Monday, October 13, 2014

Burning Brides - Fall of the Plastic Empire CD

Neo-gothic punk-rock sounding like a mix between Iggy Pop’s solo stuff and Queens of The Stone Age. I get the feeling this band really get off on Greek mythology for some reason. Some of the more solid songs include the title track, "Plastic Empire" as well as the revved up first track, "Plank of Fire" with a few more notable mentions with "Stabbed in the Back of the Heart" and "Glass Slipper."

I picked this CD up at a local sighting of the band. They played a pretty tight set, tight enough to make me choose their CD over a Drapes CD; I only had enough money for one, so I suppose that’s saying something.... But when I approached Dimitri Coats from The Bride’s (as I often will approach bands to let them know I appreciate their set because I CARE) he took one look at my bootleg Strokes pin and said half-laughingly pointing and saying, "You like those guys?"

"Of course I like The Strokes. Don’t everybody? They’re fucking great!"

He stopped. Why? I’m not too sure. I was taking pictures and handing out copies of the Neus Subjex, so maybe he was afraid he would insult me and I would slag him with my one page prospectus on Neoteric punkwave/Cincinnati punk-rock or something.

Nope. Remember. I CARE!

Who cares if he don’t like The Strokes! In fact, I hope he and millions of others sorta don’t because that means next time they come around I won’t be so fucking crowded when I’m trying to get some good live shots. I know from interviewing The Strokes firsthand that the Strokes have integrity enough to do WHAT THEY WANT despite popularity AND CONTINUE. It just SO HAPPENS that what they are doing is what is secretly being craved for from fuckers like me. In short, The Strokes will ENDURE.

So Dimitri Coats don’t like The Strokes, and probably thinks even less of me because I do. How exactly should I take what he did anyway? The IRONIC things is that of everyone I talked to that night at their show, it seemed like I was the only one who really liked them.

Everyone that rode in The Gobo (my car) to the show thought I was fucking NUTS for buying their CD. They laughed at me. They laughed at The Burning Brides... So in a way, my fellow show goers were doing the same thing to me that Dimitri Coats did TO ME. Dimitri was nicer, I will admit that, but it’s still the basically the same thing.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been at this particular place though. It almost feels like home. No big deal; I WILL ENDURE.

The Burning Brides were, and are pretty kick ass. It brakes up the monotony of my CD’s every once in a while. I’m on the lookout for more of their releases.