Monday, December 15, 2014


When I listen to The Love Triangle I'm taken back a good ten years (approximately) when The Fuses stop in a Cincinnati basement venue called The Maxi-Pad... Amoung the normal basement fare of washers, dryers, half bathrooms and kitchen sinks, The Fuses ripped thru their set in master form with only minimal breaks for swill or breath. The Fuses brought it in the strongest sense of the phrase. The Fuses 2005 release Eastern Cities on Shit Sandwich was before its time even though The Fuses had mastered its sound before-hand. Static Shock Records 2013 release of Clever Clever from The Love Triangle has everything I look for in punk-rock; Explosive, Confidence, Seering vocals and cryptic allegory spouting danger, uncertainty and the tricky business of mental survival. Clever Clever could be the newest, anthemic Shock Troops-esq release of the past 5 years (maybe more if I really consider it) and, I will confidently say, the next 5 years too! You dig Fuses, Cocksparrer and stop-n-start wanky 00'sGarage-punk? Get on board if you wanna live!

The Love Triangle is available on Bandcamp. Check Dis-Cogs for Fuses