrumentals, even though I suppose it would sound more interesting if I said there was. We kind of started out a primarily instrumental band, but then as we grew more comfortable, started writing songs with lyrics. When it came time to record [Hoped Destinations], we were trying to lay down everything we'd written basically for the last two years, so it ended up being a mix.”

The result is a blazed path of glory. Hard hitting songs that invoke the full gambit of rebellious notions and other moments of brief introspective contemplation. Highs and lows with the nervous middles.

"Resses Thesis" the song that should be playing when California finally succumbs to the ocean. Don’t forget, WE were promised that. Don’t tease us, your such a tease. Does it rock or shred though? “Reeses Thesis is most likely more rocking than shredding; kind of a collective momentum fueled by manic guitar noise.” Stout humbly enough declares. I quickly decide to ‘take that’ for what it is, we got more ground to cover before the big review tie-up.

If  “Resses’ one doesn’t work for your personal disaster, then during "Denial and Error" you shall be delivered your wildest dreams of catastrophe. The controlling bass-line of "Desperado Dressing" takes you on a journey to a 'mind-land’ full of creature sampling from every war. You are a passenger. You are helpless. You jokingly say you’re along for the ride but you had a dream where you bit into an orange and the fruit screamed like a dying raccoon and hissed at you like an opossum.

In fact, Hoped Destinations could play well as a Tiberius Records band. I feel I must also mention Greater Cincinnati bands SLOW BLIND CORNERS and THE ATRIUMS here, now. Not as 'influences' but to prove I too am out-there... ANOTHER face in the mad crowd brandishing a tanto spring-loaded blade because the situation calls for it. I’m right there paying attention and appreciating what I hear. I want the danger, or I will create the danger. I ask what motivates D&T. what they have paid attention to themselves.

“ Just like most creative musicians, the question of what we sound like is somewhat vexing. I know what inspires us, but I don't necessarily think our end result is always derivative. I guess it's a mix of shoegaze/post-punk/heavy stoner rock. We've joked around in the past by calling it 'Fugazey', which sums up the post punk and shoegaze aspects. I guess the strongest collective influences would be (old) Modest Mouse, Fugazi, Black Angels, Built to Spill, Pixies, Torche... We all listen to all kinds of stuff on our own. It might be cheesy but Rob and I are basically the two biggest Beastie Boy fans you'll find. We were always inspired by how they could jump genres; basically do whatever they wanted, but still sound like them. That's why we've never set out to make a certain kind of thing/genre but a broad representation of our influences. We know how to approach it and generally what kind of tones and sounds we want, but try to leave it open beyond that.”

I may look suicidal just waving a knife around, it may be making the others nervous but I’m no threat to them or anyone else. The knife’s brandishing is the new 'clapping'. It’s a warrior’s embrace. The cut cuts. This cut bleeds. Don’t be scared, be afraid. Let it fuel and motivate you. I’m out-there... Paying attention is the only wealth I have left. My ears are yours. I understand. I am, after all, a professional. I understand that you can survive with bruises, I am a testament to my ancestors survivability and my own. Bruises, they hurt, but they wont kill. Personality-makers. On Hoped Destinations, D&T leave yer mark. Their disease has been introduced.

Dinosaurs and Thunder Hoped Desperations on bandcamp

Dinosaurs and Thunder will be playing 
at RAKE'S END on Oct. 28th 
and/or the MADISON THEATER on Nov. 7