Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunday Drunks - Self-titled CD

Now here you got some good shit. The promo sez something about this band being three parts of a Dallas band called The Mullens. I have heard OF them, but never HEARD them... Maybe I should do some back catalogue work because this CD is really pretty damn good.

SUNDAY DRUNKS- 'S/T' CD ~EX MULLENSRockin’ punk and rockin roll. You know that time when you were drinking all day long and you reach that point where you begin drooling? Its not like you can help it or anything, that sorta shit just happens. Well, a CD of the Sunday Drunks caliber would definitely fit in at that moment.

The Sunday Drunks is a cheap beer band; like Pabst Blue Ribbon or Miller High Life turned dark beer drinking. The Sunday Drunks are a prime example of a punk band that’s progressing leaving three chords and cheap beer being for expensive guitars and ‘better’ beer. Dark beer being better is something I personally don’t agree with, but extensive micro-brew knowledge is something that I could see a band like The Sunday Drunks being involved with.

Yeah, the Cryin Out Louds and The Motards ARE gone, like the promo sez… Even though I don’t see The Drunks being anywhere near a band like that of The Motards, it’s like I said, it is pretty damn good though. Maybe if The Motards had kept it together it could have turned into something like this.... In fact, yeah, I think it DEFINITELY could have. So that shit about The Drunks NOT being as up there as The Motards, shit, now I’m seeing The Sunday Drunks as a Motards continuance. The Sunday Drunks are a Motards that found a better studio.

Packed with twelve all-original tracks, The Sunday Drunks have some real blast here. As the release progresses it gets nothing but better and better. Starting off on a strong mark with "Tarred-n-Feathered" it reaches Point: Critical about halfway through with "When Your Gone", "Take a Fall" and "One on One".....

I’m going to pull some straight up gold out of my hat. To understand what I’m about to say you better have followed my reviews close because I’m going to talk about a Cincinnati local now that I think have something on The Sunday Drunks. That band is The Hypochondriacs. What The Hypochondriacs have on the Drunks is the fact that I know them personally, and the locals are more important than the best band of the style in the world from anywhere else. Go ahead and go down to the Blank Generation (dot com) search engine and look them up. The Hypochondriacs. The Hypochondriacs have that good ol’ fashioned rock and or roll sound, but something that The Hypochondriacs have that the Sunday Drunks DON’T have (because the Hypos are now drinking dark beer on a regular basis), besides the luck of being local, is a rawer more dirty-gutter struggle punk sound. Hearing The Sunday Drunks made me realize, once again, how pertinent The Hypochondriacs are. It also made me realize that if I was in a position that Tom has with Deadbeat, I would maybe try to fly out to Ohio and try to capture some of the wild talent out here with bands like The Hypochondriacs that extends to Kill The Hippies, the Gazelles, and others. But hey, no problem. The Sunday Drunks really won me over.

Hats off to dark beer punk!