Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 - Step In The Right Direction

I really wanted to do a Thwart Top Ten... Really, really, wanted to do one, but when I actually got down to actually doing one, I became overwhelmed. Then, along cames Mick Fletcher of JUST ANOTHER PUNK SONG blog asking for a 2014 Top Ten Songs... The best I could offer was Top Ten releases. So, with Vanderpump Rules playing in the background, I reapproached the idea and in-between my wife and I wondering why Stassi was on the show despite not having a job at Sur, Cassa Blanca or Kenny Halberts fav, PUMP, I got not only Mick's Top Ten done but inadvertently got a Top Twenty done!

So, to find out if your shitty band made my Top Ten, go read Mick Fletcher's JUST SOME PUNK SONGS Blog with the following link and come on back to read 11-20!

20. Betty Machete & The Angry Cougars "Rats" 
19. Black Planet "S/T"
18. Stalin Video "Vivisektion"
17. Miscalculations "Silent Defence"
16. Super Stupid (ep)
15. S.H.I.T.  "Feeding Time" +1
14. Coathangers "Suck My Shirt"
13. Sleeves "Sex Is Stupid"
12. Love Triangle "Clever Clever"
11. Old City "S/T"

Honorable Mention(s):Releasing  TWO full-lengths on 2014, Parquet Courts' Content Nausea hit hard just as the year was closing and would have proly made the top ten, if not the top five , if I had a few more weeks with it. 2014 was also a great year for Lions Care Recordings. Bringing to bear two interchangeable bands, Cvttvnmvvth and Wild Wings, Youngstown is definitely back on the map of dangerzones. Whereas my Top 20 included borderline entries with Kill The Hippies and The Great Dismal Swamis due to my design work being used for both bands, I had to draw the line with lyrical contributions. I know, for a fact, that some lyrical content from World War Wild Wings by Wild Wings was provided by yours truly, I suspect the same concerning Cvttvnmvvth. Currently, Im too fucking lazy and currently rocking some homemade Christmas candies to look that fact up. I'm sure Sweet Starchild will understand... Lots of creative things happening that I must give props to Lo-Fi City who have fielded many great stabs into the gut of Cincinnatis 'music' scene. Look for more of them in the form of 2014 catch-ups on 2015, added well as newer stuff.