Monday, October 27, 2014

Slowjets - Good Morning Stars CD

Really, it’s not the fact that I drank some sort of French stuff that’s one or so steps down from Absinthe that leads me to drive around Cincinnati collecting pictures of cellular phone towers then putting them in a zine. I swore, that night when I discovered I could get three of the fuckers in one photo, I swore, when I wrote this review I wasn’t going to mention anything about Morphius Records releasing a terrible UK Subs/National Razor split CD. I mean, didn’t 

I take them off the probation list?

Yeah. I did. Glad I didn’t go there....

The Slowjets! FUCK YEAH!!!! THE SLOWJETS!!!! Damn, this is a great band. They have some greatness that I must come out and mention right away: STRONG (as Vietcong) songwriting!!!! The songs on ‘…Stars’ are catchy, melodic and razor sharp. Hitting, like the promo said, like a mix of Guided By Voices (Robert Pollard) and Wire (leaning more towards the Voices though). The Slowjets really bring to mind a past review and band from my local city: Del Toro. (Note to Morphius record executives: Send agents here now.). The Slowjets remind me of Del Toro. Actually, it’s all sort of making sense. After all, Guided By Voices are from my area. Liking bands like this is bred into me or something...

‘Good Morning, Stars’ is not the punk blarer that some might be looking for. It’s neither garage rock. You know, all those kids you see at shows with backpacks? Well, this is their type of band. Indie-pop, even though that brings to mind some sorts of wimpiness that I think the Jets don’t warrant. Yes, it’s Neoteric Punk/Wave. In other words, you put on a song like "Heartbreak for the Socialites" and bam, I’m pulling a switchblade out on someone!!! One day, I will be a producer and I will get hold of a band like this and really do some damage.

Some keeper tracks include: "To The Lighthouse", "Elephant Traps", "Instant Loser" and the aforementioned "Heartbreak...." and last but never leased: "Slipping out from Snares".

"I’ve seen moons, I’ve seen an age of sadness and caught fools in arrays of camouflage"


This is a good release. Nice to listen to when drinking foreign liquors. Neon Indeed!!!!