Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Handsome Jack Does Things Naturally

Said it before but let me irriterate; Alive Natural Sound is the 'new' sound of classic rock. Me? I love classic rock. If you could take a gander at my permanent record collection you will find ample examples of the genre. Bob Seger, The Doobie Brothers, Foreigner... These records don't exist as a gimmick, they exist because I like them!

Per the usual, Handsome Jack shows up without a press release. That's fine by me. Those one-sheets are for those fucking freelance lemmings. Those who 'make a living' rustling up writing gigs to get money for their habits be they family building and/or drugs... I don't care. More power to them. I don't write cookie cutter reviews. All stuff, No fluf.

I heard of Handsome Jack from Zach Gabbard of the Buffalo Killers. Do What Comes Naturally is his first stint as a real-life record 'producer' and he is off to a great start! Hitting me as a mix of Kings of Leon, Canned Heat and The Buffalo Killers themselves (which totally makes sense) there's also an appreciated amount of grime too. The Creedence Clearwater Revival sort of grime... Have you ever seen a bayou? I have. Bayous are places where storm sewers empty into... Naturally hits with blues fused rock and roll that truly grips you. There's a certain charm in the mix... A real honesty that you find in those nowadaysands that are sectioned off from the mainstream... Handsome Jack deliver a confidence that only you can accept or deny. The truth isn't for just anyone these days.

The only factor that suffers with a band like Handsome Jack is the reality of the fact, that music, of any genre, suffers. There is a lot of music out 'there' riding invisible rays and available thru a multitude of formats and accessibilities. You gotta dig deep and find what connects with you before it's lost in the shuffle of the beast called Right Fucking Now. As listens of Naturally tallied, the more and more I appreciated the release as a whole... The sorts of fondness that would not be found in a big-shot music reviewer scanning ten seconds of each track then spit out a few adjectives to coincide with that press release. Fuck that.

Rock N Roll isn't dead if you don't want it to be. Let's try to spend some time with a CD or record or whatever, to connect once again. Yes, it comes naturally to just hit the button to most, but not because we want to, it's because some have too. Take some time with Naturally. Turn it up. Sit a while. Open up your mind and your ears. You just might like something after all without being given permissions by the industry.