Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thee Shams - You Got It

Thee Shams. Riding on the anticipation of their second full length CD, Thee Shams pull this single out of nowhere, holding us over till the full length. Fans of good ol’ fashioned whisky bottle, pill swilling, rock and/or roll take note: Two songs here of QUALITY. Of RESPECT. Of HONOR. Making the decadent gods of grime and dust, the dirt in unseen places smile and wink.

"You Got It" represents classic Shams if you ask me. Classic for a band that has not really been around enough in some eyes to be classic, but that’s how I call it. Thee Shams are about statement of the obvious. No bullshit here. The bottom line of the bare essentials. Thee Shams. "You Got It" BECAUSE YOU DO! Not BECAUSE YOU MIGHT. BECAUSE YOU DO!

The B side. Here you got "Your Lovin’ Man"... This song tells the story of Thee Shams formation. In a backwoods bar is where Thee Shams met; they met as boys. They felt good if for no other reason than they were sitting as equals, and not even being legal age meant nothing! Teenagers in a place of men, as equals! Driving on Route 6, they picked a place at random. If they entered and were denied service due to age restrictions, they would move onward to the next stop. Luckily enough, it took only one stop. Lucky fuckers. They ordered drinks, not being asked to show their ID’s, and were served time and time again. It was sometime around 1:00 A.M. when they were approached. Her name was… Well she went by "Sweet May" is what she told them. Sweet May, a lady of the night. Sweet May might not have been winning any beauty pageants or anything but she had been spying on the boys all night and knew what she had to do. She knew they were "under age". She knew they were "under experienced". But one by one, Sweet May took them to a room above the bar for a lil’ roll. She placed them under her one by one. As legend goes, she said the same thing to each of them as she made them a man. Exactly what was said in that room as manhood reared its head or relentlessness is a well-kept secret to Thee Shams and only Thee Shams. Then, as it goes, the next day Thee Shams had their first practice under the guise of hangovers and morning Vicodin binges. "Your Lovin’ Man" is about that night, when Thee Shams started out as boys, but then became men first, a band second and third, titans.

Subsequently, every year, on the anniversary of that night, Thee Shams venture back to that very same drinking hole. They play for the crowd. They play for all those who can’t play no more. They play for the flame to remain bright. They play to honor their venture from boys to men. They play for Sweet May who watches and dances the night away.

You like Rock and/or roll? Get on board you motherfuckers. Thee Shams have it. "Touch Indeed". Stated.