Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jeffs - She Wants to Fuck CD

Once again… I seem to zero in on bands that others deem mediocre. Is it me or is it them?
It’s them.

I first saw the Jeffs in an opening slot for a show that consisted of Kill the Hippies, The Slobs, and The Gazelles; all Ohio bands! It was a great show. One of, if not THE, most memorable show I have been to in several years....since about 1996 I would say…

The Jeffs started out on a high note and only got better as their set progressed. At one point the guitarist broke a string and upon a closer inspection it turned out he was only playing a guitar with four fucking strings! There wasn’t even tuning keys for the bottom two strings! Whether it was alcohol influence or lack of knowledge or both (both hopefully) he couldn’t figure out which string of the four of the six that some say he SHOULD HAVE been playing, that he had to replace. He picked a string at random, winded it up and as opposed to actually tuning his guitar, and at my urgings, he just wound up the string until it was tight and continued on with their set. Afterwards I pleaded with them for their demo. They obliged and now, you get exposed!

Live, The Jeffs are the Ohio equivalent to The Spits mixed with a more Jabbers influence. On this CD-R that’s still there, but there’s more of a Blanks 77 sound. The Jeffs really knocked me and Morte from Kill The Hippies for a loop. In this modern age of modern BULLSHIT, it’s bands like The Jeffs that define the moment. In all their rawness, The Jeffs show a roots-punk approach to things. Honest. True. The Jeffs are absolutely the coolest thing from Columbus, Ohio I have ever witnessed. I’m all about them right now. If only I could put out their record....

Below is the only contact information on the disc. It’s their e-mail address. I’m going to use it to get their address to send them to my zine, The Neus Subjex, where I plan on printing pictures from their set in a upcoming issue or as a installment of trading cards or something else... Either way, I’m all into this Jeffs thing, the web address for The Neus Subjex is where you can look to find more information on Midwest messes like The Jeffs and more.