Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mt. Tai - Worms EP

Mt. Tai "Worms" 7" EP
...But then again what do I know? After all, my Alan Parsons Project Sunday, a day that I set aside to focus on the wonder that is The Alan Parsons Project in all its splendor, glory and subsequent magic, has been replaced by the all-new, all-different Partridge Family Sunday. A special day I set aside for one of the strangest musical phenomenon that is known as The Partridge Family.

The Partridge Family in its entire splendor, glory and subsequent magic.

"Echo Valley 2-6809". This is a song full of rage. Truly, a song to commit hanice acts of bank robbery to.
So Mt. Tai. I’m not to sure exactly what Mt. Tai is.... Judging from the lo-cal of this band; Detroit AKA "Motor City" AKA "Killer Kop Kapital" I suppose Mt Tai is either A) a catholic church on the outskirts of Detroit AKA "The Motor City" AKA "Killer Kop Kapital", or B) a suburb just on the outskirts of Detroit AKA "The Motor City" AKA "Killer Kop Kapital".
Seriously, this sentence sounds right:

After a night of partying, a teenage girl attempts to answer the doorbell to her house, haggard and hung over like a male version of Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles, first answering to a closet thinking it was the front door, then really answering her front door.

It’s Jake Ryan. He’s asking where his sister, Sam, is, but in confusion the young girls rambles about grandpa’s atuo-mo-bile and the fact she’s not home because she is getting married at Mt. Tai over on Walnut Street.

Or how about this:
The same girl in a car full of other girls… They got their 151, they got their lip-gloss, they got their birth control....deciding where they are going to spend their Friday Night.

Lets go to that new dance club, Club Techy-Oh, inside that big mall out in Mt. Tai. See what I mean?

Regardless, Mt. Tai have been around for about six years now. I’m not really too sure about everything they have released, but this current line-up is a pretty solid one. Mt. Tai play classic hardcore punk with nods to Motorhead, The Bad Brains, Black Flag, and whoever Jimmy Zero is and the band he plays in (wasn’t he in Screeching Weasel or something?).
On side A you have their original, "Worms" backed with a Moterhead cover ("Live to Win"), and on side B it sorta follows side A with another original called "Birdmoon" and a Bad Brains cover of "Regulator".

You know that your doing something right when you get a record like this in the mail and you call up one of your friends who ask if you recently got anything in the mail and you tell him "Yeah, I just got a record from a Detroit band called Mt. Tai" and he goes "Oh wow, those guys are still around? They were pretty good when I saw them". If hardcore punk is your thing, Mt. Tai should definitely be something you should be looking into.