Thursday, November 5, 2015

Toboggan Race "New Demos" CD-R

Toboggan Race "New Demos" CD-R
On that fateful night that I would meet Homemade Drugs for the first time and Brian "Bad First Impression" McCabe would explain how much he liked a band I never heard of called Toboggan Race, I re-discovered that the Cincinnati suburbs were alive with the sound of punk-rock. Homemade Drugs opened doors in my mind and perception of what the Cincinnati punk scene of 2012 has not only become but what will yet be. This CD-R, the second of three articles I received from Lo-Fi City is raw and rougher sometimes than others but still gems in the making. Compiled from several different recording sessions  the nine tracks on New Demos follow the whole premise of 'action-now' with the prefix of 'i' in front of everything these days standing for immediate (if your keeping score by chance). Bringing to mind a Beat Happening/K Records sound overlaid with Cringer and J Church and being reminiscent of Lookout Records heart throbs Fifteen, the future is now. Feel free to get a tuque on and turn it up.

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