Saturday, October 4, 2014

GC5 - Singles Collection 97-00 CD

So this is the first release I have got that was actually addressed in my sole interest for Blank Generation. Here it goes.

This CD is a collection of 7" tracks and compilation tracks and tribute tracks from various original sources. The GC5 start off playing punk ala Rancid or Pincushion, and by CDs end even though I can see a progression in their sound and ability, I wasn’t really all that moved.

This was one of those bands that I would see or hear about from time to time, even playing in my own town too.... I guess The GC5 are getting some attention from other record labels, so really it only made sense for a release like this to come about.

I’m sure there are legions of GC5 fans who just loved/will love to get their hands on this CD... Hell, I bet their shows are swarming with those same fans. I won’t be joining them though. GC5 have a SOUND. I’m afraid there’s no room for me in that very same SOUND. That’s the way the revolution goes I suppose....