Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Throat Culture #15 - Zine Pro-View

This Zine made it to my hands via Todd of the Cincinnati punk band, SUBSETS. Throat Culture (as Todd explained) is done using the olden ways... Cut and paste with x-acto knifes,  scissors, glue sticks and what looks like a type-writer from at least 1998 being verily close-by... How do I know? Trust me, I know. 

This zine may, at first, give you that anti-technology feel because whereas it reviews material from bandcamp it has no Fb page to like or even a way to send a copy of this review in an e-mail... The descriptions in the reviews (of which includes a review of the SUBSETS Twothousandfourteen) quickly delivers a view of personal reactions, feelings and memories rather than taking the easy way out and just referencing like-sounding bands... Throat Culture has feeling... It hast passion... It's got groove, it's got meaning*. Each page is a work of labor and direction. How do I know? Trust me, I know. 

Containing 26 pages of tape, zine and record reviews with random topical bits and ample amounts of reflections, opinions and seemingly stream of thoughts with comics and even some hand-written pieces... Zines, in general, have charm, or should have charm... When you like a zine, you will find yourself randomly flipping through the zine a number of times. Throat Culture is a good, strong read that is a decent mix of old and new views with charm... Lots of charm. Great zines make the act of putting together zines look easy- trust me, it's not... Zines are harder to do than you think. Support this zine and all other Zines while your at it.

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