Monday, October 6, 2014

Les Savy Fav - Reformat (Dramatic Reading) +1

Let me first start by stating fact:

Here it goes:
The ‘fact’ as you will know it:
The ‘fact’ as you will absorb it:
Use it like a tool:
Use it as an asset:

Les Savy Fav is perhaps one of the top five bands that are capable of playing music nowadays. I have spent the better part of the last three months feeding from their releases backwards... "Go Forth", the most recent....backwards to "The Cat and The Cobra"....even further backwards with "3/5".... True fucking undiminished genius!

This 7" comes to me, the music enthusiast, with a plan. The a-side version of Reformat is a dramatic reading, an audible play of sorts. It features the story of a submarine captain who, for some unknown reason which was never made quite certain nor in the dramatic reading or the song itself, killed his entire crew and got sentenced to the guillotine in the end.

Les Savy Fav really clicked something in my own head. For about three months, which I just now realize is the same amount of time that I have been hooked on this Savy Fav stuff, I have been kicking around an idea I am calling ‘Gang War’. Gang War is my attempt to glorify the concepts and ideology of street gangs. Gang War, as Shawn Abnoxious would REVEAL it, would be an amalgamation of West Side Story, The Outsiders, The Warriors, A Clockwork Orange, That Was Then This Is Now, Rumblefish, The Lords of Flatbush and any other SE Hinton novel I forgot.

Gang War would or WILL be a story celebrating the honors and trials of street life in a suburban wasteland where a shopping mall is neutral ground, each gang is allowed only one gun, and working within the guidelines of an established truce, tensions rise and ultimately leads to total confrontation: GANGWAR!

In-between what I found out is being called "Dramatic Readings" there will be music from bands featuring subject matter from the story of Gang War. Who knows, maybe Les Savy Fav will read this, dig the idea, and contribute.... Either way, Gang War is something I want to do EVENTUALLY....

After hearing Les Savy Fav’s dramatic reading of reformat, I am beginning to see a working format for Gang War. Thank You.

On Side B you have a live song version of "Reformat." Sound quality isn’t something that’s going to win the Fav any new fans, but it’s something that diehards like me really get into. I can hear magic on that recording. In MY book, Les Savy Fav do no wrong. Just for information, a studio version of "Reformat" is available on "The Cat and The Cobra" and is actually one of the better tracks. If you have yet to DISCOVER Les Savy Fav, then what are you waiting for? Their new release, "Go Forth" is tough as nails, and really, so is their past catalogue.

Les Savy Fav. Giving the Neoteric Punk/Wave a reason to continue is program of seclusion and back room politics.