Saturday, December 6, 2014

BIG DUKE SIX.4 - Now With Lower Calories

It seems like a lifetime ago... I think it was 2003, The Socials were hitting Akron Ohios Lime Spider on a short lil' 4/4 tour (4 shows/4 nights) excursion. One of the bands we played with there  was Human Caveman of which I was lucky enough to not only witness, but later became the official holder of a song-title less CD-R (I named the track you hear). Human Caveman were a three piece that included Scott from Sexual Tension, a keyboardess named Dyani and the infamous Rob Radar from Radar Secret Service. In preparing for this episode of Big Duke Six releasing-- as if the eyes of a drone were upon me-- I get a FB message from Rob Radar asking for my current address to [probably] send something to listen to! Shit gets wierd, shit stays wierd!!! I didn't let Rob know what I was planning for this installment, but did ask Elias [Sexual Tension] who was there during thelifespan of Human Caveman for comment. Elias is now a pro-grade busker in Greece (the country, not the musical) and demanded that he bathe in the same springs his ancestors, The Spartans, bathed in before the Battle of Thermopile of which is next to a bus-stop now... Maybe. Elias' assignment is not mandatory so this episode may receive a re-posting at a later date... Just in-case your wondering, You can find Rob as a current, active member of noth-east Ohio band DAVID BAY LEAF.

Breakaways, Piss Test, Human Caveman, Rakes, Grow Horns, Black Frances