Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Mudlarks! Mudlarks! CD

New York's Ionik Recording Company brings you the self-titled, long-awaited and highly anticipated full-length debut from Cincinnati's own soundtrack-of-yet-forgottens known as The Mudlarks!

Packed-full of Cincinnati music scene alumni/anti-heroes that brought (and in some cases are still bringing) you bands like The Highwaymen, 11,000 Switches, The Wolverton Brothers and By-Products of America, The Mudlarks! rise as-if a Phoenix would from the bosom-valley of a scantly clad '50s pin-up, from a band called Go To Hell who, themselves, had a good run providing meaningful and timeless jams that still live in the decaying halls of infamy within the fragile damaged psyches of PTSD'd punk-rock music lovers frm across the entire Cincinnati Over-State Region, as documented on their preceding sonic-nod of Killed By Death ragers proudly titled Rough Stuff.

On Mudlarks! you get it hard. Balls-hard—squarely in the balls! Ranging from solid tracks like "You Love You" that sounds as if it could be a studio-version of a song from German punk band tirned RCA artis PVC and their unforgettable Punk Rock Berlin to the Television guitarist turned solo-artist, Richard Lloyd's Field of Fire sounding gem "Dirty Things." Its not a stretch to instantly fall-in-love with what your hearing n this album.

Proceeding onward in a non-stop fashion, from the pre-apocalyptic thriller/warning of "Help Us" that screams of humanities cataclysic doom with a welcoming, unspoken 'told ya so' attitude, a certain momentum is established early-on that keeps the energy level as high as the volume knob will allow... On thru Testors (Sonny Vincent) fueled burners like "This Storm" and "Red Window" onward to "Trav-L-Lodge" which serves as a suitable and masterfully delivered combination of Lloyd, PVC and Testors conveniently located in one, loud place.

As you can probably foresee, I do declare: Mudlarks! is mandatory listening—but only if you like good music. Do you like good music? Ha! Gotcha you dirty motherfucker!

"The Only Feeling" by Richard Lloyd from Field of Fire

"Wish I Could Die" by PVC from Punk Rock Berlin