Monday, October 27, 2014

Digital Block- Installment Seven. Part 4 of 4

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Basic soccer plays and the basic principals of the Nazi Blitzkrieg used to invade Poland (amoungst other European countries) is very similar. Goose-step all the way to semi-finals!!!

Also fun: When listening to NFL game announcers and such put in mind that they arent talking about football, but are generals talking about plans to invade Iraq. "What we have to do Terry is get behind the defense and penetrate into the enemies endzone and score some touchdowns. Were going to start the game in the air but will eventually bring it to the ground somewhere after halftime."

Im close to finishing Sewer Gas and Electric by Matt Ruff. An inspiring book. You see it, I highly recomend it. I also squuzed in a showing of One Hour Photo with Robin Williams. Great fucking movie. Also highly recomended. Velcro Shoes!!!!

I care about the deinitions of words because I want to be understood when I write and talk. George Custer is alive and well in a trailer park he owns in Central Florida called "The Big Little Big Horn Trailer and RV Park". He passes his days still wearing his Calvary Saber that he has become adept at opening cans of BBQ Vienna Sausages with.