Monday, October 27, 2014

Wipers = Box Set

I went over the Wipers sound in a past review of Over the Edge in the past, so refer to that if you want. I think I may have even stated something about that being their first Record. I didn’t know that for a fact, but it sounded as if it was a debut because it was damn good. Well, after getting this box set, which I must add clocked in under $30 (a great deal for three CDs), I discover that Over The Edge was the Wipers THIRD release! Before that, were two equally great full lengths!!

You know, maybe this isn’t the place to say something like this but I wish I was dead. Oh wait, that’s not it. The Wipers Greg Sage is beginning to be seen by me as the punk rock Jimi Hendrix. He just has this certain style and his guitar talks in an unknown language to my ears. I like to put The Wipers on to further inspire me after eating Chinese buffet at Super China over on Colrain Avenue by Big K-Mart. The Wipers are even now reminding me of Kansas Titans, The Embarrassment. Especially their first ever recorded, and never released "Born with a Curse".

This box set gathers the three original full lengths, including the Alien Boy EP, six never released songs, and outtakes galore, all with liner notes by Wipers front-man, Greg Sage!!! This set is amazing, a must have! When I first seen it, it was a no-brainer. The Wipers are true pioneers and these songs prove it. Save your money, sell some of your shitty garage punk CDs, and put some music in your head that deserves to be there: The Wipers!!!