Friday, February 19, 2016

So You Want to Be A Zinester? b/w Happy 20th Anniverssary Neus Subjex!

I hope many of you have forgotten that in February of 1996 the first issue of The Neus Subjex was released. One-hundred single-sided black & white photocopies, small typewriter print, cut and paste style layout, no price tag but packed with lots of attitude.

The rest, as they say, is history.

History you can try to out-run, or walk, but history you cant escape no matter how hard you try or how far you attempt to pack the memories away in a plastic box under all the other stuff you cant yet find the courage throw-away.

I have stopped doing the zine, The Neus Subjex Messages of the Board is long gone as well as its attempted re-surgent attempt The Faux Subjex. Both a victim of accountability in one way or another.

I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to everyone who read, helped, hated, threw-away or otherwised contributed in some form or another to what The Neus Subjex was, did or will ever do. Good or bad, those times were times, these times were times, tomorrows times are yet to be determined—arent they?

Since ceasing the production of The Neus Subjex, I have moved on by creating this blog, publishing my chapbooks of poetry, short-stories or entering and actually making a bit of cash doing for-real freelance writings and even moving sideways by creating a new zine altogeather called Bad Day At The Plastic Mines.

I would like to think I've passed the torch but still, I havent seen anything like The Neus Subjex since I stopped doing it. I wish that werent the case but I have enjoyed moving on and doing something different.

In closing, you are a piece of shit. Im a piece of shit. We are pieces of shit in the buthole of life waiting for a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... You fucks.


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Say Goodbye to Friday Nights
If you aren't willing to forgo a Friday night of drinking and drugging or being able to afford drinking and drugging, to write, layout or fold your zineYour a scenester not a zinester!

You Wanna Make Money? Ok! Writing Zines? Good luck.
Good try. You won't. Tell me how because you probably won't. The only way you will make money with a zine is trading in reviewed materials at record stores. That's why you should ask for two review copies. That way if it's something you like, you can keep one.

Your not pissing someone off with the writing in your zine, then your doing it wrong. I found the best things to shy away from are religion, religion and... You guessed it: religion. Be prepared for backlash from dissenting opinions and when confronted, don't let them see you sweat.

Throw Press Releases Away
If you get a press release with a review request, most of the time it is the review. Throw it away immediately or you are wasting your time. You don't wanna write, you want to regurgitate.

How Much?
Always put a price on the cover of your zine even if you plan on giving it away for free. If a prices is listed, and someone gets it for free, they will more-likely cherish it. In pricing your zine, aim to cover production cost. Take the cost of one zine copy, multiply it by two add the price for an envelope and stamp and that should be your cover price. As for how much money you get out of the cover price? You won't, or you shouldn't. This is a zine dumbass. It's fueled by passion not money!

Don't rely on it but be prepared to nclude it. Be flexible about pricing guides but also if you are going to offer ads, then have a price-guide. Working hand-in-hand with your cover price your aim is to cover printing cost first.

Print Run
Print what you feel you can distribute in a timeframe that's comfortable for you.

Hand-numbering, using colored paper and announcing limited editions are some fancy tricks but be aware of added cost and time.

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Random NSX Situationist type art.