Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Enon - High Society CD

I guess I just really want a new Les Savy Fav LP. You see, I read somewhere that this band brought some reviewer somewhere to mind of Les Savy Fav so I decided to check them out. Whereas this CD is pretty cool, it has yet to really grab me. I mean, FUCK! There some good songs on this... Like "Pleasure and Privilege" is pretty Les Savy Fav like... The first song, "Old Dominion" is Queens of The Stone Age like, so that's pretty cool too. There's a wide range of variety on this CD that just sort of doesn’t really make me feel too well. I mean, I'm one of those people who really get into music. It's NOT JUST music, it's fucking emotion to me. This CD is a rollercoaster ride from one end of the spectrum to the other with very little warning of gradual-ness. It almost sounds as if this is a band whose sound is in transition and in High Society's case, it caught the band right in the middle from something to something else. I have been reassured from other people I have been talking to about this CD that their other stuff is way better. I have yet to check that out or not, but man, all I have is time. I suppose... I mean, I don't feel like I'm going to die anytime soon, but fuck man, you never know.... I hope I gave you a starting point for this band if you have yet to hear them. If you have your eye on something else that your pretty sure is going to get you off pretty good, stick with that. If you are looking to reach out and grab hold of something... If you feel like taking a risk. Try this out. Like I said, I'm still waiting to reach a familiarity with this CD where I'm like, "Yeah, it's THAT song!" Tread carefully... Coral snakes are everywhere and they aren't that big.