Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Donovan Stokes - Were at War and Your Not Paying Attention CD

This is the story of Brian Deneke as told by news clippings and testimonials with bass feedback and improvisational pieces in the background. Yeah, many of you have heard of this case, it was all over the news when it happened, but this CD sort of gives a whole new twist on the whole story. I mean to hear actual voices say such stupid shit about someone and their actions... It's fucking disturbing. "His car slipped on Ice just at the same moment Brian slipped on some Ice so the car ran over him." Fuck man, the Brian Deneke case is one of those things that people should never be allowed to forget. This CD doesn’t have too much to offer musically, but it's still a good listen. I would like to see other CDs done with other worthy events, like maybe something a little more lighthearted like the James Traficant case. I mean, yeah, it's maybe not a serious as someone killing someone else and then getting probation, but none the less, I hope projects like this become more and more popular. Spreading the REAL news, especially through alternative sources like this is all good in my book of government terrorist checkpoints.