Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Dad Is Dead - For Richer For Poorer

I have an early appreciation for the Cleveland , Ohio Native Mark Edward who was the single-founding member of My Dad Is Dead long before I heard Interpol. Right away, I likened Interpol to My Dad Is Dead on their debut 2002 release, Turn On The Bright Lights which is still a release I listen to n a semi-regular basis. Even now, once in a while during one of those listens, I have to stop in-between tracks, mid-song, and remind myself: I like Interpol because they remind me of My Dad Is Dead.

Released in 1995, For Richer For Poorer is one of My Dad Is Deads eleven full-lengths... Despite calling myself an early fan of them, like many releases decades later I'm still tracking and discovering unheard sonic masterpieces. For Richer For Poorer plays as if a sad, sultry technicolor dream... A soundtrack playing behind  Lucy pulling the football from underneath Charlie Brown time and time again. I argue to myself of the My Dad Is Dead recorded out-put as the last bastion of post-punk ethos despite originally forming in 1985. The finality of every song deserves deep recognition and repetitive listening.

Get to it...